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  1. Not read all this thread but im saying either,as accurate etc as needed look for the best deal or better yet handle both,no one can choose for you...
  2. I'll be having a look in aldi when I pass by,usually alright stuff from there been though it's cheap...
  3. Like the sound of some of these,are they the same method as sloe gin,fruit,sugar and vodka and leave for a few months? So these will be ready for the cold weather in a hip flask,do you beat or are they for when your out and about? Also,i can't remember if I've asked before but which gin do you do sloe with,cheap or not? Don't want to wait only to have it come out awful! And when you say cheap vodka,how cheap is cheap cus I'll look at knocking up a batch of one of these...
  4. I like a bit of winemaking and have and overlooked peach,anyway had a Google and after doing my usual of taking a bit of each from several recipes found this, Ingredients; 2.5/3 lbs peach 2 lbs sugar 1 cup lemon juice/1 tsp citric acid 1 tsp yeast 1 tsp yeast nutrient Method; Slice the peaches into 4/6 pieces removing stem,stone and bruises etc, Boil the slices for 15/20 mins, Pour the boiled juice over the sugar in primary fermenter, Allow to cool to room temp then add the citric,yeast and nutrient, Cover and leave for six days to ferment, Transfer to a demijohn and leave
  5. How accurate were they,out of interest?
  6. These? I googled them and they look like they'd do some serious damage to flesh and tissue on an animal...
  7. Should make some good dishes out of that lot...
  8. Some good going for a meals worth of pigeon,interesting way of shooting them don't see that anywhere as people want semi auto for pigeon more so...
  9. Nice haul there,how do you do 'em?
  10. Wilko usually have a homebrew section that stocks the essentials (those three are like £1 each) also I have a homebrew supply shop not too far away,the net has everything as well,the bay or dedicated sites even tesco i think now,couple of quid a pot and will get loads of gallons from each,
  11. Looks like the pigeon fell in a puddle??
  12. Yeah pix,nice one and my shooting buddy is going to be told "I've had an idea..." Might be better to wait until winter to drop your new idea to him. The middle of July might not be the best time to try it out I will make believe I'm planning ahead,we often discuss tactics and stuff that we never actually put into practice...
  13. The permission thing seems to be the other way round for me and lads I know,when places come our way with a rabbit problem the owners seem keen to have them ferreted but shot is more often a no,i think it's the safety side of it,i mean how much damage can you do with a ferret? Another lad I know seems to get an ooh yes please get rid sir whenever he asks for shooting permission,then slowly stops going for whatever reason and costs us the perm,when I ask to go back on my own its awkward as they feel Im unreliable somehow? Reminds me,must get onto some places after my holiday...
  14. Yeah pix,nice one and my shooting buddy is going to be told "I've had an idea..."
  15. What about a ratworks tuned 12 bore in .177 3.5" magnum load pump action with a weihrauch moderator from a bipod in a hide?
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