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  1. Great day out , well run show , good turn out off both dogs and people well done all involved and for a great cause
  2. Who knows your hearing it mostly from one side , gravano seems to love to hear himself speak , gotti done the time he couldnt do it (although he done time later on from drugs charges but then he wasnt given the chance to squeal on anybody ) , he put near a hundred guys in jail , so imo hes far from the guy he portrays himself to be , interesting podcast tho
  3. Joe qauid limerick, fitzhenry wexford and a bit more recent is nash from cork were all serious shot stoppers
  4. Wheaten Dog Pup just turning six month
  5. Miga


    Fifteen pages of total and utter bullshit .
  6. Nice dog that , yas breed him yourselves
  7. Miga

    24 yrs ago

    Think your right [BANNED TEXT] , just comes across a bitter we prick .
  8. Some good games on today , any predictions
  9. Captained his team to a record five trophy’s in the one year which I’d doubt will ever be done again , and with all local talent all born within 30 miles of Parkhead , true Celtic man , rip and condolences to his family
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