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  1. Whats he cocker patterdale x? Atb joe
  2. Nice bitch krawnden but how did u get a terrier to breed with a whippet ?
  3. I am thinking of putting a non ped track whippet over my16 tts plummer thing theyd be handy pups wat do u think?
  4. Unlacedgeck whats her breeding? Atb
  5. How many tts was she there mate and how msny is she now atb
  6. I was interested if any one has a few pics of whirriers on fox? pre ban of course.
  7. Krawnden why only have a quarter what advantage does only a quarter add to a bushing terrier?
  8. Would u call a bedlington grey hound a whirrier or lurcher?
  9. Joe u say patterdales may have poorer nose than a bedlington what about plummer x grew
  10. Good dogs cleanspade what are they like on daytime rabbits in the open?, atb
  11. What about a patterdale whippet on fox?
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