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  1. Cheers all. I'm doing a channel grate while I'm at it....started digging it out yesterday....its clay once your a foot down. Going to buy a decent spade as one I'm using is going to snap, those trench spades look decent. Still tempted to connect to the side of the manhole, but I might as well dig down given the mess I've made.
  2. Need to connect to waste drain for the dog waste. I have good access to the manhole in the garden. Once the manhole cover is removed it's about 4ft deep with five accesses at the bottom, 3 in use 2 with blanks. Q 1, I take it I will have to use a P trap to stop the smell coming back up. Given I will be dropping the crap down a new grate am I better having the trap attached to the grate just below ground level or where it connects to the bottom of the manhole connector? Q2, Another daft question do I have to drop a bucket of water down each time after I put the crap down it to force i
  3. I remember when it used to cost something like £6 to get in.....good days.
  4. Built a couple of box kennels in the past..turned out ok....not brill.....I was going to buy one but now looks like I'm going to build one again. Im wanting to know what wood you'd recommend....sheet ply.....tongue n groove etc for the external..thickness etc It's going to be insulated.....would kingspan type be best and what thickness What would you line the inside with ply....what thickness ( although I can see one of my bitches taking a leek in it because if it's raining out she's that way inclined. I will be using some sort of anti chew angle metal around the edges. Tha
  5. The Cheers.......i can see my tools coming back out.......what's compressor crate?
  6. I'm after a good quality box kennel for my two dogs....the type you put in a run...... And usually lift the lid off to clean inside. Ive usually built my own but pushed for time at moment. Needs to be a good quality and good insulation chew strips etc. I've searched the web and it's hard to tell a good company from a not so good one sometimes so I'd prefer a recommendation. Or if you believe there's a better style let me know...I'm flexible to some degree. Thanks
  7. I built my last two kennels.....box style......removable lid to help cleaning etc. If I was to buy one can anybody recommend a company they have used or a particular kennel type they find good. I've looked at a few on the net......but telling a good company from one that's not so good from just pictures worries me. It will house two lurchers....both around 21 inch size wise. The kennel is going to be enclosed in an area separate to the rest of the garden....probably using that school type fencing and a concreted drained area. Thanks
  8. Still got the spaniel cross mate? Hello Mustelid,,,, Yes still got her.....she's a lovely dog, I can't sing her praises highly enough for daytime hunting about. Not the fastest dog I've owned, but catches the most game and gives me the most pleasure. She's a bloody clever dog, she herds , stalks and drops a hell of a lot when playing with my other bitch.....so although she's half spaniel there seems to be a strong collie trait in there somewhere......and its come out in a good way for me for a change. She has her real busy side if she scents something, but also a very methodical scanning
  9. Mines terrible. Pretty sure I got the odd one out. Mines ridiculously sensitive......keeps her distance from who ever when ever.......she's also the most sensitive dog to wet weather I have ever come across. Please don't let my experience put you off.
  10. Hook line and sinker............happy new year.
  11. Just give um a full English and have done with it
  12. Yep, there's some powerful torches out there......with crazy throw...I can't understand why lamp makers make there lamps so big...as long as it can cope with the heat of the led and have a constant current your half way there.....your always going to lose some brightness not using the cool white, but you get better colour rendering/ indentification. The latest hl leds are dedomed and good for throw giving better intensity. good torches arnt cheap though.
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