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  1. I just love stainless and laminates. More type of rifle than brand, but all for the wood look and low maintenance / worries on both barrel and stock. I also like fluted and twists on the bolt but they're largely for show really. On the scopes, on the high end with the Smidt and Bender already mentioned you can add Nightforce.
  2. Look great, juts be careful with the H&S melting lead. Best done outside with a respirator.
  3. He's hoping by putting a bullet up, his bowels will sh* themselves and he'll scare it out.
  4. I suspect it's down to the weather and condensation. You have very moist air and a hot barrel which warms the air inside. Warm air holds more moisture so probably collects some additional moisture. I'm guessing as the barrel cools you reach the dew point and the moisture drops out as condensation. Probably likely with any barrel but as you say, less likely with those that get coated with wax or copper fowling. Good reason to have some form of dessicant or oil patch in the cabinet as well.
  5. My friends Tika used to like Eley. As you mention some other brands seem to have very inconsistent powder loads. I say that, it could be the primers don't initiate an even or completely burn the powders, I wouldn't know. Either way, there seems to be little care in some rimfire rounds. Personally, I believe even centrefire could be more consistent. In a world of robot and machine assembly and tolerances in many industries to thousands of a millimetre, we can't manufacture bullets with consistent powder loads. It all seems a bit archaic. Only reason I could think as to why it wouldn't be done i
  6. I'm not target shooter but I've always thought the play in the trigger introduces a bit of wobble as it alters the angle of your grip very slightly as you take up the slack and reduces accuracy. Same with increased pressure. The heavier the pull the more presure you put through your thumb and fingers espcially the thumb. It might be slight, only fractions of a millimeter but over distance it adds up to several whole mm or cm if there's a slightly larger movement. Having a hair trigger break is the ultimate for accuracy. Unfortunately it's not safe in the field that light. However, having no cr
  7. They very often are. You're right about engineering quality Sausage. One of the best triggers I ever shot with was on an old cadet rifle at a range. The adjustment was hair light and the break had no creap. Literally if your finger touched the trigger the gun went off. Unsafe for general shooting at that break weight maybe, but fantastic for target.
  8. I still love the "protect the nests of wild endagered birds with nest cages" bit. So are we expected to walk around every farm and estate we shoot over with binocs, be general bird experts so we can identify the endagered lesser spooted sparrow and it's friends, spend weeks watching it until we can identify which tree in a forest it flies to and wherein that tree the nest is. Then we are going to climb the tree containing every endangered bird on every single estate with one hand with a cage in the other, and crawl to the end of branches 100ft+ above the ground on branches so thin they wo
  9. Did a bit of googling. If your original pic is correct it looks like they may be Roman Geese: https://www.waterfowl.org.uk/domestic-waterfowl/domestic-geese/light-geese/roman-goose/ Cannot find anything on the legality of shooting these. As it's a doemstic species they may be regarded as pets so you may be on shaky ground in shooting them. Probably safer to sell them or if you can't sell them give them away. I'd imagine someone would buy them as they make good guard dogs.
  10. Who's taking bets that it will be the geese chasing David? Can be nasty things. If they like your mate, better to let him catch them. They're going to see you as a predator if they are already hostile and see you as an enemy when you drive up now.
  11. That's Christmas sorted. You can take the turkey back to Tesco!
  12. If interested now, if you know the tailgate width the towing ball is in the centre and the tail not quite stretched out. Should be possible to make a reasonably guess from that.
  13. I just thought he was giving me info on ammo. It would explain why I missed all those headshots if they bent over the top. Thought I'd bought the wrong type of ammo, the curved instead of the straight. Guess I got that wrong.
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