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    A lifelong spring air rifle enthusiast and hunter since age 8 (in 1965)Starting with a Webley .22 given to me by my Aunt from Australia. Served 12 years in the RAF Regiment as a marksman and Senior NCO Precision Weapons and Tactical Warfare instructor and examiner. I've owned many spring air rifles over the decades but, PCPs are not my cup of tea. Ugly things with no soul! I love Weihrauch and Air Arms spring rifles and currently, I own a beautiful HW77 .22, an HW80 .22, A .177 HW97K which is an amazingly accurate rifle and a .177 TX200HC carbine. I love teaching and developing shooting skills in young people and fostering a better discipline to both this sport and as a life-skill. I work now as a professional aviation artist and painter. And as a professional sessions musician and live stage keyboards player.

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  1. Thank you so much Tom. I spent ages fruitlessly writing to Air Arms asking why this flagship air rifle was not available to us lefties. I finally got a reply to the effect there was no commercial value in making it thus! Considering that, so I believe, the head of Air Arms was a left-hander and 1 in 3 are left handed I found that to be unsatisfactory. There followed a very brief run of left hand stock/right hand action rifles. But I say again. Only a brief period of production rifles. I didn't manage to snap one up before they were sold out. That should have told Air Arms something
  2. This is my Pro Sport as I reshaped it for my left hand shooting. It has been a faithful hunting companion for some years now and has the lost filigree and acanthus leaf scrolls redrawn and carved by me. There is nothing like owning and shooting with an astounding quality rifle that compliments your shooting as much as this gun does. I know Air Arms have finally released a new left hand production Pro Sport but , it's come somewhat too late. I'm more than happy with what I now have here.
  3. Some years ago when zinc tin pellets started to emerge and the talk was of a possible Happy alternative to lead ammo, there was a number of lads who were starting using them. My mate Andy Ruane here swore by the ones he was using. Fine. Then came the accuracy issues the other lads reported. The last finding was, that tin ammo doesn't conform to an air rifle with a choked muzzle. That means possible damage to the muzzle rifling which will scupper your rifle accuracy full stop. If this talk of banning lead pellets for zinc etc, gathers into reality I'm not going hunting anymore. Not wit
  4. Good to see you're still the good old Mitch I knew before! Still got that warm fuzzy thing for Daystate then Mitch lol!!!
  5. Phil, Jimmy, Mitch xraidersx and all you other good men here. Thank you so much indeed. I cannot tell you what kind of Hell we've been through, Helen and me. But anyway, that's behind us now. I'm having painful trouble with my left shoulder. All that cocking spring rifles the last 55 years! So, I'm wondering about using my beloved HW80 in the field. My HW77 .22 is as smooth and as PCP accurate as ever so, she will be in the write ups for sure. Then there is my 'modified-stock left-hand friendly Air Arms Pro Sport .22. So I'm not exactly strapped to go out and shoot with some q
  6. Gentlemen Good evening all Well after almost being killed by Covid and a long spell of rest and rebuilding my business and keeping us from being made homeless.... I finally have time to get mt permissions back, get out my trusty old guns and get shooting again. Looking forward to seeing old friends here and reading posts from the newer chaps. Well new to me anyway! Best regards lads. Simon the Pianoman.
  7. Try a Pro Sport in your favourite caliber. Utterly reliable, accurate as a top PCP and classic-rifle beautiful. And...Having got one of my own...... An LGU is calling me...... !
  8. I never use a single-piece mount on any of my air rifles. Certainly not my PCPs. A two-piece mount set allows you to position the scope perfectly for eye-relief and better weight distribution over the rifle with more freedom of positioning movement than any single piece I've used in the past. Just my view of these. Simon/Pianoman.
  9. Thanks for clearing that up Mitch. Have just had a Google search of this particular golden gun. Er..Nope! I'll hang on to what I already have thank you. Serves me more than well enough! Best wishes to those that want to spend on this one. Simon
  10. £4,000 for the new FX Impact. Did I read that figure correct? FOUR GRAND FOR A SUB-12 FT/LB AIR RIFLE?? Among my springers and a beautiful and regulated Daystate Regal .177... I have a Webley FX2000. 22. One hole accurate at 30 metres. It cost £350 with a lovely Tasco scope, sling swivels and sling plus £140 for a decent volume air bottle and hose. Then, I have a Webley Axsor .22. Beautiful walnut stock. One hole accurate with JSB Heavies, Bushnell Banner 6-18x50 scope and slip. Got it all in a straight swap for Helen's Daystate Huntsman Classic .177. Both rifles are
  11. Maybe I've had bad luck but a number of Hawke scopes going broke is not going to inspire great confidence. I have no doubt there is a lot of you lads here who are mystified by any poor reports of this brand. However...The Endurance scope I sold with my HW97 to Mark was a really beautiful scope. Not a cheap one either! It cost well over 200 quid but it was absolutely fantastic on my HW97 .177. My eyesight has aged a bit and I can't see a sharp sight picture with fixed focus scopes so, l have to use adjustable focus Objectjve lenses. It was a sad day when I sold that combo but,
  12. Hi JakeFury. I no longer entertain anything by Hawke. Their scope mounts are crude monkey metal that only seem to last any long term use on PCPs. I have had Airmax scopes and even a higher spec Sidewinder all go kaput on my spring rifles. They just don't seem to last repetitive recoil after a few years of regular shooting use. I wouldn't even bother putting one on my FAC HW80. 22. It will smash a cheap scope in no time. They start out well enough and, with their chair gun software, a Hawke scope with an SCB12 reticle I had, was absolutely brilliant on my HW77.22. I swore
  13. My apologies Dervburner. I read your noted rifle only after I posted the thing up. Bit worrying as I never miss details like this.... usually. I've already started reaching the top of my stairs now and wondering, what the bloody hell did I come up for???? Best regards Dervburner. Simon
  14. Hi Dervburner I shoot a wonderful 23 year old HW80 .22 on my ticket at about 22 ft/lbs and it loves H&N FTT 5.53. I zero my scope at 25 meters range and use the faster speed to hit rabbits clean through the head at normal range distances before they can bolt clear as they can with sub 12ft/lbs. 22. What rifle are you using with these pellets? Best regards Simon/Pianoman.
  15. Hi LuneRanger and young Miss LuneRanger. Welcome to the best air rifle forum going! All the advice the lads have given is 100% sound. I cannot speak for the Gamo Phox I have no experience of it. But the BSA Ultra is a brilliant little rifle for both of you to use for target and hunting. Phil's note about the WEIHRAUCH HW110 is definitely worth your considerations too. Within your budget, factor in a quality scope for your rifle. A 4-12x50 is more than enough a telescopic sight set-up for your rifle choices. Hawke, MTC. Nikon. Bushnell are four major manufacturers of
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