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  1. fat man


    Not knocking the dog but for a terrier that is supposed to have done so much he has a right pretty head on him.not a hair out of place and I don't give a f**k what anyone says a dog that's working close with its quarry does take injuries especially with bigger quarry.a lot of things that are written about these dogs are only hear say second hand information as the old saying goes paper won't refuse ink
  2. fat man

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Stop end at his best what a load of white its only a few months back he done most of his digging to some show bred lakies that he let on to know all about same as the men in the pic He's a f***ing clown
  3. fat man


    Stopend what would you know about digging dogs you haven't got any so stop bullshiting on here saying you have.bit like the lakelands and the men in the pic more nonsence run along and leave the digging to lads that actually do a bit.
  4. fat man

    Last one..

    We'll done to the old bitch its hard to retire them especially if they are still fit and good to go.the dog in my avatar was still working away at 15 and was dug regularly he eventually died in his sleep front of the fire curled up in his basket have to say we had a hell of a lot of sport with that dog.
  5. fat man

    working wheaten lines

    You have dug over the grandson barney.
  6. fat man

    Old girl

    Have to agree as I had the pleasure of having a 220 swift for a few years and they can do some damage.
  7. fat man

    Old girl

    To be honest I don't really give a f**k how the fox was killed or if he dug the plummer if he is telling porkies then he is only lieing to himself if not then fair dews to the old bitch.
  8. fat man

    seasons end

    Finished up last Sunday with 2 nice digs one to my old bitch at 1.6 and the 2nd to one of her daughters at 1metre.that's us done now until next august or so and dogs will have a good rest for the next few months.hope everyone's season went well.
  9. fat man

    Dog v Bitch

    Always preferred bitchs to dogs as said harder to find good bitchs than dogs IMO anyway.I now have only 1 old dog in kennels even the gundogs are bitchs just my preference. I also think bitchs mature quicker to dogs and if from a hard line of terriers they tend to be a little more steadier than the dogs in the line.my two digging mates both keep dogs so we are sort of spoilt for choice so to speak.we finished up now for this season so all terriers will get a well deserved rest over the next few months and hopefully breed a litter as everything we have bar 2 are getting on a bit so fingers crossed.
  10. fat man

    Old girl

    At least he was out and about wit the dog's doing a bit.I have dug terriers in places where there coats hold no clay dirt so what's the big deal people to quick to judge others and there dogs dig your own and be happy with what you have and never mind what others do.
  11. fat man


    Any bitch from a non worker to a complete cur can produce a good if not outstanding worker as has happened some several times with different dogs but its to breed proven workers consistently litter after litter that's where breeding and know how come into practice.many years ago I had a dog who built himself quite a reputation as a digging dog but put to several good digging bitchs never produced anything worth mentioning and then on one occasion a man took his bitch to him to get a service just because he liked the look of the dog and this was a non hunting man and bitch actually I'd go as far as to say the bitch was never of the lead.she went on to have 4 pups 3 dogs and a bitch.he arrived at my house with a 8 week old bitch pup which I did not want but my son who was only 4 at the time wanted the pup so I took it for him.like a lot of kids he soon grew tired of the pup but at this stage she was about 9 months old And mad keen already finding and killing rats in the ditch begin the house.when the season came around she was about 13 months and nice and strong so I decided to give her a try and she took to the earth work like a natural.they were pre locater days and I lost her in a big embankment at the back of a quarry in her second season but by then she had accounted for a lot of game.in my mind she was just a freak from a good dog to a bitch that never seen a field let alone an earth but she was a very useful bitch.I met the man and asked him how the mother to the bitch was bred and he told me he bought her as a pup in the pet shop but goes to show a bad one can throw a will throw the odd good one but not consistently.
  12. fat man


    At the start of the season I had 4 bitchs1 was going 9 year old 2 going 7 and another going 4.my plan was to breed the old bitch mother to the other 3 and the youngest daughter but unfortunately I lost the young bitch and that has put a big dent in my kennels.now hopefully I will still breed the old bitch but will also have to breed 1 or both of the others as I can't rely on the old bitchholding or raring pups as last time she had 2 and both died.hopefully I will get at least 1 litter and pups will be split among g ourselves and the man who has the stud dog.its funny but by just losing g 1 it f****d up my kennel so better to be looking at them than looking for them IMO.
  13. fat man

    Bedlington stud dog Yorkshire

    Had a bitch years ago that killed every fox. She was put to bar 2.this happened one morning while we were out and met a man with lurchers who told us he had ran 2 fox to ground in an earth we knew very we'll. We drove the 10 minutes to it and collered up the bitch and away she went.I was a bit wary as the earth seemed we'll pulled out so thought it might HD a different animal. We got a mark on the bitch and I could clearly hear her baying away something I had not heard her do before on fox.we broke through to her fairly qui k as it wasn't deep and she had 2 fox in front of her in 2 different pockets one to the left one to the right and she in the middle sparring with both but would not take hold of either right until one made a bolt for it then she was in to it.that was the first and last time I ever heard her bay on fox and before we broke through I would have bet my life on it we were digging something else but we weren't. I have no experience with rocks but do admire those that work them but not for me or the type of dogs I keep I'll stick to earths what I'm used to. I would imagine a leggyish type terrier of lean build would be the type to use but again I wouldn't know.
  14. fat man

    seasons end

    Everyone to there own. I personally don't go beyond mid February for obvious reasons but I don't to answer to keepers or anyone else for that matter.I don't like digging pregnant vixon or cubs I think everything should have a season but like yourself some have a job to do or else lose there permission but others use it as an excuse just to carry on then when the season comes around again moan that they have no quarry about.good luck until you finish up anyway.
  15. fat man

    seasons end

    Season coming to an end again at least for us anyway as we always finish up 2nd week of February. We had a good season again apart from me losing a bitch a few weeks back but shit happens.we had some real good digs both ourselves and with friends who were up for a days digging. One in particular was a 3.8 dig to a dog belonging to a mate Real good dig to a good dog.we had some good days out and good crack thrown in as well good day yesterday with 3 digs and a couple of lads down from Derry for the day hope they enjoyed the day out.how is everyone else's season gone.