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  1. Miga


    Fifteen pages of total and utter bullshit .
  2. Nice dog that , yas breed him yourselves
  3. Miga

    24 yrs ago

    Think your right [BANNED TEXT] , just comes across a bitter we prick .
  4. Some good games on today , any predictions
  5. Captained his team to a record five trophy’s in the one year which I’d doubt will ever be done again , and with all local talent all born within 30 miles of Parkhead , true Celtic man , rip and condolences to his family
  6. Crazy [BANNED TEXT] , read the accounts of the enquiry on solider f by witnesses and former soldiers , no wonder he’s being prosecuted .
  7. Will sure we will see what next few weeks will bring , business is about making money and that’s what the ufc is A business and what’s going to be a bigger fight than this after all that’s happened
  8. Good fight , better man one as he dominated most of the fight , think ther will most defiantly be a rematch think deep down Dana White couldn’t be happier for the massive interest in it now, ya think Mc Gregor would grass ?ano the boys that were arrested got released because mc Gregor wouldn’t press charges.
  9. Anyone on the slim chance that hears of a spare ticket going for next sunday drop me a msg
  10. The bigot is back ,on a subject he knows f**k all about, stick to the celtic /rangers threads 1-1
  11. Young side mate why not , couldve very easily been cork in ther only for the limerick keeper , some atomsphere from both fans
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