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  1. Might not be his record but his recent conduct that's the issue and if the police aren't aware, he gets a certificate as his record is in the past and considered spent when he's still a prick and thus a risk currently. TBH if he's such a prick I wouldn't want him as a friend anyway. Why would you want to hang out with someone who's going to embarrass you or land you in trouble either directly or by association? Apart from the issues he might cause you generally, it only needs you to all be out down town on a drunk night out, all messing around pushing each other, hoping benches etc a
  2. I agree but how can they decide if they don't kow the full facts? If this guys history is in the past and he's responsible now then maybe. The OP didn't make it sound like that. It's a fine line between being a grass and being responsible and protecting yourself and others from someone unsuitable. Many say they wouldn't do anything to jeopardise their cert, but that's exactly what you're doing if you let someone irresponsible get one. Firearms Incidents only lead to more restrictions and a possible total ban for everyone. The line here comes on the persons history. Long time i
  3. ..and that's exactly why I speak to firearms and express concerns. Every incident that occurs is a possible ban to ownership. The best way to avoid that is to ensure anyone who might have unsuitable tendancies doesn't get a licence. It's not a matter of pride or snitching, it's about protecting your licence and sport. From the sounds of it, this is the sort of guy who might go to the pub, get spannered, come home with his mates, get the gun out, guess what I've got, load a shell, points it at his mates and pretends to shoot someone shouting bang, you afraid, and goes around a few of the m
  4. TBH I haven't known anyone with a cert willing to be a ref for someone else. Just tell him that you looked into it and the advice you received is that anyone with a cert shouldn't be a ref for someone else becasue if anything goes wrong it puts their cert in jeopardy. Just tell him he's better asking one of his other mates therefore. Also, if you think he's unsuitable maybe time for an anonymous call to firearms. I'm guessing he'll tell you if he has a visit. I agree with Dev. We need to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Anyone with a record that drinks heavily and reading between the lin
  5. I kind of disagree although plod will take any excuse to remove you. Some things are inexcusable. However, trying to discern between a fox and a dog on private land where it should be at night through thermal is going to be difficult to impossible especially if distance is involved as Ian pointed out with his experience. That's the problem with thermal, you're hunting shapes and sizes not easily identifiable targets and wherever there's ambiguity in identification, mistakes can happen. I feel sorry for the guys who lost their ticket. A fox sized dog is going to be almost impossible t
  6. It's the mint sauce you need. The lamb is only a bonus...
  7. Have to love the US. I was just in the grocery store walking past the lettuce when I noticed the shotguns were selling cheap..... In the UK, I was just in the grocery store walking past the lettuce when I reached the Vegan and Free From Food section..... I have to say if those guns are new, it shows just how much we get ripped off in the UK. Many of those would be £1,500 or more in the UK if reputable brands. Probably £600-£700 2nd hand. Even a cheap brand new gun would be probably £400+.
  8. OK, not me, but saw this yesterday. Quite shocking and shows how dangerous old ammo or incorrectly reloaded ammo can be:
  9. That's just bs and the same rubbish some other areas used to pull. If you have licensing cover you could seek advaice on taking them to Court. There's absolutely no basis for refusing you a CF for a period of time. Licences are supposed to be granted on need, ie good reason, not the passage of time. It should depend on what the land is suitable for, the type of prey to be shot and the distances you need to be able to shoot them at. As for open licences, they're supposed to be granted on need also, although in absence of need, experience does often play apart. That said if you have a need, it s
  10. Surprised the snowflake neighbours haven't complained to the Council. See he has CCTV (although the cameras are mounted too high for a facial shot), but would have thought it would have been better in the back garden in any event. Would have made an excellent lawn centre piece. Despite the CCTV, I predict a poor fate for this stag.
  11. Has it definately gone deep and not splashed on that 1st fox Ben? Could be why he ran. Very difficult to tell from a photo. Personally, I'd go for heavier ammo with a .204. Although speed is king in many ways, the .204 has speed with all the choices and you'll only wear the barrel faster once you go over 4,000fps. Personally I'd try the 40gr Vmax. It's still 3900fps witrh Hornady Super Performance and around 3700fps with normal ammo. Should hit harder and penerate deeper. Just my thoughts.
  12. Well it stops runners. If it gets away, simply go out the following night and follow the glow.
  13. They wouldn't. They have no interest in shooting and want to get guns out of the hands of civilians in my opinion. The issue they have is they also need pest control. They won't subsidise it, we know that. But without subisidsation it could mean the end of shooting for a lot of people as pest control becomes too expensive for those who do it as a hobby for farmers or if commercial eg a farm that relies on shooting for culling and the sale of prey to subsidise farming costs, uneconomic. If not selling your quarry, you'd have to bury them or burn them, or give the meat away for free to loca
  14. Thanks. I couldn't agree more. I don't know the position on rifle rounds but like you I've seen shotshells. £8 a box for lead. £40 - Bismuth, £70 - Tungsten = no alternative plus Tungsten has some health concerns. If the Government want use to go lead free, they need to subsidise the alternatives down to the cost of lead indefinately until a reasonably priced alternative is found.
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