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  1. has the price gone up as i thought it was at £800 earlier today
  2. Derek i sent you txt this morning did you not receive it as very interested in the car and ask for more details + some pics
  3. That is Cheap as its FREE as there's No Price
  4. i would say £250 / £275 tops for the whole kit
  5. i have a cpl of DIY nv add-on's setup here + i have cpl NT300 nv add-on's here to or i have a as New pard NV008LRF
  6. you still got the sirroco don i thought would've been sold long time ago bud
  7. got very nice 177cal HW35
  8. i had this Brmie Made Bsa Lightning / XL Tactical for months and couldn't get shot out of it so i gave it away in the end
  9. thanks im just looking at the specs here https://bartongunworks.com/thermal-riflescopes/
  10. look very nice ian and more in on the 50mm spec and what ballpark figure we talking for 50mm model
  11. Just To Update Scope Was Delivered Yesterday Morning
  12. yha i just looked mate and like you say its still waiting to be delivered im sorry about this hopefully it will arrive in the next few days.
  13. i did see on the news the other day that RM post in places is 3 or 4 weeks late because of staff going down with covid
  14. Hi mate sorry i don't know why it hasn't arrived yet as i sent it 1st class signed for I sent at the same i sent as posting a a stock to someone else and the stock arrived the next day so i dont know why the scope hasn't arrived yet. did you have look on RM site and put in the Tracking Number i give you and if still hasn't arrived tomorrow then i will give RM a call
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