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  1. Disco 2 td5s are decent wagons, provided the chassis is clean and the engine gets its oil changed once in a while. Not as much to go wrong and when it does you can usually fix it yourself...
  2. View Advert Working Beagle-terrier pups Advertising on behalf of a friend. Dam is a working beagle bred from decades of worker to worker. The pack has now sadly disbanded but I can vouch for the determination of the strain. Sire is a red terrier that works cover like a demon. Pushes out foxes from cover singlehandedly, but is quiet in his kennel when not hunting. In the right hands these dogs will make superb hunters of tight cover with the stamina to run all day. Four weeks at the minute so will be ready for collection mid September. If
  3. Here's my lad. Not strictly a plummer, he's half pat. Superb busher if there's something in a bit of cover and he scents it he'll get it moving. Not really a proper earth dog but he will drop down occasionally. Use him to flush to my rapidly useless lurchers Cheers
  4. Does anyone have any experience with keeping and working just two hounds? I’ve been going out with a couple packs and I was wondering if it was even possible to kennel two hounds together as they are pack animals. It’s not something you ever hear about is it, a mini pack. If so what sort of kennel size would I require? Any input is appreciated!
  5. I’ve no idea, old matey didn’t really back up what he said with any real proof, she was bought in Cornwall, she’s done be well over the past few years, poor old girls slowing up now
  6. Evening all My friends and I have just finished building a shed in my garden. It' a simple affair thats 16x10 foot long with a corner cut out to fit my boundry snuggly. The base is sat on a criss crossed frame of 2X2 just to keep it off the concrete, the floor is made from osb board. Its built with a frame of 3x2 and a flat roof with an osb roof Shes clad in ship lap with a second hand double glazed windows. I would love to see some interiors of similar types of sheds as I'm not sure how I'm going to finish the inside. Show us your sheds! Cheers for looking
  7. Evening all, Some of you may remember I posted a few pics of 'bubba'my plummer Patterdale cross a while back. Well he's about a year old now and all the action he's seen has been bushing rabbits for my lurchers which to be fair he's pretty good at, his eye site is not the best but his nose is excellent and he really hunts a rabbit scent like a beagle. He has been to ground chasing rabbits and seems really very keen. However I don't have any permission to go after anything more than bunnies and would quite like to bring him along to a proper dig when the season starts, just so he can se
  8. I hope the pasty was side crimped!!!
  9. Ahhhh the hunting life, where like minded individuals can come together on the internet to discuss their dogs and hunting, all the while slag and bitch like bored little schoolgirls.
  10. Interesting thread this, I've got a terrier pup that doesn't seem massively interested in cover dispite my lurcher diving in
  11. Hi guys Got a couple of lurchers but I've never dabbled in the dark world of terriers. Bought this little fella a couple weeks ago. He's a plummer patterdale cross. Apparently his great grandad was from Oakfield kennels. Just wondering if any one has heard any good things from them? Or if there are any other plummer patterdale crosses on here, I'd love to see photos as well as any decient advice! He's being fed lots of fresh meat as well as wet and dry dog food. He also gets the occasional sardine. Seems to be doing well on it on my opinion! I'm hoping he will help flush bunnies fo
  12. Lookes like they could be useful if the hunting ban is lifted!
  13. handsome pups mate, just wondering why you advertising them when there five months old? genuine question not trying to sound like a pillock
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