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  1. there in manchester city centre ,living on waste land, railway embankments etc
  2. I’ve got one. Love it
  3. the monkey


    Ha ha I am trying to thin them out as well Got a few catapults if you fancy one
  4. the monkey


    Just spreading the love
  5. the monkey


    I will swap it for another book if you want
  6. Hen I first started I used normal bands I was all over the place accuracy wise. So I switched to light bands to get my technique better. Worked for me
  7. Just try them ,I tried ott bands and shot ttf with no problems at all
  8. Can you put a pic up of the looped bands. Always used bands
  9. Just received the lurcherwork 4 and pursuit of the largest. Look great with superb photos. Not read any yet but both look good. The pursuit of the largest looks like it will have some good articles about big game. Boar. Stags
  10. whatever people think of his writing ,fact or fiction its entertaining, as was plummer but for me its the photography , theres no fiction there he can take a good photo
  11. Big game lurcherwork now that’s what I call terrierwork now that’s what I call lurcherwork
  12. do you think 0.6 is ok for 9.5 steel or would 0.7 be better
  13. All really good. But the last one is top notch
  14. Go on then. Explain. I don’t get it
  15. We never have any problem. Could a mink climb the scaff pole, never really thought about it . If it’s a problem you could put some sort of baffle on the pole we have mandarin boxes and tubes on every pond ,there’s defiantly a better success rate than no tubes at all
  16. There really good , we put up 7 on the shoot and all were used
  17. its a copy of the xt black with clips
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