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  1. I'd imagine we grew more than spuds back then but needless to say the English were invading another country and couldn't feed there army so what did they do, created a genocide in Ireland to feed their own, potato crops may have failed but not the grain crops and every other source of food.
  2. Question is Liam,how you keeping by the way, back to question, why were the Irish starving.
  3. Coursing mad are your borders earth dogs or just for mouching about at rats and such,genuine question, also what percentage of working stock would you have from a litter, working as in digging dogs. They look like workers compared to some of the stuff you see nowadays paraded around rings.we had a couple down the years, 1 was bought as a pup, turned out a really good little bitch, unfortunately lost to poison on a shoot, and another was a working dog we also bought, he was a very steady dog to dig to most of the time, he died after a really tough long dig,he pushed to tight and couldn't keep out of harm's way, died the following day. I also seen one that came from a pet home because it had a hatred for cats, it was brought on a Friday and 1st day in the field was Sunday morning and he was dug, and went on to be a really good dog, again unfortunately he climbed out of his pen and into a lurcher and that was him,always liked the look of the borders, great to see people still with them.
  4. Dilly dog do you remember the border dog ye lads took back with you years ago, big lump of a dog.
  5. Horses for courses, I wouldn't enter a digging dog in a place like that because 1st it can't be dug and 2nd I'd end up without a dog, but if I had a dog that would only do say half an hour and then appear back out or if I kept one that could be called out then I wouldn't have a problem with such a place but thankfully we have none like it about me, like I said horses for courses and a lot of foxes can be got with a 10 minute wonder dog,I remember a little Russell a friend had years back that would go in do 10min and out, then it was a case of sitting quiet for a few minutes and almost every time the fox would come out itself to a waiting gun,but just not my type but everyone to their own, as fd said the only problem I'd have is lads selling pups of such dogs and the ad saying out and out digging dogs.
  6. Why on earth should they share what they know. When that book came out and names of dogs were mentioned in it there were peds stuck up on here of all sorts and funny enough some of the dogs in the book were actually long f***ing dead and it was from your side of the world it was coming from. Truth is you or the rest of you American lads haven't a clue as to what digging does and doesn't happen over here. Mosby came over here some years back and he dug with ac and myself on his first day, we had 3 digs,nothing special but 3 digs to 3 different terriers. The next day he was out with different lads and also had 3 digs but he said the work style of the dogs were a world apart from what he had seen first day even though they were also supposed to be heavily influenced by ac blood, not knocking the other lads dogs, they had 3 successful digs, same result but completely different work style, sometimes its not exactly what it says on the tin if you catch my drift.
  7. You don't care because you don't f***ing know ya muppet
  8. 1of1,jambalaya was the one that put my personal details up on thl, I have not once said his name on here,he has also abused me and called me a liar openly on this thread and PMS when all I have done is told him the truth, he claims a certain dog is bred one way and I've told him that's not how the dog was bred but he says I'm lying, he at one stage said I bred the dog, while in fact the dog was never in my yard I never seen the dog.
  9. Do you honestly think I'm going to start naming dogs on here for you lot,rest of the litter were shite full stop.
  10. Truth hurts buddy, but the fact is that the rest of that litter were rubbish, and when did you see dogs from ac yard, you never did so f**k up talking shit about something you know nothing about, the nearest you have to ac dogs is pictures and false pedigrees.
  11. Nothing like proper ac stuff and also all the fuss over this mayhem dog baffles me because the rest of his litter were shite fact.
  12. ABC,him or nobody else is coming next nor f***ing near me, we have our own little circle and that's plenty, also any dogs that went over to the states has absolutely nothing to do with me,I neither sell or buy dogs so whoever's feeding you this shit is filling you with lies and anyone decent dog man this side can vouch for that.
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