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    A lifelong spring air rifle enthusiast and hunter since age 8 (in 1965)Starting with a Webley .22 given to me by my Aunt from Australia. Served 12 years in the RAF Regiment as a marksman and Senior NCO Precision Weapons and Tactical Warfare instructor and examiner. I've owned many spring air rifles over the decades but, PCPs are not my cup of tea. Ugly things with no soul! I love Weihrauch and Air Arms spring rifles and currently, I own a beautiful HW77 .22, an HW80 .22, A .177 HW97K which is an amazingly accurate rifle and a .177 TX200HC carbine. I love teaching and developing shooting skills in young people and fostering a better discipline to both this sport and as a life-skill. I work now as a professional aviation artist and painter. And as a professional sessions musician and live stage keyboards player.

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  1. Well chaps my HW80 .22 will turn 21 in September this year. And inspite of the lousy weather over Lincolnshire this evening, I went out to a farm permission for a long walk with the old girl and see what was about. Soon as I left my car and shouldered my HW80 it was out into fields full of damp grasses and rapidly soggy shooting trousers but, ain't that part of the charm? The smells of wild herb and damp meadow grass were wonderful as I approached a favourite area of woodland. Straight out of the undergrowth bolted a young rabbit not yet full grown; but old enough! He stopped dead on the pathway track and dropped dead a second later. Bop! Landed him clean out at 43 yards kneeling, with about 1.5 mildots holdover from my original 25 met./27 yard zero.. I thought I was on for a good night but it turned out this was the only rabbit of the evening. Shouldering my 80, the old girl felt as comfortably familiar as a comfy pair of slippers. Jimmy BigMac97k has made this beautiful rifle a masterpiece with the stock refurbishment and buttpad he carried out for me. It is a mark of this man's wonderful kindness and generous friendship to Helen and myself that has embedded itself into my treasured rifle. I just pick it up and the smell and feel of the oil finishing on the stock is like having Jimmy out with me. So to Jimmy, again my dear friend. Thank you for what you have done for me with this one-of-a-kind HW80 .22. It is a legacy of your kind good hearted friendship I carry in my HW80 now. Though it's been a fair while since I have been out to get some shooting in with any of my rifles, it's done me a lot of good to be out this evening and to be with this HW80 makes it all the more special. She was the first serious air rifle I had in many years to get back into serious hunting after time spent on building a business and keeping the roof on. 21 years old and still packs an almighty punch with its powerful charge behind the 5.53mm H&N FTT it loves. And still phenomenally accurate after what must be thousands upon thousands of shots through her barrel. That's my bit for now gentlemen. Warmer dry weather coming our way next week. Then I may get to bag a few more with this treasured rifle. Thanks for reading. All the best to one and all here. Simon/Pianoman.
  2. pianoman

    HW 97 K .177 on the Rabbits.

    Now rabbits are where this rifle really comes into it's own Mark. I have had some fantastic rabbit shooting with it. Out to some terrific ranges too. You will have no problem knocking them down out to 70 yards with that HW97K. Good to see the old girl getting properly used. I do miss her but, well I'm not exactly stuck for a great rifle to get out and about my perms with. All the best with her mate. Simon
  3. Hi Salman. I would go with a Hawke Sidewinder 4-12X50 or similar spec Sidewinder. Really good scopes with 30mm bodytubes. I can't fault the one l have on my AirArms Prosport and HW80 .22 rifles. All the best. Simon
  4. pianoman

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    Well the farmers I shoot for, tell me to "thin" out the crows. And they don't give a shit about pigeons, or Chris Packham come to that! We have tried scaring the birds off but, that lasts for only moments before they are back worrying the sheep and lambs or the pigeons descend back onto the crops.. If you trap them, then what? Release them, only to have them go attacking livestock again? The only effective control is shooting them. I don't want to get into trouble with the law and have my rifles confiscated. What are we supposed to do? It's alright saying the police won't be too bothered to enforce these particular laws. There is always the jobsworth who, gleefully will.
  5. pianoman

    Hw77 pellet choice?

    H&N FTT .22 5.53mm headsize are superb in my HW77.
  6. I can tell you, from my experience of owning both the TX200 .22 rifle and HC .177 carbine the TX200 in .22 is beautifully smooth while in .177, the TX200HC is a snappier rifle altogether. What I will say is that both are supremely accurate but, in .177 calibre, all the TX200HCs I've shot with are phenomenally accurate. I had a TX200HC .177 on my FAC running at 18 ft/lbs and that rifle was lethal on fur and feather at over 100 yards. The Prosport .22 I now have is really the best of both those TX200 rifles. Smooth as silk to cock and shoot with, and as accurate as it's possible for any air rifle to get . As spring rifles go these Air Arms are absolute top notch rifles to own and shoot with. No doubt about that. Best regards. Simon
  7. Never yet tried JSB Express .22 in my Prosport Mark, but, she absolutely loves Air Arms Field 5.52 so, that's the head size I will look for with the JSB Express. Top shooting as always. And I am really delighted to see you getting terrific sport with your HW97 and Hawke Endurance rig. Just the shooter that rifle deserves. Alm the best mate. Simon
  8. pianoman

    A meaty piece.

    If she's pleasant and good company, you go for it laddie. Be aware, a dinner date might set you back a fair few quid but, I have found, most large ladies are supreme cooks so, you'll get a great dinner in kind. She might even happily cook what you shoot! All the best. Pianoman
  9. pianoman

    What a prick

    Well, when numbers of baby lambs and sheep with eyes pecked out start to rise and songbird numbers start to decline, and the destruction to crops starts to make the News at 10, Chris Packham and his friends can stand up and answer for it.
  10. pianoman

    New slugs

    If your air rifle loves a tried and proven diablo pellet type, and almost all air rifles do, why on earth buy a novelty item like these? No rabbit or rook ever complained about getting hit clean through the head with a diablo waisted pellet from my rifles. And as long as I live to shoot and hunt with an air rifle, that will be the only pellet type I will use. These might work?? But I'm willing to bet they won't in most cases at least, and frankly, they look like the sort of rubbish the pellet makers push out from time to time. God knows why? Perhaps they know, at least one tinful of any pellet-shaped crap will be bought by people looking to try something new or diffrent. That helps to sell off the naff surplus lead/zinc/alloy stock. I have an idea these will be as crap as anything like them. And will possibly damage a choked barrel. Just my opinion lads but honestly, after shooting happily for 50-odd years with spring air rifles and lead diablo pellets, I've kinda found out the things that work and the crap the doesn't. And if lead pellets are to be banned, that's it over for air rifle hunting and me. I'll buy a rimfire .22 and live the rest of my days out shooting with that. ATB Pianoman
  11. About heavyweight magnum pellets in my HW80 .22 Robo9? They don't perform from my rifle. That's not to say they are a dead loss in your rifle But the only way to know, is to try a variety of different weights and head sizes till a winner emerges. H&N Field Target Trophy 5 53mm/.22 are the perfect pellet for my HW80 .22 at 23 ft/lbs. Does that answer your query?
  12. pianoman

    Hw 35

    I can only add to reinforce what has been said already. DON'T TOUCH THE BARREL. Whatever you do. Viz's suggestion is by far the best. Sell it to Mark and buy an HW80K carbine. Everyone happy!
  13. My FAC HW80 .22 is 23 ft/lbs and cocks sweetly smooth but needs a positive, no mess, handful of barrel to do it. For .177 FAC it has to be no more than 18 or 19fpe if your pellet has to have a chance of gripping the rifling properly. Otherwise it will just skim over it and fly like shit in all directions. I've never yet found a heavyweight magnum pellet that flies accurately from an FAC HW80. Or maybe, this is an exceptional one that does Pianoman..
  14. pianoman


    No. Far too small for me and for you too Jimmy I would think. There's no comfortable eye relief for the scope that I can see from its tiny butt and stock proportions. I'll stick with my longer, more traditional air rifles. ATB Simon.
  15. pianoman

    Hit scope

    Hawke Sidewinder series scopes. Absolutely brilliant scopes. They have everything you need in a single scope for both hunting and HFT competition shooting. 10.5 mil dot illuminated reticle, adjustable side focus, 30mm bodytubes, lockable target turrets. Tracks very accurately, stays on zero all day. These are not cheap budget-end scopes. But, after you've done what we all do, spend a few hundred quid on any number of cheap scopes that invariably fail, you come round to the realisation that when you've bought a top class rifle, you really do need a quality scope to get the best out of it and you need to spend more to get it. And one that is tough and well built to last you through years of shooting in all weathers. I have an Air Arms Pro Sport in .22 and it has a Hawke Sidewinder 30mm 3-12x50 SF scope. This is a serious sporting air rifle and it deserves a scope to match its amazing accuracy. Give these and the other scopes in the Hawke ranges a good look over when you can. All the best. Simon/Pianoman.