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  1. neck deep in a pool with a net just about to hit the sweet spot.....then a white round face come out the reeds stripped line off his reel and started casting for seatrout... so while under water I pulled the 12 meter net in and under my arm and made off downstream like a otter....my arse well and truly fell out
  2. A couple,of mates helped get it off the beach and said it was a fair lump of an animal rimmer caught on of them in a net on the cumbrian coast in 2012...massive things
  3. gents ive found the answer! haha their us a uk suppier (with a good snaring knowlage!) who has very good 1 1/6th cable in 1x19 and its very good and very cheap! ive had 2 fox and a mink in It this week honestly ime over the moon and then some with it pm me and ile drop you some contact details and its CHEAP!
  4. ime realy realy not a million miles from you,but no insurance and no lurchchers...a good heap of nets of allkinds and a good head on how to use them. if your ever stuck or need a hand give me a shout P.S hope your feeling better
  5. I did.... she was nice I had a porno mag and I was convinced it was her in it. a few friends also thought it was her in it. I don't mind telling you that I am lucky not to be blind Porno mag........ Brings back memories, used to think all your Christmases and birthdays had come at once finding one in the woods as a kid!! Kids these days have it too easy, everything's at a click of a button Iv said it before gone are the days of finding a prized porn collection dumped in a hedgerow!I found a cracking collection in an old caravan once In the middle of nowhere,dated right back to when
  6. theirs also a large number of red and roe deer so the open trails are bloody hard work getting knocks, using duck sticks id not helping the hare situation. and theirs a lot of fox singe on the runs I am snaring but the sheer numbers of hares ( you can see well into 3 figures in a nights lamping) is mucking the job up....not to mention middens are not in the estates policy......
  7. I have heard a rumour of a keeper who keeps a pet eagle owl for shooting crows on the moor.............
  8. I have a job coming up and their is a LOT of hares on the ground both fields and woods, now this is to be a snaring job with some cages. catching a lot of hares is not the job so any suggestions on keeping them out? ive never worked round this number of hares before so its getting to be a worry! I can remember something about fox gland lure either side of the snare will keep hares away?
  9. Yea an Otter will take a Mink if the opportunity arises, but he's only king in the water, and so only has an advantage over the mink in open water! Think about it! A Mink has any amount of nooks and cranny's to pop into, when out of the water! Places an Otter can't get to! Also, are they really in competition for the same Pray! The way i see it, Otter mainly feed on fish, with the odd bird, rabbit, frog thrown in! Mink mainly pray on frogs, rats, rabbit, with the odd fish thrown in! Otters hate Mink, that much is true, just like Mink hate Stoats! They see them as competition, and w
  10. don't cut it all down just a good lump in the middle one its yours cut the screening crap down and hey presto
  11. trail hounds will be taped up some times if they have to run and have a pad off or cut/knocked up toe
  12. I was putting a drain in once crossing a very old dyke line and their about 4 ft down was a lovely clean polished like a clay pot pipe mole run! I spent 20 mins debateing weather to put a man hole in for trapping and moved on but It shows their their..deep down
  13. all sorted now! thansk to tarn for the lending of a few dvds and to the one for sending me the full set! utter gentlemen
  14. 2 years back i got mine lifted.....and i got them back after 10 days in some state minus my old "tip" the first ever lurcher she was a rare old age and not very well when she was took and the upset must have finnished her, i was in some state myself its uttery utterly soul destroying seeing empty kennels of your pride and joys then knowing where they are and that you cant do a damm thing about it.. ime glad it ended well for you mate, so often with thease people it dosent
  15. a long time back their was a guy had a heap of fenns and magnum traps he was selling idid get a pm off him but ive since lost it!
  16. the components on their own...yep...together it looks cant even bring myself to try it!
  17. has any one got the fox or maybe even mink snaring dvd i could borrow for a few weeks or buy? its for a lady freind of mine she is very much getting into snaring so it would be a good watch for her to give a different prospective on how i do it and some new idears
  18. yeh i used to all the time....worked a treat
  19. if i still shot i would have this in a flash!
  20. i bet some lads would be taking 3 out of 3 with a bull x
  21. I like your style no style about it.....a lot of people use loopholes to get away with shit....the powers that be will do it to srew you over if you know as much of the law as them then like i say...jump highenugh to get thru the loopholes just keep ya self squeeky clean...because they will drop on you for anything...as will HMRC
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