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  1. relic2


    are the opticfire torches ok for lamping with dog cheers
  2. relic2


    opticfire torches are they ok for the odd hour running a dog as I would sooner have a torch than a lamp cheers
  3. relic2

    Do Your Bushers Go To Ground?

    Why is there so many arguments on this forum And by the way it is a bushing section Cheers
  4. relic2


    Are your terriers collard up when bushing Cheers
  5. relic2


    so the colour they are born is the colour they end up ?? cheers
  6. relic2


    so if a 3/4 whippetbedy is born a certain colour it does not allways stay that colour?? cheers
  7. relic2

    Whippet X

    thanks to all who answered my question cheers
  8. relic2

    Whippet X

    what would you have a beddy x is supposed to be stubborn a saluki is supposed to be aloof cheers
  9. relic2


    are all whippet x beddy pups born black as i am sure i read it ?? cheers
  10. relic2

    Whippet X

    all right i have heard beddy x can be stubborn what about saluki x cheers
  11. relic2

    Whippet X

    what is best for training whippet x beddy or whippet x saluki cheers
  12. relic2


    is there a breed of terrier i should avoid , what i mean is is there a breed that makes the most failed earth dogs cheers
  13. relic2

    Bushing Lurchers

    would a whippet x greyhound be ok or are they to tall or would a a straight whippet be better cheers
  14. relic2

    Bushing Lurchers

    not yet cheers