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  1. Thanks Greyman,, I really appreciate your offer....I would to say yes, but I'm hoping for to get something that's going to be easy on my hand...suffering with my muscles, and unfortunately I think I'll struggle with the brass milbro, although it looks lovely. Only recently Come across the starship recently, bit too big for me. Think I might buy a sniper type eventually....I think that's the name, one with finger grooves. Thanks again
  2. My little Christmas cracker...... Caught the other day. URL=http://s742.photobucket.com/user/wuyanging/media/image_3.jpeg.html][/url]
  3. One little mark where I hit the inside left, you can see on last two pics. No bands, original snapped....must have had a nick in them. Hard yo see, but there are slots in them.
  4. Had one fork hit on my scout......and guess what? Yep you got it...smacked one of the clips and bust it in two.
  5. Buy one of my simple shots off me.....had about 13 balls through them...if that........got a maxim and a jellybean.
  6. Tried both......putting up for swap, not for me....don't suit my hands. Owned a week, probably 15 balls gone through each. Jelly bean as new, latex bands....with leaflet on different ways to band....takes tubes as well. Maxim,,,,,, takes flats and slits for tubes, one folk hit on inside of arch. Bands bust, must have a nick or something in them. http://s742.photobucket.com/user/wuyanging/media/image_1.jpeg.html][/url]
  7. There as much chance of a Hancock lurcher been shit as 90% of the other lurchers that are been bred out there. Your lucky to get hold of the other 10% percent because there either snapped up or gifted and some of them won't be top notch.
  8. Bit off topic.......I had to laugh the other day i was in a local animal food shop and pinned on the sale board was an advert for lurchers...about £250/300....little description and pics of dam and sire. Sire....deerhound/ greyhound first cross.....it was a tall, short haired bull cross.....Unbelieveable.
  9. you will always fail if you don't mate, but you might get on with it if you do, and in the overall scheme of things it's not the dearest sport in the world, so you might end up with more than one, I think I have around 8 at the moment Your right mate. Gave the simpleshot maxim and jellybean a good going over today. What I'm finding is I definitely seem to find some more friendly on my hands ( I suffer with the muscles in them ), I don't have the grip I used to have, but it's not going to stop me having fun. I got on quite well with my scout, but I sort of made a mess of it cutting slits
  10. Think I may buy one eventually.....what other over the tops do you favour?
  11. Just had another hold of it, pretty sure I'm not going to shoot it.....so it would be new..unused.
  12. Anybody ever do swaps on here? It's a bit premature, early days yet, but today I've just got my new Maxim from SimpleShot and I know I haven't shot it yet and it might be the best thing since sliced bread once I've shot it and go used to it, but it just doesn't seem to fit me as I'd like. I suppose I could put some padded grippy cloth on it and see how it feels. So I may be up for a swap sometime soon.
  13. I have just seen on an American slingshot site that simple shot mark all international packages as gifts, so there is know duty to pay, if your not already sorted That's exactly what's been done. It states on the package exactly what's inside and the prices of each item. The package was marked as gift and I haven't as yet received a charge. I have read however that if the gift exceeds a certain amount charges will apply and as far as I'm aware I'm sure the limit was in £30 bracket...I could be wrong.....seems very hit and miss.
  14. Just got them today...been posted through the letter box.....no mention of charges as of yet...was marked as gift on little package.
  15. My lurcher although not a collie lurcher (although there is collie in her) is less than than half sighthound being spaniel x lurcher. She is not as fast as most lurchers......or particularly looks like a out n out lurcher, which causes people to judge, but she has caught me more than any other dog I've owned. More importantly to me I get more pleasure from watching her field craft than any other dog I've owned....not all about numbers.
  16. All I know is I found a lot of variation in the hunting up drive of collie cross lurchers.......and if it was me wanting to use one for that purpose I would be wanting to see the stud dog work first...simple. Too many bullshitters in this sport who talk the talk.
  17. Cheers ......I noticed a link on here not too long ago for there. I managed to ruin my scout by putting slits in it for tubes, one side I did perfectly with a little saw, the other side I decided to use the dremel which ended up in cutting and melting at the same time...probably used the wrong attatchment. I nearly bought the torque from the slingshot channel, but I ended up buying a maxim and jelly bean from simpleshot........I'll post the charges on here when I get stung.
  18. Love whippets, used to post a similar link to this on the working whippet website, but not everybody saw the funny side of it when I said whippets can be a bit nesh. Funny thing is one of the little lurcher bitch's I own is the most weather shy dog I've ever seen. https://youtu.be/-luJinlw_us
  19. I think I was a bit unlucky when I was on there, strange as it sounds this fella who was selling some pups said he wouldn't forward the pedigree of the bitch pup until I gave him proof she had been spayed if I bought her.....he guarded his SS lines that seriously. I was stunned and obviously didn't bother buying one and to be honest I couldn't have given two hoots about a paper pedigree.
  20. Cheers.......do you double your bands? Did I recal someone saying you can get 8mm hex nuts from Wilco's?
  21. Why not get yourselves on the WORKING WHIPPET FORUM.....its full of like minded friendly people........but if your opinionated your screwed. I must admit I was over the moon when they got the bushing section sorted.
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