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  1. Paddy had his first day in the field with little terriers today takes after his dad this lad
  2. Gets bigger by the week can't believe the conformation he has at 8 months
  3. I see your dummy in the corner shall I get it for you
  4. Buy a poodle and give it a beddy cut no one will be any the wiser lol
  5. Had his first trim today got some form on him
  6. That old f****r is nearly dead anyway he's 14 and not all Glenn's and wheaten are dog aggressive mate don't believe the shit you here both my dogs parents work and are very social with other dogs
  7. Best thread on here this I remember the old one keep up the good work and strong tradition ? ?
  8. He ain't small now goes 35 lbs could fit in a wheely bin
  9. He can work what he wants too when he's ready
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