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  1. Wonder what will happen when vegan food costs go through the roof because the pigeons ate all the corn and pulses? Bring in the £10 corn on the cob, the £10 sandwich corn wrap and £20 bag of lentils, and the £20 bags of peas, broccoli, carrots etc (courtesy of the rabbits breading like rabbits) and lets see which way they vote then!
  2. Yeah, unfortunately that is probably very true. No un PC group is going to get any minority protection.
  3. Alsone

    U.S gun ranges.

    That's fair enough. Hope you enjoyed the hours you did have with the .40 / .45.
  4. Alsone

    U.S gun ranges.

    OK. Pity you couldn't try some others as well.
  5. Alsone

    U.S gun ranges.

    Pity you're back now. I'd have said try 10mm if you got chance. More power than a .45 but less power and considerably less recoil than a .44 magnum. Kind of a 9mm on steroids. The FBI issued 10mm as a replacement for 9mm, but withdrew it, as some of the more slightly built male and some female agents allegedly couldn't handle the extra recoil / power and therefore it affected accuracy. However, from what I've seen, it only recoils a bit more for significantly more stopping power than 9mm. Very good calibre. The ultimate handgun calibre now in my opinion (purely from videos / reading as we don't have access to handguns over here) is probably 7.5FK. That said, with guns costing £7.5K (!!!) (BRNO) the opportunities of shooting one even in the states, is probably few and far between. 7.5FK combines similar if not more destructive power to a .44 mag in a gun with only a bit more recoil than a 9mm, maybe more around the 10mm mark. It's got the penetration of a rifle against body armour / bullet proof glass (it goes through most soft body armour with devastating expansion results after the armour and even 2 inches of bullet proof glass!). All in, got to be an interesting shoot and a very unusual round (it's allegedly been custom developed as a new sidearm for an unspecified NATO army by all accounts). Take a look at this shot if nothing else at 17 mins 44 secs, through to the results at 18 mins 40 secs. Mind blowing damage after going through Level IIIA armour. I doubt .44 mag without the body armour in between would beat that, in fact .44 mag wouldn't go through Level IIIA as Level IIIA defeats .44 mag!:
  6. Isn't it time shooters got the same type of anti-discriminatory rights as other minority groups? Wouldn't necessary help with the General Licence, but it might help against all the other discrimination we see. If this were a religion or colour, or sex, or sexual orientation, we'd see protection. Maybe even if it were another hobby / sport. Maybe it's time there was lobbying in Parliament to get shooters recognised as minority group attracting anti-discrimination protection.
  7. TBH knowing that WJ might challenge the licence and foreseeing NE instantly revoking them without warning, apparently on their own legal advice, is another thing. The BASC have gone all out since it happened. Their FB page contains several posts a day now of updates on the work they're doing. It also looks as if Michael Gove may strip NE of their ability to issue licences: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/05/02/natural-england-stripped-responsibility-shooting-licences-according/ What rules? Trying non lethal methods 1st? Seriously who's going to do that. The problem with Woodpigeon etc, is sheer numbers due to the excess of food due to commercial cultivation. Non lethal methods only move the problem to adjacent fields where other farmers then suffer loses, and birds soon get used to bird scarers (look how useless scarecrows are these days!), and then return. The only way to control an over population is by reducing numbers and considering you can't remove the food source, the only way to do this is through culling. The legislation governing this was poorly thought out containing a non lethal clause ( I think the EU had a hand here). It's not necessary when the shot licences are reviewed every few years and shot species can be taken in / out of protection according to their numbers.
  8. TBH that's unfair. BASC could do nothing about this until NE announced they were withdrawing the general licences. As for the system now, apparently it seems NE is probably going to have a system of individual licences where every individual / farmer will have to apply for an individual licence for every single species they want to shoot on every single piece of land and no doubt have to prove there's no viable non lethal alternative. Most people may need many many licences! Seems likely costly and chaotic. I'd be very surprised if individuals don't have to pay a fee to cover the administration of every licence, although the latter hasn't been announced.
  9. Maybe there should be a wiki with a list of contact details for the various forces.
  10. Alsone

    Pigeon cartridges

    I doubt it's down to velocity given the small difference . Lower velocity will mean less energy down range but 10 fps is nothing. Might be down to the hardness of the shot or maybe the patterning.
  11. Alsone

    Pigeon cartridges

    I'm with Stavros, Clear Pigeon are excellent and hard hitting which is the main thing you need with pigeon. They can be a very tough bird as mentioned above. There are tales of pellets bouncing off them on the roost when the feathers are packed tightly down on cold days. Note: Hull also make a fast pigeon round that's very good. The name escapes me. Basically, go for the pigeon standard of 30-32g No:6 in a fast cartridge (1,400fps +)and you won't go far wrong.
  12. Alsone

    Ammunition question?

    I can't say I've measured it but my mates .22LR echoed round a valley off hills several miles away with moderated HV's. Without the mod, it sounded pretty much the same, maybe a little quieter, but not enough to be of significance. With subs, it was always almost silent. In fact it was quieter than my moderated Gunpower Stealth Air Rifle, and that's comparing muzzle noise not mechanism (the mechanism is noisy on the Gunpower in my experience). In my opinion, .22LR is most useful with subs. If you require more distance or power, there are better choices than running HV's through a .22LR. Just my opinion though.... and I agree are wandering a little off topic here.
  13. Alsone

    Ammunition question?

    .22LR will always have limited range because of it's trajectory. You can actually use it at some quite long ranges against rabbits as they take very little energy comparatively to kill. The issue is more one of drop. Again, a good scope and BDC may help out. There are people who have shot it out against targets to several hundred yards. However, the issues of humaneness and whether or not it's actually worth the hassle come into play. You need a long zero and good knowledge of the use of BDC. There are better calibres for long range rabbit such as .17HMR now the ammo issues seem largely resolved, rather than playing "Darts" with .22 LR and long curved trajectories. There's also the hornets, although the later are overkill at anything like short range. HV's are not quiet under any circumstances. A mod makes very little difference to .22LR HV's.
  14. Alsone

    Time for goodbyes.

    TBH, thinking about it since, they might not even have needed the PNC. Photo from here, emailed to local Firearms Dept, do you know this guy? As his local FEO knows him well, it's a no brainer he'd be recognised. Obviously if his real name is on here, then it's even easier. I also think there needs to be a note of caution here for Nate. I was very much left with the impression that he might continue in whatever behaviour is alleged without posting anything online. The danger here is this getting caught is no more than a video camera or pair of binoculars away. If they don't know where he shoots, they only have to ask around or obtain his phones GPS history if they can get a warrant. A simple watch or record, then stop is all it takes. They're going to be watching him now. If not now, then it might be 6 months or a year down the line. The best way forward in my opinion is to stay within the law. Cease all single shot shooting (if that's what he's being doing). Call a professional expert body to establish the law. If it comes out on the side of the local force, comply and if you want to shoot single ball (?), apply for an FAC and desist until you obtain it. If the opinion comes out against the local force, then let the body and force negotiate a solid position either amicably or through the Courts, that permits it's use, before resuming. Won't you don't want to do is potentially break the law in the meantime. That can only end badly even if you ultimately were found not to have committed offences....
  15. Alsone

    Time for goodbyes.

    TBH I think you're overthinking it. Your photo is on the PNC. I'm pretty sure there will be a dedicated Firearms Database. It's as simple as matching your database photo as submitted with your cert to a photo on here or the web in general. Even easier if they also know the region. Whether they have auto matching software or just do it by hand, I wouldn't know. But with your photo and region, it's hardly that difficult to flick through the photos especially as they can probably use descriptions to narrow the search such as hair colour, height, glasses etc. Of course they could obtain an IP. However, data protection / website owner plus IP Provider integrity would probably ensure they wouldn't hand over your IP details without a Court Order (at least you'd hope so!), and in order to obtain a Court Order they'd probably to have to prove there's an actual crime committed they need to pursue and not just something that's maybe a grey area. My guess is someone at a force browses all the forums, saw something they didn't like, downloaded a photo and matched it using the PNC.