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  1. A doctor once told me, the bigger the pill the faster it kills the disease.... In all seriousness though, it's all about ballistic sweet spots.
  2. At least there should be no more puddles when you go to the toilet at night now.
  3. Don't worry, with that Bore Birmingham will be in range.
  4. Don't worry, with that Bore Birmingham will be in range.
  5. Yeah yeah. It's a pipeline engineering project... Saddam Hussein said the same when he was building his pipeline engineering project: http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/april/11/newsid_2477000/2477023.stm On as a more serious note, looking good.
  6. Don't they look cute when they're sleeping. You should send the bottom photo into the Countryfile Photo Calendar Competition, make a great one for next December. Just have to say you left some holly on the AT and came back to find them all cuddled up.
  7. According to the writings of Moby Dick, it might be waiting to pull him under the hedge as punishment for his obsession. I foresee him getting strangled as he's pulled into the depths of the bush, by the rifle strap around his neck, whilst the white fox slinks off into the distance to find another unsuspecting rifleman....
  8. As Gav said, could just have been a dud round. You get them occasionally. Under filled, damp powder, damaged head behind the crimp, who knows.
  9. Anything from 3's to BB is a good choice. Personally I prefer 1's as more shot in the pattern but still a good size of shot, it's personal choice. That said I've never wounded a fox with 42 Gr No:1's. Instantly stone dead every one I've ever shot. Below 3's or above BB's and you increase the risk of wounding. There's a reason why tried and trusted cartridges are used for most species. I'd also be very wary these days shooting fox with anything too small. If you wound and someone reports it, you're at risk of prosecution for causing unnecessary suffering. I can't imagine many experts willing to stand up in Court and justify using 6 or 7's against a fox sized target. Larger than BB's may be justifiable, but it's fool hardy given the lack of likely hits at range.
  10. That's exactly it. Many people make the mistake of going for the largest shot they can get their hands on. The reality is, a single strike from and SSG or BB is unlikely to kill. A shotgun relies on multiple strikes to impart enough shot to kill. Better off with 1's or 3's in my opinion. As for availability, I agree, the issue is not the manufacturer but finding a dealer who stocks them. Maybe it's time to try to steel wild fowling loads, albeit the chokes will have to be more open than what I would use. Nothing wrong with 1/4 and 1/2. I just prefer if going out specifically for fox to use a tightly choked gun. It guarantees either a slug like ball of shot or more hits.
  11. I always used to use No: 1 in a heavy load, typically 42 grams although they don't seem to exist in 3 inch No: 1 anymore. No: 1's seem out of fashion. Not sure on the availability from all brands, but more shot to a cartridge and they still hit very hard. Never wounded a fox with No: 1's but equally I always kept to 3/4 choke / full and to around 30 yds max. Hull cartridge still make a non magnum 42gr BB and a Magnum 50gr BB in lead. Gamebore make a "Mammoth Magnum" in 50gr (3") BB or 60gr (3.5") BB or the rare No: 1's. I'm guessing the issue is finding a dealer nearby who stocks them.
  12. Possibly a Sparrow Hawk. I've had one kill and strip a Woody in my urban garden.
  13. Yeah it's not illegal. However, it's important to get a clean kill. There's a whole string of people who have been prosecuted for failing to kill them cleanly using air rifles despite well placed shots. Unfortunately, in the current climate, many neighbours report any harm to wildlife as cruelty even though sometimes control is necessary or desirable. I doubt a shotty is going to be an issue in that regard. However, discharging a shotgun in your garden maybe unless you can prove it's large enough to be safe, or you're a professional pest controller.
  14. Must have a big garden. Also beware the antis. People have been prosecuted for shooting them in their back garden although usually when they haven't died instantly. More of an issue with airguns than shotguns.
  15. I'd second the .204 for consideration. I wasn't originally a fan because of the early bullet splash issues, but these seem long resolved now and the easy way to avoid it is go for 35 grain bullets or above. Some will say dead is dead, but personally I think the devastation dealt by .204 is 2nd to none in .22 calibres with only the .22-250 and swift coming close. I still think .204 has the edge in shock and terminal damage.
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