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  1. I have no doubt. Thanks Andy.
  2. Exactly, or how many generations on a pedigree.
  3. Have to agree, great site, no money could pay for this craic.
  4. Rabbit hunter,Netmaker, Eastcoast, Ye are starting to worry a few lads now, are ye saying that this man is very knowledgeable about the terriers of the North. That he is in his later years and has lived up where these dogs originated all his life. That he has hunted, bred and showed working terriers since his youth. That he is a Barrister so no slouch in the brains department. AND he thinks that the "Patterdale Terrier" name being used for the smooth black dogs is just some men's vanity made up in 1970. JA$U$ lads, that serious. WHAT are we going to call them now?
  5. You are correct, fixed that in the original post. John Winch, Barrister.You would think that he would be a bit more careful with his words, as they say "words matter" and he might offend a lot of breeders. Heaven forbid he offends somebody.. A lot of good men on have been breeding Patterdale Terriers for generations and are very proud of the pedigree. Would be like a kick in the gut to find out that the name was wrong. Probably might be best for the big breeders to write a letter to this man and tell him that he is wrong! Anyone know which part of London he lives in?
  6. the patt was probs in Ireland before then but was it called a patt? Either way I'm sure nobody has the definitive answer. Rob, This guy seems to know, he might even have visited the North of England once or twice. It is even possible that he owed terriers!
  7. You are correct, fixed that in the original post. John Winch, Barrister. You would think that he would be a bit more careful with his words, as they say "words matter" and he might offend a lot of breeders.
  8. Anyone heard of a man named John Winch, it seems he knew Plummer years ago? He was mentioned in a terrier article in CMW this week. He was quoted as saying that the "Patterdale terrier " name as applied to the black dogs was invented in the 70's by a few guys with big ego's. Does he even know that the Patterdale was in Ireland before that!!!
  9. RF, I agree. The CMW and other fieldsports magazines like the Field are a way for the general public to learn about all country sports. The very fact that they must cover so many different types of hunting is a positive thing IMO. I would normally check out the magazine on the newsstand and if there is an article that I am interested in, I will support it. The CMW is behind all country sports including terrierwork, perhaps we should be behind them.
  10. King, Those pics must have gotten deleted. If you PM me an email I can send them on to you. P3D
  11. No that's not the way, if you want a fall on the finished slab then you put the fall on the sub base. Ok if that is the way to do it, as long as the slope is there. 1% is good either way.
  12. The base will have to slope to a drain. If you want a 4 inch ( 100m) minimum thickness then it will need to be 6 inch (140mm) thick at the high end in a 4m long run. Or 5 inch (130mm) on the 3m wide side. You can slope the base underneath the 4 inch slab but that would not be the usual way I believe.
  13. HGN, In my opinion. According to the law in Ireland right now; 1; Only a Veterinarian or Veterinary Nurse can perform the procedure. This is covered under a Statutory Instrument, (an addition to the Animal Welfare Bill). 2; Every owner is responsible for the welfare of their animals. If the long term health and welfare of the dog is improved by docking a portion of the tail or removal of dewclaws because of its working environment. The owner must comply with the law and take steps to get the procedure done. If the Veterinary clinics in your area will not perform the procedur
  14. Downsview, IMHO the Border is a working dog of the past. There may be a couple of pedigree show Borders that graft and keep there owners happy but can they produce a litter of workers off them, I am not so sure. I can understand your post as there is a hard man mentality that can creep into terrierwork if not checked. Any terrier that is worth its salt should work because it wants to, where the line gets crossed in breeding terms is terriers that have no sense. This type are easy to start and take very little input from a person who is not a dog man. Unfortunately they also can have a short
  15. King, Credit to you for putting the effort into your dogs. It is interesting to hear the different advice form everyone about fitness levels required for hunting. At one end you get lads who believe the terriers physical fitness does not really matter. The other end want their dogs to be as fit as they can have them. If their is a way to judge which system works best? One way is probably on wastage from litters. How many pups from a litter end up working? Assuming that the pups are bred from good lines. Can we judge the methods based on performance. If a man keeps his terriers
  16. Neil, You are such a plonker, given enough rope you always hang yourself. You cannot tell the truth to save your life, I was going to leave this alone but screw it, lets put the record straight. I will take apart your answer one piece at a time. Your comments in Blue I know that that last paragraph was aimed at me. You and the guys attacking Stopend, always the same few attacking him personally. First off, Stopend has no interest in the preservation of any type of working terrier. I said preserving working terriers in Ireland (terrierwork), read the posts carefully. He
  17. Smasher, That was the point, I have only the highest respect for the Black dogs, dug over some excellent terriers from this line. My interest was in where they came from, how the men who started the strain selected their breeding stock and perfected their line. I put up the pedigrees from 3 men who are credited with the foundation stock. Noticed a gap in the lined asked if anybody could fill it. A case of a little knowledge looking for more knowledge. I will learn from anyone willing to part with information. Have had PM's from men who know some of the history of this line and they
  18. Should have read; When we check a pedigree there are a couple of things we can do to check if it is authentic. First divide the years on the pedigree by the generations, in this case (1975-1920 = 55 years. divided by 15 generations). This gives us roughly 4 years between breeding each bitch. This would seem high until you check in detail. Buck/Breay bred a bitch and then bred her with her nephew a lot of times. this would have taken 2/3 years for the bitch to be proven (at least) and another 2/3 years for the nephew to be proven. That tally's with the 4 year span between breeding.
  19. It is a great question, the answer is "not much" when the dog is in the ground. But we are terrier men, more than anything probably dog men. In general we are interested in anything to do with dogs, the name does not matter but IMO the breeding does. The pedigree posted was from BN yard linked to a pedigree written by Mr Breay. Possibly the only time he committed a pedigree to paper of his and Mr Bucks line When we check a pedigree there are a couple of things we can do to check if it is authentic. First divide the years on the pedigree by the generations, in this case (1975-1920 =
  20. Got it, Is this the same Biddy that appears in the Pedigree of Judy 1975? I got the impression that Brian owned Biddy and brought the bitch to Breay's line stud dog.
  21. think biddy was from Roger West moorland I posted a photo Glyn... Was that a bitch Biddy, which post did you put up the photo on? P3D
  22. Anyone got a picture or info of the bitches Worry, Tar or Biddy (Biddie?) from Brian Nuttall's yard? Would have been around 1965 to 1975.
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