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  1. This batch has been snapped up by friends and family and easing lockdown has ruined my knifemaking. Just gauging what shapes and styles people like. I need to improve everything on finish before I'd be happy selling. Second wave should see me produce next batch. B
  2. Forging next, I was locked down in a friends house with a lidl grinder and a few hand tools when I made those. Did the bevels etc. with handfiles and sweat ; ) I planning to make some kitchen knives, wrapped in wrought iron that my grandad would have made
  3. Exactly that. The dog you need is a good dog where it's needed.
  4. You put your dog in there? It must be no good. I wouldn't put my dog in there. It's too good. and repeat If there was a thread on here looking for a torx driver, you'd be told you're a fool. They're shit, you need a Phillips.
  5. Thanks a million for that.Bryan
  6. Just looking to get a classic springer tuned
  7. Does anyone know if Steve Pope is well and back working again? Bryan
  8. HW80 in .22 with a V Mach tunning kit
  9. I have one Steve pope tuned sub 12ft/lb , close to perfection in a springer for me, I can't feel any recoil and pellet on pellet at 25-35 yards. Priceless. I'd buy the best mechanical example you could get of it and wouldn't worry too much about the price. Bryan
  10. https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/news/hunting-festival-disappointed-as-irish-cancer-society-no-longer-taking-donations-amid-complaints-37812946.html
  11. If a Lakie has bull added it becomes a bull headed black dog. There's almost no working lines of Lakeland left but plenty of the other.
  12. I was ripping the piss out of people getting their panties in a twist because Wheatons might be tainted.
  13. If there's some Bull blood back along in all the wheatons. Does that mean you can't register them with the kennel club? cause lots of guys on here seem to worry about Pure over Ability. B
  14. Mid winter I'd have different weight on a dog, they can suffer and die from cold and wet. But this time of year, heat and humidity kills them, that looks okay, even straining it's not showing light ribs or back. So it's weight looks okay, have you got it to that weight just by rationing feed or walking it?
  15. Just curious as to who's good and I'm always interesting in improvements. In a way I wonder if with time they're be less Springer expertise as people move away from them? I've a V-Mach tuned HW77 11.7 ft/lbs which is almost recoiless and a HW 80FAC I fitted a V mach tuning kit into, polished the piston, chamber, opened the transfer port, chopped the barrel (apologies for any offence caused) with a Vemon silencer, that's good for me on rabbits to 55 yards. I could still fit buttons to the piston ?
  16. Old thread, but it got me thinking, who are the best guys nowadays to work on Springers?
  17. conditioning, electrolytes and bicarb in water
  18. Who’d pack in terriers if they couldn’t use a locator?
  19. The French can't use technology to hunt any animals, they hunt hounds without walkie talkies, just use French horns to communicate, even if hounds are going for a road etc. If they were to used technology to hunt Badgers they wouldn't be able to defend that in France to the French public and would be more likely to be banned from digging. Different mindset.
  20. There's a complete failure here by people to understand how others hunt, regard the hunt and the hunted animal. At the end of a Stag hunt in Ireland (before it was banned)the Stag was ropped up and taken back to a park. At the end of a Stag hunt in UK (before it was banned) the Stag was shot as that was the most humane thing to do. In France they kill it with a sword "because that's a more honourable death and the huntsman should be intimate with the stag when taking its life, to shoot it would be a dishonour" They aren't obsessed with humane this or t
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