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  1. Indeed, he doesn't have the answer because the question isn't truly valid. A. If you work on the premise there are big cats then there would be road deaths so the question wouldn't be asked. B. If you work on the premise that there are no big cats then why would there be road deaths? So how can one answer when one believes A but has B as a reality?
  2. Ah soon back to insults I see, shame when people are trying to have a decent conversation. I understand this challenges you and causes some uncomfortable feelings but life and new knowledge can be challenging. So, once again I have to ask the question for the simple fact that there hasn't been a valid answer. We aren't just on about America but every country with cats has the same problem so why don't we?? why does Spain, USA, India, Africa etc etc have road kill but not US?
  3. i'm young for me age..............................
  4. Personally I tend to support individual cases rather than charities and offer pictures for auction when they fund raise, usually or kids needing equipment or such like and for a couple of sighthound rescues. Unfortunately charity has become big business, I'm sure many still do a good job and are important but i'll stick to doing my bit in my own way..
  5. The British Red Cross and the Geneva Convention emblem WWW.REDCROSS.ORG.UK The Red Cross emblem on a white background is a sign of protection under the Geneva Conventions. It is not a religious symbol.
  6. The simple answer for non diabetics No.
  7. For diabetics the spike in glucose can cause many problems but glucose is controlled in non diabetics, by insulin, so not a problem.
  8. When done properly fasting does likely have some health benefits but as in all things the poison is in the dose.
  9. For non diabetes insulin control is not a problem and grazing is no more harmful than well spaced meals. Steriods will have an impact on the negative side but being healthy will have an impact on the positive side. As in all things its a matter of balance. some info here that compares Mr Average to sports people with a focus on body builders. Do Pro Bodybuilders Die Younger Than Average? (Updated) - The Barbell WWW.THEBARBELL.COM Are pro bodybuilders dying younger than the average man? What are the most common causes of bodybuilder deaths?
  10. Indeed, the idea that dead leopards and cougars by the side of the road are going under the radar in the UK is unlikely to say the very least.
  11. Stuffed toy in a car in Devon had police out and Essex lion: Was 'Essex lion' which sparked massive police operation just a giant stuffed toy? - Mirror Online WWW.MIRROR.CO.UK Police operation costing tens of thousands of pounds called off after no evidence of big cat is found
  12. Exactly, if a tarts dressing gown gets splashed across the net imagine if it were a real leopard
  13. I'd always keen to learn, absorb information but we're not really getting down to data or answers so one at a time. Shall we start with Road kill. “For the endangered Florida panther, more than 85% of recorded panther deaths were due to vehicles in 2020, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.”. “ In the past 60 months 23 leopards have been recorded as killed due to road accidents in the southern Indian state of Karnataka alone. “ We seem to have a noticeable lack of roadkill in the UK in spite of numerous studies into the subject such as the on
  14. What?? survival of the fittest for humans went a long time ago, that's why the majorities of babies survive beyond the 1st few weeks. United Kingdom: child mortality rate 1800-2020 | Statista WWW.STATISTA.COM The child mortality rate in the United Kingdom, for children under the age of five, was 329 deaths per thousand births in 1800. and generally life expectancy has improved.
  15. Ah, from a medical viewpoint we would need to separate the hallucinations from the delusions.. can have very different causes and treatments , whilst both give a false reality one is a false sensory perception whilst the other is a false belief. Mind if you start having both your fecked
  16. LOL, I don't get forced to do anything, I do what i do after personal consideration of a mixture of common sense and scientific evidence. If I was scared of catching something I wouldn't do what i do, using good evidence and common sense is how we avoid being controlled. Commom sense. I don't like catching the flu, makes you feel shite for a few days so I reduce my risk by getting vaccines. Science. The current vaccine seems to have a good outcome compared to the last years, Australia reporting 60% prevention, but even when it has a lower impact of completely stopping infection it st
  17. back to Covid chaps. Died Suddenly: A tsunami of antivax misinformation and conspiracy theories SCIENCEBASEDMEDICINE.ORG Everything old is new again when it comes to antivax tropes. Stew Peters' antivax pseudodocumentary Died Suddenly resurrects the old antivax conspiracy that... A clot too far: An embalmer dissects antivax misinformation about blood clots in Died Suddenly SCIENCEBASEDMEDICINE.ORG Two weeks ago, COVID-19 conspiracy theorist Stew Peters released an antivax pseudodocumentary, Di
  18. That's an interesting idea. i get a flu jab every year and thankfully haven't had flu for a fair few years. This means i don't catch flu, real flu is not very nice, so save myself feeling crap, I don't infect my patients, who are often vulnerable, or family although I'm often in contact with positive people. I don't infect vulnerable people i interact with in the community such as my elderly neighbours or family. Basically the flu vaccine saves a few lives directly plus it saves a lot of money to society in that kids have less time off of school so parents don't have to take time off, peo
  19. Most auto immune diseases are due to an overly active immune response as in many forms of arthritis so reducing the response is the best management. link with more info below. Autoimmune Diseases: Causes, Symptoms, What Is It & Treatment MY.CLEVELANDCLINIC.ORG Autoimmune diseases like lupus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis happen because your immune system attacks your body instead of...
  20. Rare and elusive but filmed and studied rural areas. The world's smallest leopard is clinging to life in the mountains of Oman | CNN WWW.CNN.COM Fewer than 200 Arabian leopards live in the wild. Conservationists are working to protect the largest... Rare and elusive but filmed and studied in extremely difficult terrain.
  21. Dartmoor isn't the Rockies, it's pretty small with only about 50% being "wild" Moor. 5 to 10 cougars would have a massive impact and presence in the area. Its heavily studied, as demonstrated in my previous link, dotted with camera traps, filmed with drones day and night, NV and standard, naturalist studying the flora and fauna, rangers, walkers, horse riders hunters poachers etcetc so in 50 years the idea that a population of apex predators would go under the radar is unlikely. As a study area the rockies are a lot more difficult than Dartmoor but still they have a plethora of dat
  22. There's always been idiots and always will be, alas modern media spreads the actions of the idiots much quicker than the decent people. 50 years ago i knew twats doing the same and in 50 years I expect there will still be idiots doing the same. ps perhaps pushing my luck to say I will be around to see um.
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