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  1. Flat steel bar and some sack barrow wheels Draw up some designs and get busy with the welder Thats what i'd do
  2. I just broke a black widow style catty so felt the need to modify Took a length of bright steel round bar and welded the forks to it, coated in black spray paint and laquered it Pics later if anyone wants to see it for an idea
  3. Dont sweat the petty things & dont pet the sweaty things

  4. Could it be the same reason to dip it in wax? Stop the ends splitting?
  5. Just a thought What about bark on?, theres a couple on evilbay with it still on
  6. I've had a trawl through the forum but cant find anything on seasoning wood for cattys Can any of you natural shooters tell me how long you seasoned the wood for and if theres any special things i need to do or is it a case of cut it and lob it in the shed for a few months? Thanks Luke
  7. Im a welder by trade but like to get to my workshop to restore random crap cars and build stuff we barely use Other hobbies include my reptiles (a bearded dragon, a chameleon, 2 crested geckos, a giant asian praying mantis and my emperor scorpion) Fixing stuff my kids break Mechanics And lastly i used to be a bouncer so can arguing with plastered idiots be called a hobby?
  8. I'd say S410 as well, mine was fantastic
  9. If from the womb to the tomb is a lifetime, what is an egg?

    1. harddigging


      a time machine from the future

    2. Ggib


      a chickens period

    3. Blackbriar


      Is this one of Walshie's weirdo song lyrics?

  10. Different types of steel mate Stainless vs mild vs high carbon all weigh different due to the stuff in the steel
  11. Thats just the shape i prefer Doesn't need to be fancy, just that style As long as it can take flatbands, im happy
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