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  1. Is there anything that can be given to hard hunting small hounds for nettle stings?
  2. Brilliant, what's the collars on them?
  3. Crackers!! How they bred?
  4. Can't put pics up as only use internet on my phone and it's a bugger to figure it out
  5. She's a smooth fox terrier, fiesty little bugger. Stays in the house as tries to rip my kennel to shreds lol.
  6. Recently was gifted a full kc registered fox terrier bitch due to her not being upto scratch for the show circuit. Thought I'd take her on and see what this breed was made of for bushing etc. Today she showed great promise and goes absolutely mad for bunnies, not cover shy what so ever and pushed a nice one out to my deer x pup which was snapped up after a couple of turns. Over the moon!!
  7. Having a chat with an old timer earlier, All round working dog man since he was knee high. He was saying he never entered any of his dogs to the lamp until they hit 12 months of age. He only ever focused on the obedience/stockbraking etc for the first 12 months. More to the point he says that by leaving them until they hit year old lessens chances of ruining the youngster. Now I've always usually had my dogs running from 9 months but I can see where he is coming from. Any of you lads do anything similar?
  8. What about onions lads, do I sow them from seeds or am I best buying them in bulb form?
  9. Yeah I'm definitely going to plant maybe half of it in tatties. Other half maybe a mix of carrots, leafy greens etc (hopefully)
  10. Cucumbers and tomatoes ok outdoors mate? Sorry for silly question just I've only ever grown spuds and carrots before and always remember my grandads toms and cumbers in a greenhouse
  11. Great thanks mate, now I have rest of the year to plan what I'm going to plant
  12. Last chickens were in it month ago, my plan was to give it a good digging over and let it rest until spring?
  13. Ok folks, I have access to a fenced off area roughly 3 metre square. Uses to have chickens on it but due to fox predation is now empty. Seriously thinking about digging this area over and perhaps planting some veg in it come next spring. Any tips/pros/cons on this idea and also what veg would be best?
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