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  1. Did you ever use apples or celery ?. They seem to prefer them to anything, especially apples.
  2. Stick the the hob on his own for a few days then throw the jill that you want brought out of season in with him. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. My hob is the same, too many jills and he loses interest in them after a while and needs a wee break away from them. If that doesnt work then its down to the time of year and he probably is coming out of season.
  3. My wee beddy whippet has a thick wooley undercoat then a longer outercoat plus shes black. Shes in kennels and once it hits 20 shes panting and comes in to the house to cool down. Your right Sir if she got the chance to accllimatise she would get used to it but the weather is usually humid and close or pissing down here. 2 or 3 runs and she spends more time recovering between runs. Il just stick to the fishing for another month. Adampie I have been getting baby bunnies during December the last 2 years. The seasons are getting shorter so no harm hitting them earlier Atb.
  4. Probably mid September or start of November for me. I would give my bitch a run but she would keel over. She cant handle any heat whatsoever. il wait till its much cooler before I head out.
  5. A lot of animals being abandoned. Saw a big silver coloured domestic rabbit last year eating in the middle of a horse field. There were never rabbits in that field, I put a trap out but a fox or ferile cat bet me to it.
  6. I just let them bite me and play rough back with them. they get the message that im stronger than them after a bit. Give them a wee scruff till they yawn and roll them on their back every time they nip. Some ferrets are clever enough to keep up the biting if they get a reaction. sometimes with persistant biters I handle more and get my 8 year old daughter to handle them so they are fine by the time its ready to be homed. Give them wee treats off the back of your hand to begin with and move on to feeding them from your fingers. Open their mouths and get them used to teeth being checked Just ma
  7. Thats the kits sorted for a week.
  8. Longer waits for the ferret as it will find nests and kill the young, doe's are less reluctant to bolt. Jaggies, nettles to sting the hell out you and catch on nets. Grounds harder to dig too. Summertime ferreting is a pain in the balls to be honest. Id Invest in a collar and locator if I was as you will lose the ferret if it gets stuck behind a rabbit in a stop end.
  9. I use the the galvanised mesh in the corner of my hutches, the stuff used for avieries. Got it on the front of my runs and hutches. No had any problems with it rotting, its been in the hutches a couple years now. Iv 6 ferrets using it so it does clog but it gives me about 3 or 4 days before the hutch needs cleaning out. Used to be every day before I put it in.
  10. Never mention lurchers while asking for permission. Iv been told to fook off back to my camp site loads of times because of my choice of working dog. Iv never stayed on a campsite !. Get one permission then branch out, if you see somebody working on other neighbouring land go up and chat with them, they cant shut a door in yer face then. Its always paid off for me. Helps if you know a wee bit about farming too. I learned the types of cattle and sheep that are kept beside me, medications and diseases they get. 15 mins talking about livestock and dosing, then ask for permission. Usually dose the
  11. My staffy comes into the house at night in the winter when its too cold and my beddy whippet has been in the kitchen during the day with this heat wave, she really cant handle any heat. The staffy dont smell but the lurcher does, both shed badly and its constant. Id rather they were outdoors all the time but its not possible as iv only a postage stamp for a garden thats exposed to the elements and only got room for a couple dog houses for them. Sometimes I just let one in the odd time because I like having them around. Allways grew up with dogs inside.
  12. Collar him up and chuck him in the burrows when the season starts and bring a pal that can be quiet to help you net up and dig if need be.
  13. The hob needs 8 weeks to stop producing, if you stick your jill in with him at the end of the month and hes only had the operation 2 weeks ago, theirs still a chance of your jill having kits.
  14. Baby ferrets still have the aww factor even when their covered in blood in guts lol. Their sweet looking wee kits, I do like the light silvers.
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