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  1. If I go down the container route it'd be done properly and have at least a couple of windows cut in for airflow, the thing i'm concerned about is what to do with the floor, it has to be easily cleaned and non absorbent, stable matting maybe , or leave it steel as it's only going to be a 4' x 4' or 6' x 4' sleeping area with a raised bed or kennel and a bigger concrete run externally, thanks for the replies fellas
  2. Has anyone had any experience with shipping containers converted into kennel blocks ? I'm thinking of internal sleeping quarters with a pophole leading into an external run
  3. I work GSP's and GWP's as search dogs, both work really well and have loads of drive,the main difference for me is the GWP stands up to bad weather much better and does better living in an outside kennel than the GSP's,the weather issue is slighty different for search dogs as we stand around for quite long periods seaching crowds etc,i'm not sure it would be a problem in the field
  4. They also nick nesting sites from Owls,i might be wrong but wasn't there some sort of bounty on them in the 70's/early 80's,about half a quid for every one shot ?
  5. Might not be the best idea to combine man work and hunting,you'll be putting your hunting partners and possibly members of the public at risk,even the best trained PP dog can make a mistake in all the excitement during hunting
  6. CS and pepper spray don't work very well on dogs and you've got a chance of getting nicked,better off with something based on oil of cloves like biteback
  7. Cheers Skycat and Paulus,i'll let you know if I find the cause
  8. I've got exactly the same problem with a 3 year old GSP,his teeth seem healthy enough just discoloured,old teacup describes it perfectly,all my other dogs look like a toothpaste ad,i'd like to find a solution because he works near the public and if it gets worse it'll start to look like I don't take care of the dog
  9. The deafness in the Dogo's is possibly inherited from the Bull Terrier and Dalmation,it's a common problem with white EBT'S
  10. I use this kit for my security dogs and can't speak highly enough of it,the service is second to none as well,no messing about or excuses for late delivery
  11. Use a long line until his recall is 100 % whatever the distraction,go out of your way to find new distractions,horses,chickens kids kicking footballs etc,it'll take a few weeks but if you put the effort in it's guaranteed results,don't take him off the long line until you are sure he's bombproof,and don't forget to praise him when he gets it right and give him a fair correction when he doesn't
  12. Out of interest,why Medway if you're from Dartford
  13. Looks ok to me,i've got a small springer that looked just like that until he muscled up at about 12-14 months,the ones who moan about underweight dogs are normally the one's with an obese chocolate lab that they are feeding to death!
  14. years ago we had an accidental mating between a powerful staff dog and a glen bitch,neither did proper work ,just vermin and the odd fox in haybales,didn't realise what we had,gave one to an old girl as a pet,fine till about 18 months then it killed half the dogs in her village!
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