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  1. Miga


    Exactly my point , doesn’t that make it all the more possible and a serious lack of security on behalf of the Israelis, something that is not usually associated with Israeli security.
  2. Miga


    Of course they did, there intelligence agencies are among the best in the world , if you look at the situation with an open mind you can clearly see that there’s a bigger agenda ,
  3. Miga


    When they shot rockets at the ambulances
  4. Miga


    You consider war to be Bombing children in hospital beds from aeroplanes as a legitimate target , our opinions seem to differ .
  5. Miga


    What is it then ?the Slaughter of thousands of children can’t really be described as anything else
  6. Miga


    Do you support the continued genocide in Palestine ?
  7. The bigot can never stay quiet for long , if you ever attend a st Patrick’s day parade you might be surprised to find more from the PUL community at it than you think .This topic just gives you another opportunity to voice your disapproval of anything you see Irish or nationalist , let it go chid hatred only breeds hatred .
  8. That’s a Bad showing for genuine dog lads , unfortunately the clocks ticking towards the end , enjoy what’s left of your hunting
  9. Miga


    Exactly my thinking
  10. Great day out , well run show , good turn out off both dogs and people well done all involved and for a great cause ?
  11. Who knows your hearing it mostly from one side , gravano seems to love to hear himself speak , gotti done the time he couldnt do it (although he done time later on from drugs charges but then he wasnt given the chance to squeal on anybody ) , he put near a hundred guys in jail , so imo hes far from the guy he portrays himself to be , interesting podcast tho
  12. Joe qauid limerick, fitzhenry wexford and a bit more recent is nash from cork were all serious shot stoppers
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