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  1. You could just go with a Boyds. Not sure how much import duty would be though. They have a wide range for the T1x on their website. They do the T3 but not in T3x. Presumably though, either the T1x fits or they have T3x in the wings as it would be unlikely they wouldn't stock them. You'd have to ask. You can get a very similar stock to the one you pictured for around $227 which is around Β£169 at current exchange rate (XE.com) + shipping + import duties. Note below is the T1x Version - check for T3x availability / fitment. Build & Price Gunstock Configurator | Boyds Har
  2. Medical report charging is a con except for 1st grant. All they have to do is check for any changes in the last 4 years which given most medical records are computerised these days is either going to be a key word search or maybe the system will even have allowed mental health or relevent condition notes to be flagged for future reference making finding them easier. Either way, I'm, not seeing lots of work leading to huge fees. A key word search takes seconds. They can't even comment anyway, only report facts which considering doctors notes are brief, takes only a few seconds and so
  3. That is one lovely stock and exactly why I'm not a synthetic fan. Laminated are just as stable, easier to remove scratches from a look a million dollars. That looks like a proper Safari rifle from the 1950's when beautiful stocks were all the rage and guns were treasured and displayed on walls, not just thrown in cabinet. It's the exact opposite of some plastic Chinese back street factory knock out which is what synthetics look like these days.
  4. Can't answer your which cam to buy question, but there are plenty of vids on Youtube of ideas for hiding cams. Ideas include hiding them inside hollowed out logs and fixing these into places such as the crooks of branches or sticking on 3d leaf camo. Also the use of invisible ir as opposed to visible red glow ir helps retain stealth after dark. Ghillie suit supply places may be of assistance in finding the right materials. Camo patterns are ok but 3D adds another dimension (excuse the pun).
  5. That's only the pumps. Don't forget the automatics: Even our kids can have them.
  6. Safety is not ignorance and not everything is discrimination. If you have a condition that makes you a danger to yourself and others then it's reasonable for the Police to refuse to grant. As i posted orinigally some time ago, the obvious dangers are two fold in my opinion: 1. You shoot someone or yourself whilst having a fit either because you pull the trigger whilst in the intial stages of the fit when you may also be swinging the gun around in non safe directions or on the way down. It's going to depend on whether you just drop or start with the shakes or become unsteady before go
  7. Sorry if this is covered as don't have time to read the whole thread but I think the point Deker was trying to make on page 1 is a rifle has 2 zeros, as the bullet crosses the line of sight twice, once on the way up and the other on the way down. Whilst there's nothing wrong with shooting 1 inch over, many people hold over / under for speed or because they haven't learnt the "correct" way, to shoot accurately, you should be using the BDC turrets. That's what they're there for. Not always possible if the target is moving on quickly, but then good range estimation or a quick range + hold ov
  8. I agree. This side of finding a disease that targets only Greys and is deadly or this side of every landowner, private and public being forced to trap, shoot or poisen them out of existence the reds will never be back. Pockets of shooting and removal can't be effective becasue as with everythign else, they just move back in from other areas.
  9. 1/2 the porblem is the urban antis out cry these days about killing squirrels as they see them as cuddly things you can tame and feed in the park. They don't know the damage they do nor the fact that unless the greys are eliminated the reds are finished. It's probably really not woke to shoot squirrels anymore.
  10. Yeah I don't like the balance of Berretta either Bernard. Long time since I held one but I seem to remember it being either barrel or butt heavy (can't remember which) whereas Browning, Miroku and Winchester are all really neutrally balanced. You could probably put a single finger somewhere just forward of the action and it would level like a weighing scale. I guessing the Miroku was simply a bad fit for you. Any gun no matter how good will be a pig if it deosn't fit well. If it really doesn't fit then.... Still nice side by side, I know you like your traditional guns.
  11. Maybe you like Beretta? In my exerience Miroku, Browning and Winchester all have very simialr balance whereas Beretta is completely different.. Also, not having confidence in the choke pattern might have been an influence along with any fit issues. Personally, I'd buy a Miroku all day but I love Browning balance. As for steel, I'm no expert but I think you're ok with anything other than full choke aren't you? I'd have gone for a pretty standard 1/4 + 1/2 in most situations. If in doubt with a shotgun it's easy, pattern it. Get a large cardboard box or sheet of steel and put it
  12. He just sh*ts in the ginger. Never pick herbs round at Bernards house.
  13. If everybody managed that maybe the reds would stand a chance....... Nice shooting.
  14. The Welsh. They need something to keep the sheep interested.
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