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  1. gspbernard10

    Gsp For Sale

  2. gspbernard10

    Gsp For Sale

    I no, cant believe someone hasn't snapped him up, he's a tea beauty
  3. gspbernard10


    Its really for long periods, and Hel bark
  4. gspbernard10


    He lives in, just cant be left for long periods
  5. gspbernard10


    Hi all I have a 3 year old Gsp, he doesn't like been left alone although sometimes he's alrite others he's awful, ddue to work I am no longer able to keep him as I cant leave him alone, he Is great with kids, cats, and other dogs, holds point well and will find game anywhere, I am looking to rehome him to a great him if anyone no's anyone?? Thanks.
  6. gspbernard10

    Gsp For Sale

    Gsp for sale 3 year old, reason for sale is he doesn't like been left on his own and cant accomodate this anymore with work commitments, he is a great dog, great with other dogs, cats, and kids, holds point well and will find game anywhere, not afraid of cover, will need a bit of work on whistle, and can be a bit rangey, has been docked and dewclawed, really sad sale and really honest post, please no messers as I have been 100 % honest, real beauty who will make someone a cracking worker or pet, £300 York ring Mike on 07874752044 if any questions
  7. gspbernard10

    Plastic Fox Decoy

    Owl decoy works well for me with a dead rabbit belly up at its feet
  8. gspbernard10

    Pigeon Flapper

    Oh right, will do, thanks
  9. gspbernard10

    Pigeon Flapper

    Am I right putting this for sale in miscellaneous section, cant see another relevant section Atb
  10. gspbernard10

    Delkim For Sale

    Original delkim for sale, blue light, great working order, £45 York
  11. gspbernard10

    What Age To Retire Your Dog.

    My collie grey is 7this year, she has caught an awful lot of foxes and she is still as fast as she ever was, I personally think she will have next season in her and that will be her lot, although I am struggling with what to do with her she retired as cant fetch her in the house, and her work drive is so that if she isn't out she's bouncing around in the kennel, decisions...
  12. gspbernard10

    Back Fill Your Digs!!!!

    Back to bridging stop ends, I saw a thread somewhere about the badger digs they do in France or Germany, and they bridge with logs in a professional manner, very tidy job, and what I could see very little chance of collapse
  13. gspbernard10

    Just Like Them

    Old lady down the road from me has one, uses it for going to the shops and that..
  14. gspbernard10

    Someones Been To My Spot

    I like how you presumed that I poached it
  15. gspbernard10

    Someones Been To My Spot

    Their isn't trust me, poaching I not 'my spot', permission is 'my spot'