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  1. Went to this show few tings il say had a good day with some food lads but wasnt very impresed with the organistion of it wasnt run to the ability of most every ting was late racing was a disaster arguing over size down to the mil .classes ran back words rings not spread out right .judging for working dogs well i can say they should judge crofts abolute shambles there was a great turn out but most crack was at the trailers over all my opinion wasnt ran the best an for future i will not show a dog again at it its a working dog show hence the name not a mini crofts so all in all my rating for the
  2. I was talking to a chap who was tellung me about dogs sitting back in one case 2ft the dog in question was tried wat would b the outcome of this ahe only a young dog 12 would u say she will sharpen up with age i pwrsonally tink she way to young n should b left to mature
  3. Ok lads ways the best way to get young dogs to enter cover and bark quarry any tips please tanxs
  4. fay

    Learning To Bush

    Some very good points I use to throw the stones but Luke socks said can b a waist of time NY try a droper in front n !let the dog off at it into cover
  5. Ways your ways of getting a Dog hunting on its own with out any other dogs to show it
  6. Every one to there own n for the smart c**ts have use not ghot a prefernece like dogs what ones use like I have albinos n like polecats were the problem here I've seen some very nice ones near black that cought my eye to many ejits on here with big mouths that can't answeear a question tanxs to who answeard with a decent answer
  7. Can any one not just answeear the question without being smart lads I want a dark polecat like some people like albinos I like dark polecats as in near black so y the smartness ,oh cause the to letter e n u we're put into cop on
  8. Looking for some dark pole cats as in the so called EU polecat like that with little white any body
  9. Is there do u no there contact or on fb forums tanxs
  10. Haha I'm after real dark polecats near black n CNT get them over here so need UK is my best option
  11. Does any one nw if there is a dog transporter who would transport ferrets to Ireland if so can u put up prices ecttamnxs
  12. Does any one nw if there is a dog transporter who would transport ferrets to Ireland if so can u put up prices ecttamnxs
  13. Facebook antis at it again with a pic from the hunting life about a lad who dug a fox n triued to say he killed his dog after n the post was from 2011 on here sad fu Ker's noting better to do
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