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  1. Or get a .204 for fox. Hard to beat as a fox round and will outperform anything in the .22 range. Not quite true. The new round is more accuately .277 (Sig Fury) and has much higher pressures - 80,000 psi for military and I think 65,000 for civilian hunting tipped with a more normal 50,000psi for target solid rounds (from memory). You're correct that outwardly, the case size is similar to .308 although the hunting and military cases are 3 piece and partially steel rather than just brass (brass couldn't take the elevated pressure). For now the tipped hunting ammo is prohibi
  2. Winchester 101 is a lovely gun. I shot one quite a bit. Love Winchester as they balance like Browning. Pretty hard to tell them apart yet WInchester are only a fraction the price.
  3. That's good to know. At least it's increasing in popularity not waining. I wasn't a fan of .204 at 1st due to the splashing but once the ammos was sorted out, it's a thing of the past now and .204 is a sublime calibre. If I had an FAC and a need for a fox rifle, it would be my number 1 choice without doubt. As for the ladn of the free, expect to see a rush for 2.77 Sig Fury any day now that may alleviate the pressure on other calibres. It's the civilian version of the Sig 6.8 - the new US army calibre and with improvements over 5.56 and 6.5, plus with the traditional gravitation tow
  4. Even Astro Turfed... That is the Hilton of hides. Well done. Mines a champers Jeeves.
  5. I would agree on the .204. Terminal effect is sublime. I can see Deker's point from a professional pest controllers position. However, not everyone shoots foxes in gardens from 10 yds. If we're comparing apples to apples and talking typical CF usage of 120-350yds, then it's hard to see .204 getting beaten for stopping power because it just dumps the energy so efficiently. Fact is you can shoot anything with anything. There are people killing wild boar in the US with .22RF! It all comes down to range and usage and also some sense of humanity in the latter. For typical CF ranges, .204
  6. I was never a fan of the .204 at 1st due to it's propensity to splash with early ammo. But since it got sorted, I'm not sure there's a better fox round out there. The sheer explosive effect of the superfast bullet combined with the flat ballistics make it a real winner in my book. I'm not sure I've seen anything with better terminal effects although dead is dead. There is some argument that deader = more leaway with a bad shot though.
  7. It is about inclusivity. Just be aware the Police are very sensitive these days as Philpott says and although it may not necessarily exclude you, be aware as I said above, it may raise some questions as well. You only have to take a look at what's been happening in Devon and Cornwall to see how politically charged the situation is now.
  8. I agree Phil. It lost my membership. My poiint was IF the BASC are going to do anything about this as a point of principle, they should take on all the cases in a group action not just those of members because this goes beyond the problem of a couple of individuals to a problem of an attack on all shooting and gun ownership, and one that may be mirrored by other forces if it isn't addressed.
  9. Yeah whilst I can't comment on the BASC's actions. What I will say is that in my opinion, membership shouldn't matter here. This is a general attack on gun ownership, not individual owners.
  10. If they had any nouse, the BASC would challenge all the revokations without merit and then start a Group Action against D&C Police for damages, even if the shooters weren't members as this goes to a general attack on owneerhip not just an attack on individuals. That's the only way they'll be stopped, if it costs them a fotune in compensation. Unfortunately without that I fear other forces will start to follow D&C's actions.
  11. MP Luke Pollard to take on shadow minister of Armed Forces role - Plymouth Live WWW.PLYMOUTHHERALD.CO.UK He has been asked by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer to take on the role of shadow minister for the Armed Forces Over the top and Charge them with your bananas boys.
  12. Sounds like the BASC need to give him an education on pest control, conservation and economics.
  13. Never shot a Browning Semi but I still believe out of the "ordinary" brands, Browning still make the best balanced shotties.
  14. Ha ha. Anyone know the law on rail guns?
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