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  1. I'd of not been pleased with him getting that close to my dog, think it was just a bit of a stunt. Does strike as a couple of youngsters, the outcome never seemed in doubt.
  2. Sometimes the best dogs are the products rather than the ingredients of a good dog, a proven producer is often a safer bet than what it produces when looking for a pup or stud. Ps who needs a dog on the wet stuff.
  3. i'd call them lurchers or maybe longdogs certainly not got any Pedigree. There's a couple of groups some seem to prefer a Sloughi type others something nearer a Saluki depending what game they take, I expect a bit like our lads with Bull crosses or coursing types then others with a more greyhoundy type.
  4. They certainly like their lamping, most stuff seems to be taken on the lamp.
  5. Algeria and yes hares. ediit to add i'd guess cape hares but they call everything hares or wolves in English including foxes so i take a guess as to species be it jackal, wolf hare of rabbit lol.
  6. LOL recon sighthounds originated in a few places a long time ago, India, Africa and Europe and the closer they are to each other the more closely they share commonality.
  7. The lads i was invited by seem to do a fair bit but there're just ordinary lads, no airs and graces but love their sport.
  8. Still plenty of game in some parts of North Africa/Mediterranean basin I was offered a job in a hospital out there and one of the sweeteners was going out with the managers brother and his sloughi/lurchers and having my own dogs. I like the dog bit but didn't fancy leaving my family for weeks at a time. His brother is a decent sort though and I keep in contact with them just to see what they're up to .
  9. There's a few now and some just starting but not enough to get a decent genetic base. I've gotten a stud agreed for future use that has a bit of size which I like, both my youngsters are only 24" but might still bring on over in the future.
  10. Lol wheres that from the boys book of doggies lol, there's a lot of tosh written about sighthounds but thankfully genetics are sorting the wheat from the chaff. The sighthounds in general are all whats known as ancient breeds meaning they have no other ancestor within their genetic makeup, other than the greyhound which although old is developed from a collie type likely at the time the hare was introduced to Britain by the Romans. The Romans likely brought ancient sighthounds with them, quite possibly galgos as their were Spanish legions in northern Europe and they extolled their value in th
  11. No Saluki and sloughi have separate genetic lines. The moors invaded Spain and found Galgos at which point there is likely to have been some swapping of dogs but the Galgos were famous well before the moors invaded so most likely they were taken back to North Africa and mixed with the local sighthound, the Sloughi, hence the close genetic ties. "General Results 1) Sighthounds and Primitives compared to non sighthound (Affenpinscher) When compared to a non Sighthound breed such as the Affenpinscher, all the Sighthounds and Primitives in this study shared more ge
  12. The genetics are what they are, the Moroccans ruled are large part of Spain for centuries hence Galgos and Sloughis being closely related.
  13. That's south America, they have a lot of lurchers out there.
  14. Genetic studies have shown that the Sloughi is more closely related to the Galgo than the saluki
  15. yes but the Galgos do 3 out of 3 without the saluki
  16. Jackals and wolves along with hares and foxes, not my sort but respect to them non the less.
  17. its a Jackal Jackal - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  18. The Spanish coursers I've asked have felt that the Iberian hare runs better than the European in the north of Spain where they have both types.
  19. if it was bred from working stock it would have been a hard type.
  20. The world is becoming a smaller place which is allowing breeds to travel, the saluki is used in South America to breed into their working dogs, although they're still importing Galgo in the main, creating another galgo/greyhound/saluki type although there is a fair bit of collie in them as well, a good few show merle coats. As I say the world is getting smaller, these days I can get an invite to go to North Africa to see their dogs run or a question from Argentina about how i condition my dogs or from Uruguay about how to treat an injury or a question from a coursing man from the UK on how t
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