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  1. have they all gone gnipper? where abouts are you
  2. ohhh old Humphrey and the yank ill be rubbing their hands when these start selling!
  3. i bet that was like a bad acid trip!
  4. open runs. I try not to snare under fences thease days if I can I do like snaring walls thou
  5. 6 inch mesh longnet 3 ft high
  6. i get it in waves a few weeks where ile be up until 3-4 am and as i get up at 6 am to do the hounds and horses ime looking at 2 hours sleep at best...then all day ime dead! and grumpy...with 2 little girls its a challange
  7. you must all be wrong...don't yous know they only eat dandelion roots and turnip tops...not a vast array of our struggling and declining song bird population
  8. just found a old video from a joint meet I just had to share it.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrE2dvHn0K0
  9. a old video from a joint meet I had to share with yous all..i just love it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrE2dvHn0K0 https://youtu.be/xrE2dvHn0K0
  10. its just about what got me into countrysports,seeing it in the local shop.it used to be a good read back pre-internet days when seeing a mink in a trap was pure porn for me and the odd fox snaring article was well worth reading 3 or 4 times!...when I was running about with my snares made from bike brake cable and carl brake line crimps
  11. I done a few weeks with a lovely woman from "WISE" (ways into self employment) and over a few weeks she helped me draw up a realy good 40 odd page business plan ect..and as I then had that I applied for all kinds of funding,most of it was too hard to get IE lots of pissing about. but I did get my trailer test paid for off one grant that would have cost £790 edit to say...the "wise" thingy was free and only a hour a week
  12. well feck me...if I bought a ticket I would have no been happy!
  13. can beat a prattley eh we got a 400 head one a year ago and love it!
  14. theirs nothing that's squeezed from the grape or the hop that beats the black liquidation with throth on the top.....
  15. I pick up quite a lot of wild polecats in a year from the tunnel traps. got one 4 days back he was like a bloody otter as thick as my arm always a bitter sweet thing
  16. yeh didn't rate them too much :/ ive passed them on to my lady friend. ile be picking a lot of fox up the next few weeks/month with lambing started
  17. that's no way to talk about the scotish members of the forum!
  18. happens with lads who have permission on a spot...some utter wankers in the sport
  19. bit of time butchering from 14 onwards then gamekeeping and stalking for 6 seasons/7 years now a vermin man moles foxes and others with some fishing and firewooding thrown in
  20. is it sad I also do this at times??
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