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  1. Over years my little Jack had a wider range of stuff than my lurchers......not all about speed.
  2. Might be coincidence, but some of the best hunt up dogs I've worked have all been food mad scrounging dogs, little bitch I've got now is just the same..... I have to watch her some of the rank stuff she'll find and eat. It was the thing that probably killed my little bushing collie bitch years ago....vet said it was probably some poison that killed her.
  3. Alex would be the one I would go for.
  4. Nice looking.. What was the sires name.
  5. Mines also very good in the house....nice and laid back. Don't get me wrong though when you stroke her you feel the energy bustling away in her. I've never bred my own lurcher, always preferring to buy in, but I often wonder what I would put over her (not that I have plans to). I think what you'd gain in one hand you might lose in the other. ...who knows. A while after I got my pup I saw an advert for saluki/greyhound x sprocker.......I would have liked to have seen how these turned out...build wise.
  6. Few more pics. She's just had her first season .
  7. Dam....working gamekeepers working springer......sire.... Lurcher..... She's not keen on loud bangs.....( think was down to a bad experience with fireworks when she was a pup) Doesn't work cover like a bushing dog. Doesn't look much like a lurcher. Bit heavy. Doesn't turn as sharp as my other little whippet like lurcher. Doesn't particularly go out of her way to swim. Most intelligent switched on dog I've ever worked. Lovely temperament I wanted a lurcher with spaniel in because I need a dog that goes out of its way to find game otherwise around me your not going to find much.
  8. wuyang


    Not a cat in hell chance.
  9. My spaniel lurcher is nuts for squirrels. She's retrieved quite a few alive, but she now tends to nip n fling it then nip n fling it again......but by christ they don't half bite. I love watching her working the air for scent.......she loves it.
  10. Yep.......my little terrier brings them back.........which is some comical task given her size, a bit like me carrying an Alsatian in my gob. Been a few times I've thought she gone missing to see her dragging a rabbit in my direction......she won't leave it behind.
  11. Stabs...nice bitch ..........any beardie in her?
  12. Hi Blackdog92.................I haven't had her on the lamp, I think she'd have done fine, but maybe lacked the tight turn on a sixpence that my other lurcher has....certainly a bright bitch.
  13. This is one of my lurchers (springer x lurcher) that comes bushing with me, although saying that it's more like general mooching these days. She's not a bushing lurcher in as much that she stays mainly out of the bushers leaving it to my little old jack.
  14. Was with tesco....fair bit cheaper than Petplan, but when dog had injury had to pay the vets bill then vet fills forms in and I get payment back from insurance.....didn't take long to get cash back. One thing you have to keep an eye on is the amount they put it up each year,,,,, tesco shot the price of mine right up.....so i did another Internet search and got them for just over £6 each per month....would have to check as I can't remember the name....was off a price comparison site. The site showed all levels of cover available and charged accordingly. Pick to suite.
  15. You could say that mate I slowed the video down as it says in my original post ATB BB That's toooo funny.....on the ball as normal
  16. Nice catch. Was there something up with that second rabbit.......seemed real slow
  17. Working springer x lurcher 20.5 inch
  18. as long as the hancock has proved it self as a decent worker then why not? My first off him was a belter
  19. Oops, sorry.......I didn't mean to imply yours did it for for the same reason.......,
  20. One of my border collies used to false mark.......and at the time I believed like you said " to please me", but looking back I pretty sure the mistake was probably mine.
  21. Pure hunting breeds put most lurchers to shame when it comes to finding game.
  22. Mine was a cracker,,,,, never had a foot problem, in fact great feet...and that back when I was young and always out., in fact he was the hardiest of lurchers I've worked. Still can't see why beddy more popular.
  23. Use right collie.......some do hold up...some don't....a touch of beardie in the mix did the job for me. In fact I can't see why beardie isn't used more instead of beddy
  24. Best and easiest method for me is dog lead in weakest hand....( normal size lead..... Nothing too long), in the other a walking stick or similar.....use the stick as a guide for the dog to stay behind your leg/stick. If it pushes in front of you or the stick give it a gentle tap with the stick..... Say back. When the dog finally decides battle is lost and walks by your side......utter the words heal and praise the dog. Works for me....... Be consistent with it.
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