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  1. Glyn. I agree, it would be interesting to get the full story. A lot of questions could be answered. If Mr Nuttall's written pedigree for Judy in 1975 is taken back through Mr Breay's line to 1920 then its hard to see where his Grandfathers Fell x Bull came in. Buck / Breay did line breed the Dog's sire / Dams Grandsire, but they kept going out to Hunt kennels for stud dogs. Coniston, East Kent, Bedale, Ulleswater, Cockermouth etc.... Up to the 1960's there is every type of terrier in the mix. White, Fell, Border, Brindle, and all of these crosses. It is BN who appears
  2. IMO if the dog is 12 inches off the quarry then it is showing too much respect and not trying to dominate. Patterdale or Russell it is just not good. If you were digging in France then the quarry would dig on and put a wall of earth up in front of the dog. When you break in the dog is siting on its own in the tube, not really a good sign in anyones eyes. If digging here and the terrier is not trying to get to grips with a Fox, something wrong in my mind anyway. It does not mean that the terrier takes hold regardless. They should have an inherent knack to kill the prey without gettin
  3. A young dog from the Cork white strain that is a bayer/mixer, from great working parents. Started this season, 3 digs so far 0.6,1.4,1.1 and came away with minimal care needed. Early days but could be a useful dog, has a brain and is using it.
  4. lol i told you something would be made up and there it is you can read you like the rubbish you write in books... ok who was i supposedly trying to buy black pups of last year then walter mitty? Tell me! The man from the north who you got yours off only got into terriers when the men who i dig with took him out he was in his 20s ffs.. hes 50 now if even lol... if any of you watched the wheaten programme on tg4 big terry is on it speaking about wheatens.. i had my first dig with him my father and cousin at 9 years of age..i had my last dig with him 4 weeks ago.. so who am i supposed to have tri
  5. ro284, The Cork white line is a strain of Working Russell, hard to describe the type. Everything from strong Bull/russell smooths to Small wire haired terriers. Not a breed more a strain of workers. In general these are rough looking dogs, even at Moate its hard to see these dogs excel in the show ring. Even at a working dog day they do not generally show well. You have to see them work to appreciate the quality. Prick ears, one or both, Rose ears, drop ears like a fox terrier, tall, short, they come in all shapes and sizes. The white terriers in Ireland have been hunted for centurie
  6. Glyn... Great post, thats the type of history the strain needs, up close and personal. Hats off to you.
  7. these are her parents Glyn.... Great photo. do you know who were the Border Dog* on Top and Bottom and Border Bitch in the bottom half of the pedigree? Unusual that the Border Dog* pedigree is unknown, you would think that the Borders would be the easiest to trace. This in a pedigree would normally indicate that 1; The dog was from parents that were not known (then it was a total outcross, chance bred) OR 2; The dog was from parents that the Breeder Did NOT want to know (champion show dogs in the pedigree, still an outcross. Just makes you wonder at the "Pure Patterdale Briga
  8. Downview, Not sure if there is a working origin of a hard terrier, if hard terrier means it has to be laid up for a couple of weeks after being dug. The definition of "hard" is used differently by everyone. Some people call it "Stupid" "Silent" "Crocodile" But in general for me it means a terrier that closes with the quarry and engages regardless of the outcome to itself. Before the arrival of the locator collar, a hard terrier would have a very short career. If we use the name Russell because we credit the Reverend Russell with a standard of working terriers that HE wanted for h
  9. Here is an image of one of Mr Nuttal's Patterdale terriers "Judy" from 1975. This is her pedigree. Its just clear enough to make out Breays dogs, a few Borders, and ....... Save the image and zoom in on your computer. Maybe some of the lads who work black dogs can add other pedigrees from that era and shed light on the breeding of these great little dogs.
  10. Have those tight shorts made you a bit argumentative mate ,doesn't suit you . Stop end. You are more than welcome to any pup or breeding that I have access too now and in the future! Should you want it. All that we ask down this way is to rear them right, work them right and don't "ever" sell them . All of which you fully understand! As like anyone else I move in various circles......some of these circles remain the same, some overlap and some change over the years, but one thing is constant - the working white dogs. Of course the Cork standards may not be up to the dizzy height
  11. Adam, I will take one, pm me with the payment details.
  12. Best place for them IMO, I posted photos of terriers in the past ........but no more from the hunting field.
  13. Leethedog, There is data embedded in every digital photograph, the safest way I believe protecting your privacy posting images is to capture them from a computer screen. On a Mac computer go into utilities and open "Grab it", put a box around the picture and save it as a JPEG image. On a PC there is free software out there on the internet. "Snip It" is one package, it works the same way, capture the image on the screen and save as a JPEG. These saved images will then contain no data that anyone could use against you.
  14. IMO I would bring the dog to a place heaving with game, travel further out into the countryside and you will find good spots. For a very young pup following an older dog into cover is the easiest method I have found. Don't agree with throwing stones or balls into cover, the dog will just start watching and waiting for you to continue doing it. It will probably distract them more than anything. It is a problem with some strains and is worth watching, nothing worse than a hunting dog walking at your side in the countryside which is full of scent. Natural prey drive should get it running
  15. RIP Tosh, great to remember and respect men like him.
  16. Albert, Not trying to hijack your post and I have only respect for the work you and your committee do for hunting. But the thought of the ISPCA around field sports does raise some concerns in my mind. Definitely cannot please all of the people all of the time ATB P3D
  17. Like all charity organisations the ISPCA is driven by money. In that respect they will try to be all things to all people.....as long as you hand over your cash. The dangerous aspect is that the people at the top table are Anti-hunting. Having met a few of them in the past they are very extreme in their views on field sports and their policy confirms that. As usual some of the men and women in the front line of the ISPCA are probably genuine in their respect for animals. It might be a good idea to make contact with the front line people and show them a new side of hunting folk.
  18. The Irish Game Fair committee is very supportive of all country sports and in particular have shown outstanding support for working terriers. Contrary to what was posted earlier about the terrier ring location away from the main ring, the I.W.T.F have had a stand down in the Pavilion area for the last 4 years. For the last 2 years it was the federations choice to move the stand nearer to the terrier ring on Sunday. This prime location was provided by the Game fair committee and behind the scene support was given to working terriers and lurchers that would put a lot of more established
  19. A great cause, good luck with the show.
  20. Hard times, tough people, genuine people. That's a nice bit of history and they valued their sport and their animals. Thanks for putting that up.
  21. It depends on the show, if you pick the right working dog show you can meet likeminded people. That is as much as you can expect
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