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  1. When one of my Jack Russels was about 9 months she started completely ignoring me when calling her, it was nose down and off i go until i'm ready, this only used to occur when i was heading back to the car. Eventually the problem was overcome, but christ it used to wind me up. I also used to have a Border collie bitch that would turn on the deaf ears when on a hot rabbit scent, she would vanish for 20 mins upwards at a time, did't bother me too much in the day time, but when lamping she would alert every rabbit by doing this if the mood took her. So i was just wondering from your own perso
  2. Of the dogs i've had i personlly found that bitches are a bit more sharp/snappy with other dogs and less distracted than some, but not all of the males ive had.
  3. Mally, thats one good looking whippet. Do you know the breeding and height?
  4. It would be intersting if you gave your reason why you think this.
  5. Hi all, Just wondering what breed of terrier any one prefers for bushing and hunting up rabbits. I currently use two jack russels (the small ones with bent legs), think they were only bred as pets, but the hunting instinct is still quite strong. Any comments and pics welcome.
  6. Just wondering what experience anybody has had with the reverse 3/4 either border or beardie greyhound mix. I expect that there not out there speed wise but as genuine mouching dogs i would be intersted to hear comments. Any pics welcome, also what height are they about.
  7. Beautiful looking dogs, what cross are they?
  8. Just thought i would post a pic of my lurcher now i have the hang of photobucket. No still not got the hang of it...bare with me. oh my god
  9. Has anyone had experience of working both the whippet and the bedlington whippet cross. I have read much in books saying that the bedlington dosn't bring much to improve on the whippet for working rabbits, but i would like to hear from you guys as to what you think. What would be your opinion on which would provide the best hunt up and catch dog worked in small fields and wooded area. And also do there temperments differ much.
  10. Jogging 2 mile's a day, forget the dog you'll be fit enough to catch them yourself It's a lot more than most do.
  11. Had two lurchers from hancock. A half cross beardie/border greyhound around 15 years ago and a half cross border collie greyhound off him around 6 years ago. Both have been very good dogs to me, but in all fairness their probably just average working lurchers. I will say this though, as genuine as the dogs are i wasn't impressed with the state of the place where i bought them from. One of the dogs roaming about looked absolutely flea ridden and the pup i took home stank to bloody hell. I won't be fuelling his business anymore. I also think its good for pups to have some contact with kids etc a
  12. Two JRT and a first cross collie greyhound. Dogs work their butts off in the day bushing but only catch the odd one or two a season!!!! Spend most of their time after squirrels. Rabbits very thin on the ground around here, things start to look rosey then the dreaded myx hits again. Oh well, keeps me and the dogs keen. Used to work two border collies a whippet and a jack russell together, never caught huge amounts but to watch them work together hunting up was utter bliss.
  13. Thanks shall give it a whirl.
  14. Not really up on computers, but any advice on how to post a pic or two would be appreciated. Cheers
  15. Hi all, new to the forum, thought i would ask what has been your favourite breed of lurcher or other for hunting up rabbit? Although not a lurcher the best dog i have owned for hunting up was a little rescued border collie bitch, she took to hunting rabbit up instantly and was a plesure to watch. I currently work a half cross border collie greyhound who is a good worker but not as good at hunting up as the beardie/border greyhound i owned who past away at he good old age of 15.
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