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  1. I absolutely agree. And like you said many good breeders didn’t know about genetics but they usually did breedings that followed sound genetic principles without knowing they were doing it. Those breeders to me were truly gifted it was like they just instinctively knew how to do it. And I think the back breeding method you were talking about is a great way to breed. A lot of livestock breeders the ones breeding Bulls and Cows use the method based on a couple articles I’ve read
  2. I hear ya. I missed where said y out were just simplifying it I apologize and your posts on the subject are definitely some of the best I’ve seen one here. Again I apologize I wasn’t meaning to make it seem like you didn’t know what you were saying if it came out that may it’s my fault wasn’t my intentions.
  3. I have no id who Roy from is or where in Rochdale is but I would damn sure like to know how he could possibly post pictures on my dog that are from my phone that have no one has seen literally untill today. I have never put a photo of any of my dogs on the internet untill today. So your either trying to rile me up or who knows
  4. Bob/Gambler. That’s an older model. I got that back in I believe it was 2008. He has ones much better now. I didn’t really like that one to much not free spinning enough at least not enough for me. I don’t like a hard turning mill some guys do. I gave to a buddy of mine in Tennessee and it works for him he’s worked a few good dogs on it. There’s one Bob makes now called the BOSS hybrid that’s a good free spinning mill. That’s what i would get if needed one. His mills are pretty expensive though. That one is priced pretty good it was around $1200 a$1300 if I remember correctly which is about av
  5. There you go. Line bred from a Norm that passed 2005. Norm was bred by my buddy out his dog Dick and new granny a maverick/six bits/nigger Toby x Bolero which are all Eli/carver dogs more on the Eli side
  6. I’m really not sure what a picture of a couple of my dogs proves but sure
  7. And like I already told you but you refuse to believe all this stuff was in the late 80’s early 90’s I’ve been out of the dogs for 8 years. The only dos I got now are my two house dogs from the same stuff I’ve always had. One is 8 the male and the female is nine. No camera phones in the 90’s pal and Ike I said I have some old pictures from a Polaroid that’s it. I’m not a picture taking kind a guy whether you believe or not is no of concern to me as I said what you think or believe is irrelevant. I never even planned on bringing up what I said but like I have said a dozen times before you felt
  8. Call it what you like. But I’m actually glad you wrote on on of your posts that the supposed guy y out know from my area said my name is a guy doing life in prison because now I know for an absolute fact your full of shit and if you actually did talk to someone who said that they are an idiot or Maybe a little slow in the head but it’s more likely you done know a single person where I’m from and your lying through your teeth and I have no need to read anything you write because none of it is really true just made up crap you felt like writing
  9. The thing is none of that is true not even close. You were the the one who started this entire thing by thinking you knew something about me that you didn’t and felt the need to rely to me on a post I made that wasn’t even to or about you nor was it even to anyone in the UK it was actually a gut where I’m from. Then you and the other fool just pushed and pushed the situation. As for old threads yes I went on them who cares if I like to use the search feature to look for topics I find interesting and read through them yes I qouted some of the really old threads which non of my posts were disre
  10. Just in case you feel the need to think the reason I’m not going to be replying back fast enough for you all knowing one I got dogs to work i know that a foreign concept to you it seems as all your time is spent on here reminiscing about the glory days you never had. So just hold on tight I get back to your has been/never was lying piece of shit in a bit
  11. Start thinking carefully if the completely fabricated and made shit you’ve said today is actually worth believe me. You not sure why you decided to start playing a serious game today but it’s really not a good idea. Stick to low end as I’m pretty sure your going to have a hard time swimming in the deep one
  12. So like I said your full of shit. You come at me talking out the side of your mouth making accusations about me that if you were in the states you would be told to either show the paperwork to prove it and if you can’t it would be a bad day for you. Honestly I’ve had enough your shit talking lying fake ass. How the hell do you no know any of those names is a joke because if you know only real names like you say you do you and any of then went by the names I wrote than you would know that. So you want to accuse some pretty serious offenses within the dogs that is starting to actually look like
  13. As far as your stupid Anti comment of your saying that it’s you upstanding self proposed greatest terriermen in the aim and most likely the world as your pal DC likes to claim then I don’t give a shit lol. Now if you’re saying your supposed sources in my are said that well like I said before most likely you didn’t talk to anyone and if you did they are not dog men there just men with dogs. And as ashamed as I am to say this only around 4-5 % of the guys in the dogs in the US are the real deal and those 35-40 guys we all know each other and know outside of that is talked to or let anywhere near
  14. So I just want to make sure I have this right. So your saying that the name I put in the post to DC is supposedly doing life no possibility of parole. If I have that correct your are talking out your ass and haven’t talked to a single person in the state line in and that’s a fact. I’ll ask you though if the guys you supposedly talked to weren’t Funky Medina, F2F, El Solo, Beantown, or Mass Boys then you were talking to guys that never done a thing. Two of those guys above are responsible for the greatest dog there was in the 15 years and if you don’t who that is then I will say again your ful
  15. Buddy I my name is right there for you to see. I’m not impersonating anybody. In reports in the journal I went by Topdog as putting your real name to activities frowned upon by loacal authorities along with a few of the alphabet boys isn’t to smart. Like I said none of this is hard to find if you know where to look. I didn’t come on here looking recognition in fact I never would have even posted about the few dogs i did if you pal DC didn’t get on here thinking he knew about shit he didn’t but he felt the need to flex his self given authority for whatever and has kept it going ever since. Not
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