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  1. firthy

    The bucks are moving

    that's gutting mate hopefully he shows up
  2. firthy

    Buck called

    cracking buck looks nice and dark well done
  3. firthy

    Buck called

    you been out much?
  4. firthy

    11 point buck

    good one to take he would of caused some damage come the rut
  5. firthy

    My roebuck from somerset

    sounds like how it was when I 1st came down that time when it seemed like all the deer had migrated lol you started seeing any rutting activity at all? fingers crossed ya can grass a few with Matt.
  6. firthy

    My roebuck from somerset

    was just £35 for the one that made medal the other was free of charge. They changed the drying period from 90 to 30 as they reckon it didn't make much difference in weight change. you been out much?
  7. Went up to see Chris Rodgers in thetford to get my heads scored. 1st buck I shot back in June on my 1st morning didn't make the grade scoring 99.48 cic 2nd buck from second morning made 122.03 scoring a silver medal I'm absolutely chuffed to bits. once again big thanks to Matt for having me down.
  8. firthy

    Couple of bucks

    Still good practise to do the cape mate aye.
  9. firthy

    Couple of bucks

    Cracking job as always mate I’ve tightened them nuts on my new sticks and seems a lot more sturdy now. Hoping this other bit of permission comes about n I get a chance to use them soon.
  10. firthy

    Trophy room

    even better if there’s a spare empty plauqe
  11. firthy

    Trophy room

    Bottom right one has some jewellery
  12. firthy

    Trophy room

    Here Matt this is what your cellar room should look like mate. What do you think Tim? Can’t get the hump of there in there surely. If it ain’t done by time I’m down next I’m gonna be bringing box of wrawl plugs and box of screws and putting them up myself lol
  13. Looks like you’ve got some stunning ground to hunt in. Well done mate some lovely bucks there.
  14. firthy

    Roe deer head prep...

    Where the head now? Didn’t see that one in the suitcase lol the 1st buck we had mate has dropped to 440 grammes already n the other is 590
  15. firthy

    A somerset invitation

    Like daggers ain’t they. Top job there caping him