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  1. Great start Mark, hope he keeps going.
  2. You asked for different methods that may help I think there is a guy on this site from France. He may help you by using the dog on heavier game for a while. I have seen hard hunt terriers in the past that were taught discretion after a few heavy digs. They were then passed back to the hunt and went on to become useful terriers. Definitely not worked sore, your hard terrier may only know one way to hunt at the moment. His confidence has been boosted by bossing a fox. Bigger quarry would cause the dog to pause. If the dog was still hard on that quarry you will know that he will
  3. Always admired that type of red dog. (I wonder if thats what an Irish terrier looked like in the beginning?)
  4. If your 15, then best to get a pup. Bring the pup on as you learn yourself. A Border will be a good terrier to start with for running cover and ratting. You can start as soon as they have their jabs. Get out into the country. Let the pups run the ditches. It will learn at its own pace. Let it chase rabbits, it will bring out its prey drive. Learn how to socialize the pup to every type of environment. When you think it is ready let it catch a few rats. Most of all take it slowly. Best of luck.
  5. Good account of the action, hope the bitch goes from strength to strength.
  6. Good post, the more Borders working the better, it looks like a smart way to start young dogs. You can try them on bigger game later. ATB.
  7. As long as you have a barrel of water in your yard and you cull without hesitation, it will work. This natural selection will take place in the kennel long before the dog goes to ground. The expert said it was wrong, not that it would not work. Without doubt severely undershot is not a hinderence in the field. But you have to question your motives before you go down the road of inbreeding. After a couple of litters of russion roulette, you will still have to outcross. This is a topic that will always cause division. If inbreeding has worked for you, great, JMHO
  8. Linebreeding = Inbreeding Inbreeding = Problems (Some you can see, cleft pallet,severly undershot,small litters, etc...) (Some you will not see until its too late,trouble mating,trouble whelping,internal heart/liver/kidney problems) IMO keep away from inbreeding, the KC have been practising this on terriers for over 100 years. Look at the abortions they have created. The KC hired a leader in the field of genetics to report on the state of their breeding policies. They were not too happy when he came back and said they were wrong.
  9. Great photo, tube looks tall, looks like she could run upright in the earth!.
  10. Great to see Borders working. Excellent looking kennels. atb
  11. Hi Jigsaw, I use a wall mounted water bowl. I got it in a farm store locally, think farmers use them for calves. Made from galvanized steel, totally terrier proof. Just wondering, if placed high enough, if your dog would be satisfied marking the wall underneath. Hopefully he sees the wall and bowl as one thing.
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