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My main interest is lurchers with a side interest in general canine health. I started in the 60’s, when at the age of 7, I started chasing bunnies through the brambles in our local wood with the family terrier. I began my obsession with running dogs, a whippet x collie, in the 70's and with the help of some rather dubious characters soon learnt that I could outrun the local keeper. The 80's were spent as a permit trainer at Henlow greyhound stadium racing there and other tracks around the south east of England. In the late 80's to early 90's I lived in W/Sussex and spent my spare time running hares on the South Downs. Today I live in Devon were I still own a couple of lurchers but due to getting a bit of an old git prefer to depend on permission rather than speed to keep me out of trouble.



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