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  1. fat man

    Deal breaker?

    That was meant to say white terriers.
  2. fat man

    Deal breaker?

    About 4 seasons of hard graft without fault and find out if her litter siblings are working and her parents grandparents etc then search for a suitable stud with same blood line if possible.seems like a lot of trouble to go through just to breed a litter but if everyone done the same the country would not be full of white terriers.jmho.
  3. fat man

    Lakey/fell type

    New digging partner for you nippy take the strain of young liam he reckons between carrying you and the tools he's f****d told me a man had to travel up from way down the country to dig the dogs for ya lol
  4. fat man


    As said it all depends on the work style of the terriers you keep and the amount of work put in front of them.we have at preseo10 workers and all are dug regularly or when they are fit to be dug everyone differs and not everyone would have the ground others have to go at so a couple of terriers would easily see them through a season.
  5. You could be right but in his younger days he never done it.
  6. fat man

    standard of perfection

    No fascination with me I just like to know what I'm both breeding and feeding as the saying goes its as easy feed a good one as a bad one. I think that's why there's so much shit been bred dogs are not getting the work they should and still been bred from. At least if I breed a litter I know all behind them are doing what I want and doing it well and any pups I breed are kept among very close friends.
  7. fat man

    standard of perfection

    I have never put any man in an awkward place and also would not ask any man to enter a terrier where I wouldn't enter one of my own.I have also seen that sort of shit done only for the smerk to be wiped from their mugs.what I meant was I've had lads here blowing smoke up their dogs arses saying their this that and the other only to be made look like fools in relatively easy places.foxdropper as you we'll know their is a big difference in green grass and grass that's been grazed.
  8. Not a lakiexbull but I had a lakiexwheaten and a very good dog he was had to be pts in the end he went both blind and deaf and actually became a liability as he would latch on to anything within range.I think it was that he could just see shadows and was confused so the kindest deed was done for the dog.
  9. fat man

    standard of perfection

    That's another option but in my mind you really don't know what your kenneling then as your dogs are not being tested. People can say what they like and it doesn't bother me who they are but if your digging Quarry and pts all the time then you dont know what you have. I have seen so called good seasoned terriers from over the water come away with their tail between their legs once entered on quarry that knows the score soon sorts the men from the boys so to speak.
  10. Ah yeah we'll behaved and good crack.
  11. Yeah d they can handle the beer good lads like their digging.
  12. Had a couple of lads down from Derry on Saturday and a couple up from down the country. We had 3 good digs and plenty of crack and the lads from Derry stayed local in a hotel Saturday night and a few pints were had all in all a good day
  13. fat man

    standard of perfection

    One swallow doesn't make a summer DMD as I said the quarry around my way won't be dug with a Bayer and I've seen several Bayer.mixer types fail where a more full on terrier will win.
  14. fat man

    standard of perfection

    Have to agree.a Bayer would be of little use around my area maybe early season you might just might get the odd result but mid season all you be doing is digging up holes all over the place as quarry would not be dug with a Bayer and people can disagree if they like but anyone that has dug with me in my area will know what I'm saying is true.
  15. fat man

    Breeding Studs/Broods

    Not everyone is in it for coin chesney like yourself we like to work our dogs as often as allowed as in everytime their fit to dig to their dug.all of my dogs have seen a lot of digging in their lives so far and will continue to for aslong as their able.like yourself chesney I or my digging mates don't sell pups or dogs we keep them amongst ourselves when ever we breed which is only when we need to.I know their is bitchs been bred from that has seen little or no work but that's down to the individuals that own them and the clowns then that part with big money for them after been told everything they wanted to hear. And aslong as their is people out their to part with their cash their will always be peddlers,