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  1. Mustelid......id have to check height but i think 21inch. She's caught me more than any other dog I've owned, but I don't catch big hauls of stuff, just a bit of something here and there. On open land she would never have caught a hare when it was legal, but on the right terrain I reckon she would, had rabbits and I've been shocked by the number of squirrels she's retrieved back....loads of them, usuallyl alive. I've owned faster dogs, but never had a dog that seems to have such skill when hunting, she air scents quite a lot and I've seen her freezing and stalking to her advantage. I woul
  2. Trenchfoot.....when i say brighter I suppose I mean very alert to me and switched on to what's going on around her. She's incredible good at getting my attention.....she uses the intelligence what she's got very well not stopping for commands like some intelligent dogs do...if that makes sense. Sorry it's not a very good description, but she still astounds me now. Brighter as in not how much I could train her, but how much she learns for herself and uses to her advantage. Very sorry to hear about your dog....looked a beauty.
  3. Somewhereyournot.........She's was gamekeepers spaniel bitch to his lurcher....accidental mating. Maximus.......best way for me to describe her when I say busy.......start to finish she hunts with intent. She's is the most switched on intelligent dog I've worked....brighter than the collies I used to work.
  4. A few pics of my busy little spaniel x lurcher bitch......
  5. I'll have to re read this thread,,,while since I've been on here......gundog lurchers always gets me interested.
  6. Yes it was a kelpie lurcher strain he was hoping to go all brown with.
  7. Last I heard he was trying to breed a pure brown line of lurchers.......what ever next!
  8. I nearly bought a whippet about four years ago, but the fella was nuts, not that I'm that bothered about pedigree papers, but he didn't want to release them until the bitch was spayed. These lines are so close to sooty Sam he said and didn't want anyone else breeding from them......crazy dick. F£?king sootysam......a legend that nobody has seen work. Money grabbing whippet breeding nobs everywhere especially on whippet forum. Seen some decent priced working ones before around Barnsley with no papers....these are the ones I'd go for, then again I'd like a dash of greyhound and something el
  9. What camera are you using......them gopro seem all the rage at the moment
  10. If we have a cooked chicken I blitz the bones in a vitamix then run the liquid through a sieve...leaves very few little grainy bones in the sieve.....I use it like a gravy....dogs love it.
  11. If you want AA battery..... Fenix tk41 needs 8 AA, best with eneloop rechargeable.
  12. trevs bitch was secondhand and cost as much as 200 snout mine was secondhand and cost as much as a full tanko diesel whippet in the pic that likes sniffin buckets I bred years back and give it for free I love whippets.......,,,where's your humour......?
  13. Might as well get a little lurcher.......and spend what you save on a lamp....lithium battery....a nice pair of walking boots...a gortex jacket and years worth of pup insurance,,,,,,,and you'd still have change for a stainless flask and 20 benson n hedges.
  14. Just got myself some more theraband gold. Can you please recommend the thickness for single theraband gold shooting 9.5 steel balls, would be for taking the odd thing out for the pot. Shooting the Scout. Thanks
  15. I asked them what gauge the bands are......, but didn't give me answer. Any ideas?
  16. wuyang


    Everyones different, I'm not going to pull another bloke down for working his with collars on. The first reason I put stopped having a collar on mine was advice from a couple of old blokes who I used to go out with when I was a kid. Second reason I tend to leave collars off were my neighbour had to help one of my lurchers who was hanging from my driveway gate. Half way up the gate it had decorative spears, the dog had been on its hind legs barking at someone then come down only to have one of those things lodge between his collar and neck. It was something I'd never thought of until i
  17. wuyang


    No collars on terriers or running dogs.......no bloody chance.
  18. Old post........, but gutted its packed up.....was just having a search for it on the net. What a shame.
  19. Frost......snow......cold.......never bothered mine, but.. Wet...damp...driving rain...( and if not much happening when ferreting ) that's the only thing that really phased mine. My little Sandy lurcher I've got now is the worst dog I have ever owned with regards weather.
  20. There's a cocker x lab that I see when I'm out and about. Lovely looking dog, smooth coat, bit taller than a cocker and longer. It's only a pet and maybe not from working stock, but it's very busy hunting when I've seen it.
  21. My Spaniel lurcher is the first dog I've had with spaniel in it and she is one bright switched on dog. I love my little bushing Jack Russell...she's a cracker...., but I just sometimes find it a bit of a pain in the neck if she is stuck marking something and I have to go and get her.......not her fault she's doing her job...just the way my body is these days. Not that it happens all the time, but never the less because of the way I feel these days I like something that can be easily whistled off what they're doing. How do you find the span x terrier in this regard.......do they throw more
  22. Took me back this thread to my little bitch Jack Russell that died of seasonal canine disorder when she was 7. She was the younger of both my jacks and took it on her self to do the lurcher thing and hold on outside the bush. She did venture in the bushes when it took her fancy or if she was up the arse of the rabbit, but most of the time she sort of filled the role between lurcher and busher......could be very frustrating........I had no chance of changing her style as much as I wanted to some days.
  23. Think it's also known as seasonal canine disorder.........usually comes around autumn time, frost usually kills it off. Usually get it around woodland. Lost one of mine to it not long back in s Yorkshire. They go off food, throw up.....another tell tale sign is little red like spots of front of shins. Still don't think they know what causes it. Mine died after been on a drip at vets.
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