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  1. Some of the gang that I have dug with are going. Mudcat
  2. Could the vet spay her without the owners permission? Mudcat
  3. I love the shovels from this company http://www.wwmfg.com/. Mudcat
  4. Yes, he still has his business. He was not bought out and he ended up buying out one of his partners. He was just up this week and hunted a few days with my brother. Speck claims I do not have a shovel that will fit his hand anymore:) Mudcat
  5. ya it was a good time when spec came up I wish he was still working the terriers. Speck was handy at a dig. He is now involved in match shooting. He has won 4 State Championships since he got involved in competition shooting. The boy can shoot! Mudcat
  6. I just ordered a copy and will give a honest review when finished. I am not a professional reviewer and have received no compensation from the author. Mudcat
  7. I had a friend who visited and dug in Ohio and he was impressed with the amount of game in the ground you guys could dig. Mudcat
  8. Nice looking Pat! What is the breeding? Mudcat
  9. Small 9 or 10lb Pat that was retired after her 4th groundhog. Mudcat
  10. Char has some nice terriers. Wonderful lady as well! Mudcat
  11. John dealt very fairly with me and was the one who helped me get my first terrier. He was really good to me and I will miss talking with him over the phone. God bless his family! Mudcat
  12. If you are wanting a small den terrier, I know some out your way and would be happy to put you in contact with them. Like Mosby said, they are not super hard dogs but they can get the job done. Mudcat
  13. I do not like digging earths that are directly under the entrance. I had much rather dig away from the entrance and especially if it is a one eyed earth. Worry about messing up the air supply. All dogs have their good and bad days. Mudcat
  14. About 8' is the deepest we have ever dug over here. We did get a mark at 16' feet this past fall, but thankfully the armadillo bolted! It was in a deep underground spring complex. We had no idea it was that deep. Sota
  15. Enjoyed the dig Pinave! The buried tool is our version of a gaff. It has a Bulldog spade welded on the end, or so I was told. I will try and get a pic of it up later. It is a very hand tool in the hard soil. Mudcat
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