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  1. what a bunch of wankers
  2. What a bunch of midland Bankers
  3. that does not work ,you still get nicked
  4. There are are lots of stupid people around, drunk & drugged drivers, and penalties will increase very soon.
  5. Its illegal and if caught drug driving which you can be, the penalty is the same as drunk driving, any drug taking is silly and dangerous and i used to love catching offenders.!!!
  6. I had a call from a house owner about a mile from my flat , could i help with some rats around her bird table , now i i do shoot here in spring /summertime rabbits/tree rats but not any rats for a long time , i have just got a .25 cal hatsan b/b and with .25 cal AA pellets, i thought lets see what .25 does to rats, these rats have been feeding in daytime so i popped over the other afternoon, and set up nr to the bird table which is among some trees with a hedge about 20 yds away made a bit of a gap in the hedge with owners permission to conceal myself and got comfortable .25 loaded wi
  7. Us sport loving viewers have to put up with this vermin messing things up. atb brian
  8. Hi SD , i have sent you a pm on the AGF,

    you can ring me on--07708-689826 any time

    atb brian

  9. Hi FD,no i will not be there as i have to visit a sick friend,

    this pard is in full working order i am well known on other forums the BBS&  AGF

    as Brian 747 so i deal straight.

    atb brian

    1. foxdropper


      I’m squirrel dropper on AGF mate .Have you plans to travel South in the near future .I like to deal face to face and don’t do PayPal etc .I’d pay full price for a face to face meet .

  10. For sale a Pard-008P with an Eagle vision Adj mouunt View Advert For sale a Pard-008P with a Eagle vision Adj mount price £325-00 posted RMSD atb brian Advertiser shooter747 Date 14/04/23 Price £325.00 Category Optics, Night Vision and Thermal Imaging  
  11. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For Sale
    • Used

    For sale a Pard-008P with a Eagle vision Adj mount price £325-00 posted RMSD atb brian


  12. Great shooting DB, well done. atb brian
  13. Well done BN , its great to see the youngsters out in the fresh air and shooting, enjoy yourselves. atb brian
  14. yes it did Deker, i thought members on here might like a read .i need to get out sunday after noon if possible. atb brian
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