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  1. Love border collie x greyhounds, my bitch is 25 inch and was very quick in her day especially off the mark for a first cross.....very rubust....not without their hiccups though....but arnt all breeds? If your only wanting collie and greyhound in the mix have you considered the border beardie x greyhound combo,,,,,I would take this over the straight border collie x greyhound. Does Hancock still do the 5/8 collie greyhounds?
  2. How do these compare to LED torches.........all though saying that led torches vary massively.
  3. From my limited experience I would definitely say it depends on the border collie used and unless you are familiar with the collie you'll never be truly sure what lurcher you'll end up with. I've definitely seen two very differing styles in the border collies I've had, both will do the job, but I definitely preferred one over the other. It's stereotyping to say all collies stalk their game won't crash hedges etc.....yes a lot do, but did you know much about the collie used. All the lamping I did with my pure collies.......they never stalked at all. I've found the lower percentag
  4. Could be an uneven litter height wise depending on what you use.......you must have something in mind because there is so much you could use.......and how big is the bitch?
  5. Hi I think I may have the sister to your bitch, if not then its an absolute double, mine was bred in the midlands born 27 april 14, they are bedy whippet greyhound cross working springer. my bitch is also very good all rounder and no slouch on a rabbit. I have just bred her to a first cross whippet greyhound. nice to see others with this bit of a rare cross. No........different litter......She was an accidental mating, game keepers spaniel and very old lurcher. Her sire was a big old lad. I picked her up from a Hackness Grange North Yorkshire.....born end June/July.......they do all seem to
  6. I would use one ferreting and lamping rabbits and a bit of daytime mooching about. What Gundog is in your lurcher and is she suitable for lamping. You could find a faster lurcher for lamping than mine, she would lamp and catch, but you would be able to get a better out n out lamper I believe. She would be an excellent ferreting dog, you would be able to get a lurcher that could catch a bit better in a short sprint. She excels at hunting daytime, it depends what you want out of your dog, to me it's not just about catching loads any more. I get my enjoyment from watching a skilled dog
  7. If you want a daytime hunting lurcher don't believe for one moment your bedlington....border collie...., bull , saluki x lurcher, would touch a gundog lurcher......fact,,,,,,if daytime hunting is your thing then go for it. I think I'm very lucky to own my little gundog lurcher,,,,,she knocks the socks off all the other lurcher types I've worked in the daytime, not only that her bloody working intelligence/ field craft is joy to watch....my collie lurchers couldn't touch her......( maybe I just got lucky,,,,but I doubt it) I've worked pure collies, collie lurchers, lurcher x lurchers, w
  8. Fella who I knew.....( he worked dogs for around 70 years) said one of the best rabbiting dogs he saw was a red setter x whippet....., strange how these gundog lurchers have never become popular for daytime work......wonder why?
  9. Can't remember who it was on here, but they were saying they do turn out rather large dogs.
  10. Pretty sure the video rabbiting man.... (Well one of the two I think he did) had a lurcher in it that was half pointer or had pointer in it. it worked along side his lurcher which I think was called Nel. Theres two English setters where I live, just pets, there about 500 generations removed from working stock, but by Christ you want to see them hunt...it's all they do......don't half range out though.
  11. Many years back my first working dog was a whippet,,,,he was hard as nails, much tougher dog than my bed/whip x collie/grey/whip.....Well back then there was shooting news etc and that was it....no big discussions to be had on diet vs performance.......and as such mine were fed on vitalin and pedigree chum or chappie and omega etc....basically what my parents would buy.......although I've heard a few speak highly of chappie. Looking back it's no wonder one night we had to carry my whippet back....exhausted........still feel guilty to this day. He was ok on this diet most of the time d
  12. It's what the old blokes used to use around my end when I was a young lad.....bolt with little terrier, whippet / greyhound straight up the rabbits arse....they tended to use the smaller bitches about 23/24inch I'd reckon. You need something like that around here if your bushing little horse fields.....whippets are fast, but they just don't have the stride and ability to cover the ground as quick.
  13. At a guess what you think the weight of an average border collie/ greyhound half cross is,,,,,at roughly 24/25 inch. Just upgrading her old dog bed,,,,foams not as supportive as I'd like....so need to guestimate her weight so they can put tight grade of foam in it....something I've never really bothered with, just go by if she looks ok.. Anyway failing this I'll give vets a ring in morning.
  14. If I get chance I take a few more this/ next week and update thread. Other than that I can post a few more old ones for you if you haven't seen them. Although she still looks the same.
  15. Mine is 3 this month I believe. Dam spaniel.....sire lurcher,,, she's 21 inch and quite long, heavyish front end, but lurcher looking from back....when sat looks nothing like a lurcher. It's unusual to see a half cross that's not thrown black with a bit of white on it. I can't comment on what all spaniel lurchers are going to work like as an all round lurcher as I only use mine for daytime mooching, but I pretty sure for daytime hunting you'll get a grafter. Mines given me more pleasure to work in the daytime than any other lurcher I have owned. She would stand out in a crowd of m
  16. I had a cracking Hancock beardie/ border x greyhound,,,,,,many moons ago. Very very laid back dog at home, but incredibly driven in the field. A cracking mooching dog.......really good at hunting. I've given Hancock a bit of criticism in the past,,,,,but given the amount of bell ends that I visited that last two times I've wanted a lurcher, I would definitely consider him. Mine old dog was a cracker.
  17. Like it always has been........horses for courses. The hunt breed dogs out there have very specific skill sets. You've got to really want them in your lurcher. If you just do ferreting or lamping or bushing or you need a dog with lightening acceleration then a general collie, bed, bull, lurcher x lurcher or whippet will general excel so I can see why nobody bothers with gundogs in the mix. For me I get my enjoyment from watching a dog that's main instinct is to hunt its quarry. Mine is quite quick, but by no means the quickest dog I've owned, yet she covers more ground, provides herself w
  18. Just measured mine and she's 21.5 to shoulder.
  19. I think I was quite lucky regarding the spaniel dam to my bitch. It was the keepers bitch at Hackness Hall North Yorkshire, looked a big shoot...... It was hard to get a pic of her Old lad that got lucky!
  20. I remember about 9 months after I got my bitch there was a local advert that caught my eye, it was for a litter of saluki/greyhounds x working sprocker. Personally I would like to keep half springer in the mix for what I do. I was lucky in that the sire was a good size dog. Arcticgun......uncanny how similar they look.
  21. When mine was a pup..... Bitch working springer sire lurcher Fully grown now, best mooching dog I've owned.
  22. I've worked two pure collies and a couple of half cross collies, only 50% of them had the hunting drive I needed the others would find something else to do if there wasn't much scent about.......used to drive bloody me mad. For what I do now I won't take the chance with another collie cross. Gundog breed lurchers all the way for me for day time walk about hunting. Like I've said before lady near me with two English setters, not from working strains, but by Christ you want to see them things hunt jump and cover ground......really grafting. In my opinion gundogs have so much to offer lurcher
  23. Mustelid..... I haven't lamped her, but she would definitely catch, she's fairly quick and agile, but can't as expected turn as sharply as my other whippety bitch. I reckon she would get most of her catches along the hedgerow, or striking sitters. I by no means think she would be the best dog for lamping, but she would catch. She's an odd little dog,,,, she likes to stalk and round up/ circle my other little lurcher before chasing her. To say she's less than half sight hound I'm lucky how quick she is. I wanted a lurcher with springer in its breeding for the fact I was fed up of seein
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