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  1. garry2

    Half cross bull greyhound

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Looking for a half cross for my mate if anyone has one cheers


  2. Half cross bull greyhound View Advert Looking for a half cross for my mate if anyone has one cheers Advertiser garry2 Date 25/09/18 Price £250.00 Category Working Lurchers  
  3. Has anyone got any nuttall pups
  4. garry2

    Lightforce roof mounted lamp, advice needed

    i have one on my fourtracks i put mine in the middle but when you turn it to far round the roof blocks it so i think you are right putting it at the front mate
  5. garry2

    Fox Today

    nice one mate get rid of them before lambing time
  6. has not set their status

  7. did u sell ur bull greyhound to some 1 in liverpool

  8. garry2


  9. garry2


    near skipton dog 150 bitches 200
  10. garry2


    other 3 are all ready sold mate
  11. garry2


    i have 10 bull greyhound saluki greyhound pup 1 dogs 9 bitches born on the 11th
  12. garry2


    hi mate i have got villan ye custard is villans sister did you get her off john temp
  13. garry2

    dogs stolen last nite

    gutted for him hope you get hold of the t**ts
  14. garry2

    Help, Fourtrak sunroof

    just unscrew the 2 screws on the lift handle then lift it straight right up and thay just lift out i had mine out the other day to fit a roof lamp on