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    A lifelong spring air rifle enthusiast and hunter since age 8 (in 1965)Starting with a Webley .22 given to me by my Aunt from Australia. Served 12 years in the RAF Regiment as a marksman and Senior NCO Precision Weapons and Tactical Warfare instructor and examiner. I've owned many spring air rifles over the decades but, PCPs are not my cup of tea. Ugly things with no soul! I love Weihrauch and Air Arms spring rifles and currently, I own a beautiful HW77 .22, an HW80 .22, A .177 HW97K which is an amazingly accurate rifle and a .177 TX200HC carbine. I love teaching and developing shooting skills in young people and fostering a better discipline to both this sport and as a life-skill. I work now as a professional aviation artist and painter. And as a professional sessions musician and live stage keyboards player.

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  1. pianoman


    God that is a beautiful stock. Please don't change or coat it with something Jimmy, it would be a shame to lose such a well-figured grain as this. Looks like a fabulous rifle here. HW77s are world class rifles. I adore mine. All the best with it Jimmy Simon.
  2. Never before or since I have ever seen a beautiful pair of this legendary Feinwerkbau Sport air rifle before. It's either a .22 or .177 that crops up, that someone has. But never the two side by side. Fabulous. You should be really proud of these two fantastic German beauties Mark.
  3. pianoman


    God Almighty this looks.....almost......as good as my HW77 stock you refurbed for me Jimmy. No, really, this is looking beautiful already. The beech grain is really beautiful as you bring it out. Weihrauch always sources lovely fullered grains of beech for the HW77. You have to bring this rifle down with you when you visit us next time Jimmy. All the very best dear pal. Simon
  4. I had my Pro Sport .22 tuned with a Tinbum drop in kit and fettled internals by Tim/Charlie Caller here. He has done a fantastic job for me and my Pro Sport is a dream to shoot. It feels a bit more refined than it did out of the box for sure. But it was a blistering accurate rifle to begin with. Tuning may not vastly improve the accuracy of the barrel but, from my experience, adding the the TBT kit has made my rifle that much nicer and more consistent a rifle that is beautifully smooth and satisfying to shoot with. Certainly, no regrets for having it tuned like this.
  5. pianoman

    scope question

    No Phil. The reticle should remain fixed as you focused it, throughout the zoom magnification range. I suppose you have an optical illusion of the reticle enlarging as you zoom down to low mag on your target. But in my experience of scopes, they generally stay put.
  6. pianoman

    Gustock question

    I should give Custom Stock of Sheffield a call. They are bound to make a stock to fit your requirements. and very reasonable prices for the standards of workmanship they produce.
  7. pianoman

    thats all my guns gone

    Hope you are not seriously hurt here mate. All the best for a speedy recovery jjm.
  8. My sympathies Malt. Very sorry for the loss of your dad.
  9. pianoman

    The AA Pro Sport .177

    Isn't that just beautiful!? Compliments Mark, she looks stunning.
  10. Well, I have written much in the past about my shooting preferences for spring rifles, and that is the truth of all of us. Our preferences. What is meat for one is poison for another. I came up in air rifle shooting when the spring rifles were the only thing on offer. When commercial PCPs first appeared they were dreadfully inefficient, prone to all manner of leaks and breakdowns and they were fiendishly expensive to buy. More so, if you wanted a really well made custom rifle. And even then... PCPs have improved greatly now; but they are still a swine when they go wrong. I spent very good money on a Daystate Huntsman Classic .177 for Helen and it is a beautiful rifle. Never a thing wrong with it. That rifle made a convert out of me to PCP shooting. Spent the same, £800 on a Daystate Regal and it needed another £120 and a three hour drive to Airtech to get it regged and shooting like it should out of the box. It is, now, a fantastic hunting air rifle but, let's not fool anyone. It took more patience, cash and persistence than I was prepared for, to get that gun up to standard, just as a necessary measure, to get the full benefit of hunting successfully with it. My other PCP my Webley FX2000 is back at the Rfd for the THIRD time, this time for the whole set of seals replaced. Haven't fired a shot on feather or fur in 6 Months with it. I have never had such issues with my spring rifles. They have been tubed as a niceety, not a necessity. And my HW77 .22 is just beautifully honed and fettled. No tuning kits or anything else. She is all original parts from purchase over 10 years ago. My Pro Sport .2, HW80 on ticket, HW77 .22 and HW97k .177 just march on with no bloody fuss, shooting with extreme accuracy and humanely putting the vermin out of business on my perms. In my experience, I have honestly tried to get the best of the advantages of both spring and PCP rifles where it matters, on the fur and feather vermin on the farms. I always come back to my beloved spring rifles. These are the best four you can buy and the Wiehrauchs particularly, have given me years of fantastic shooting with some priceless memories that are my shooting life. The Pro Sport I have is the jewel of my small collection. Never had a problem with fast reloads from any of my rifles and, really, if a rabbit bolts fast and is gone before a second shot is fired, that's fine by me. He'll be back in my scope another day, or another rabbit will take his place. For me at least, it is never a race to slaughter everything in one night. It is the joy of owning a beautiful, sweet, efficient and accurate spring rifle and the unmatched satisfaction of the perfect headshot composed from from it. That's the magic of spring rifle shooting. It's your skills alone with it, that determine the success or failure of every shot. No other rifle will offer you that kind of reward or satisfaction. But, if you are getting great satisfaction from your PCP, with no problems holding you back, that is a magic for you too. All the very best, whatever you prefer. Simon.
  11. pianoman

    AA Pro Sport .177 V TX 200 HC MK 3 .177 .

    Mark, I think you have hit the best maximum you can reasonably expect from the rifles you now own and shoot with. Well I have owned a fantastic TX200HC in .177 and now a Pro Sport in .22 and these are honestly such stunningly accurate rifles, you would literally be splitting hairs between them both. I take the Pro Sport on its sweetly compact, single-barrel appearance, thanks to its hidden underlever and the fluted walnut stock is just stunning. But, accuracy on this scale is incredible from both rifles. They share the same barrels. I am now somewhat loathe to buy another air rifle as, my Pro Sport is just bloody magnificent. How could I justify spending more money for the same levels of accuracy and performance? How much more accurate can another spring rifle be, if it's not another Pro Sport? It would have to be a better looking rifle. And so far, there isn't one to my eyes. The Air Arms Pro Sport is the absolute aspirational peak of commercially made spring rifles in my book. Enjoy every shot with yours Mark. Fantastic shooting mate. All the best. Simon
  12. pianoman

    webley sport .22

    If it is the same action and cylinder as the Excel, you can fit a Theoben gas ram I should think Paul. Take it to your gunship and check with them.
  13. pianoman

    Building a new rifle rack

    Honestly, no boasting bullshit. I can outshoot a PCP with my spring rifles. I own a Daystate Regal .177 and a Webley FX2000 .22. Both are beautiful to shoot with but, my Air Arms Pro Sport .22 is more accurate producing a tighter single hole pellet group than I can achieve with both these superb PCPs shooting at a zeroing range of 30 metres. I can get the same standards with my on-ticket HW80 .22. That rifle delivers 23 foot pounds of whack, with absolute precision accuracy. It's nice to be able to enjoy the advantages of both PCP and spring actions. But, I'm a spring gun man first to the end. I've yet to find a PCP that can produce quite the same level of precision that a well sorted spring rifle can. All the best. Simon
  14. pianoman

    Air Arms Pro Sport mk1 .177

    You can only judge a gun by how well you get on with it. How well it shoots, how accurate, how it looks, how you live with it. The Air Arms Pro Sport I have is the first air rifle I have ever owned where I feel absolutely at home with it. My Weihrauchs are fantastic at accurate, efficient hunting in the field. But they just don't look much more than functional, despite some lovely beech wood stocks on them. The Pro Sport is a beautiful combination of functional efficiency and incredible accuracy, with wonderful poise, balance and stunning looks and finish. It ticks every box you could set it by. And to be honest, if there is a truly better air rifle out there for what I need for my shooting, I've yet to hear or see anything of it. Why Air Arms will not make this rifle in a dedicated left hand version is beyond my sense of reason. But getting around the problem satisfactorily, is certainly not impossible.
  15. pianoman

    Air Arms Pro Sport mk1 .177

    £555 was what I paid for my brand spanking new Pro Sport .22 in a beautiful walnut stock Mark. At second hand values, this sort of price is either a little too optimistic, or, it is a mint condition superbly set-up example that's a one-in-a-thousand supergun. If it's anything like as good as other .177 Air Arms spring rifles, it will be stunningly accurate all right. Have you actually seen the rifle and tried it?