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  1. rabbit demon

    My ferrets vulva grazed!

    The hob needs 8 weeks to stop producing, if you stick your jill in with him at the end of the month and hes only had the operation 2 weeks ago, theirs still a chance of your jill having kits.
  2. rabbit demon

    Getting stuck in

    Baby ferrets still have the aww factor even when their covered in blood in guts lol. Their sweet looking wee kits, I do like the light silvers.
  3. rabbit demon

    VHD what are the signs?

    Think their trying to kill off another natural food source so we are all dependent on buying food from the shops ?. Rabbits hit with biological agents because they were plentyful and easy to catch. Cant eat shell fish because of pollution also, but their on sale in the fish market. I dont honestly believe its just because rabbits cause damage to crops they release vhd and myxi. Last time myxi hit here and wiped out all the rabbits there were a lot of hares dying off from something too.
  4. rabbit demon

    Fool that i am...

    Their tough wee fckrs. I stood on ones head before. Stepped back straight on to its head with my heel. I would be big enough. Any other wee animals brains would be coming out its ears, it just ran away and started playing again. Went over another one with a wheelie bin wheel too when I was cleaning their cages out. The bin was full too. But again the the ferret was fine. Im sure I read before of somebody catching polecats alive in fenns in the trapping section.
  5. rabbit demon

    Failed vasectomy?

    My jills are mothering each other. Their even mothering the vasectomised hob to the point he can barely get out the nest box, the operation on my hob worked as some of my jills are coming back into season. One jill is quite noticeably swelled up. This year was the first time I had a vasectomised hob to bring them out season. Got it done as I cant be annoyed with the hassle of trying to get decent homes for kits.
  6. rabbit demon


    Staffies can make good ratters, all of mine have found and killed rats at some point or another. My beddy whippet isnt so keen on them. She breaks their back with a wee shake and tosses them into the air and walks on, she doesnt finish them off, but my staffy pup likes crunching them up.
  7. rabbit demon


    Any decent breed of terrier should be good on rats. Obviously not Maltese and Yorkies.
  8. Hey bud, hope you dont mind me following you. It used to be the old friend request. Any craic with you ?. Just thought if I dont answer my phone message me here. 

  9. rabbit demon

    Staffy Bull

    So far she has been. Some dogs she doesnt like but shes ok with the majority. Fine with sheep and cattle too, but a fkcr with horses.
  10. rabbit demon

    Staffy Bull

    No patterdale in her kerny, shes a first cross pitbull /staffordshire. I couldnt tell you what lines if any are in her. My pal bred her and I got the pup from him. Iv had dogs from him in the past and they work and suit me for a bit hunting and whatever. He doesnt breed them for working though, just pets but more irresponsble breeding than anything else, to be honest. This pups a bit softer than my last dogs but still helps out ratting, ferreting and bushing.
  11. rabbit demon

    Staffy Bull

    Here is my bitch Sadie . 1st x Pit/staffy, still only a pup but she has grown up a wee bit since the last picture I put up of her. Very adaptable terriers when trained and socialised right.
  12. rabbit demon

    Staffy Bull

    Never cared for white staffs but that dog in the picture above is pure class imo. Built the same way as my old brindle staffies were.
  13. rabbit demon

    Diseased Rabbit ?

    Looks like a cyst or growth of some sort on the kidney. Id throw the kidney away but the rest would have been ok.
  14. rabbit demon

    Hob in season working

    Any hob iv worked thats just about to come into season doesnt work as well. They still kill and bolt if they come across rabbits but their off their game big time. They mess about more than anything.
  15. rabbit demon

    Anyone got this cross?

    My family had a dutch shepard wolf hybrid bitch when I was growing. She was fine around people once she got to know them but the first 2 year she would urinate and cower if anyone came near her to pet her. She acted like a dog that had been badly beaten and even caused a couple of arguments. Once she turned 2 she was fine and never cowered. She barked as much any shepard type but was more easy going. I reckon other dogs in my area could sense the bit of wolf in her as they would normally avoid walking past her till they got to know her. She knew some of my mates were scared of her and played on it. Start showing the teeth to them if I left the room and id come back in and they would be white and wanting to run out the door but froze to the couch at the same time lol. She suffered terrible separation anxiety and would tear stuff up if you left her in the house for more than an hour on her own.