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  1. fat man


    The Internet was like a condom back then liam never heard of but we have unfortunately to move with the times or get left behind. 30 40 years ago things we're so easy going compared to nowadays back then it was a day out with friends doing what ye liked but now its all about money and jealously and the fact that your looking over your shoulder every time you go out even though your within the law people that no nothing about country life will always stir shit.so she finally tamed you lol I actually did the opposite and split with the woman but life goes on.the lads from the north had some tidy dogs about them both strong dogs and earth dogs and we're a good bunch of lads that were big into their hunting. Liam hope to catch up with you soon maybe we can arrange a day out.
  2. fat man


    Lol no bull in the wheatens I seen work liam but they also had some very useful staff's. The lads we're a well known club from over the border you know who I'm talking about. There wheatens were some of the best I seen and nothing like the kc stuff you see nowadays. My brother in law had a very good bitch that came out of bray some 30 years ago she was very game but a total head wrecker on a dig she would be screaming until she got her chance then silent as a frosty night.how you and the family keeping liam all good I hope.
  3. fat man


    Imo liam I think the apbt is too aggressive for trials and for that very reason would be disqualified by the noise factor. Now on the other hand they would be hard bet for gameness at a different game horses for courses so to speak. I have seen some 1st class wheatens in the field and also staff's but on the few occasions I actually seen apbt they did not impress at all a couple wouldn't actually travel in the ground and the couple that did were not inclined to push on up to their quarry. These were 1st timers so maybe that was the reason who knows but personally the best I have seen was a wheaten.
  4. fat man


    Seen plenty of good working wheatens but if they are bred right they are a real handful and not to be taken for granted especially around other dogs.Nice to see a good wheaten work but I wouldn't keep one about me too much hassle.
  5. fat man

    New Season In France

    Lozzer would you work your dogs without a locating collar on.I understand that blaise has to as its the law for some strange reason but why there is such a law is beyond me.would it not make more sence to put the dogs safety first and use a locater.I worked terriers for some years without but they we're not about at the time but soon as they came on scene I made it my business to get one. The whole point in working terriers is to reach them as quickly and safely as you can but by dropping holes all over not alone are you f***ing up a good earth but you are also putting your dogs life on the line. Every man to his own but I have more respect for my dogs than to put them at risk when there is a better way of going about it.
  6. fat man


    Money root to all evil but as has been said people starting to cop on now that they are not getting the real deal with pups turning out shit and so on so the trade for these dogs is starting to slow big time. How many that say they have that line of dogs can prove it with ear tattoo and micro chip straight from ac yard not too f***ing many. Some may have his blood line in their dogs but he did not breed them and still his name is used as a sale pitch.
  7. fat man

    new season

    We have just the one young dog to start gave him a look end of last season and he wanted it so can't see a problem with him and he also a good age to start now.
  8. fat man

    new season

    Love when their is youngsters to start great satisfaction seeing a Young dog learning its trade.
  9. fat man

    new season

    Seems like a busy season lies ahead for ye lads atb.
  10. fat man

    new season

    Is everyone ready for the new season to start in a few weeks and who has young dogs to enter.
  11. fat man

    Bad run of luck

    Just get back on topic and shut him out if ye don't reply to him he can't argue with ye why stoop to his level.
  12. The working of terriers in Ireland has gone too money mad I reckon. I can remember a time when almost everyone in the game was willing to gift a pup or help a lad out but not anymore there is so much jealousy in the game now that the fun is gone out of it. I used to dig with lads from all over and if a dog worked we'll everyone was happy but if a dog failed we'll you just carried on regardless but nowadays some lads would love to see other lads dogs f**k up. I like to see other men's dogs work as it gets boring digging your own all the time so something different is a nice change. Their was some good lads in the book that do a he'll of a lot of digging and more that do a bit but everyone to their own some may not have as much time as others or have access to as much digging. I myself and the men I dig with try to get out as much as possible and we put plenty of work in front of our dogs which makes for a good terrier I believe the more it see's the better it gets.the book to me was much like a dog show a bit of fun nothing to take serious as the field is where a good terrier proves its worth.
  13. Ya might even get a ped with the dog lol.
  14. Now that's real good coming from you.I have told you over and over again that the ped you have for your pup is total bullshit and you then turn about and call me a liar. Some of the lads on here know exactly what I have bred in the last 3 years from my dogs which comes to 3 pups 2 of which were given away and 1 bitch which is still with me. My advice to you would be forget abound the PEDs and just enjoy your dogs and if you don't want to do that then go to the chap who bred your pup and let him give you the proper led and leave me out of it thanks.as for us working our dogs what would you actually know about proper terrier work.
  15. Con man of the highest order but what I can't understand is how did he get away with it time and time again from the so called border terrier club he started and robbed lads blind to the present day.I will say one thing for him he has a neck but when I had our little dispute you would be surprised at some of the lads that stuck up for him but in hindsight I really wasn't I should have known.