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  1. It does not contain chemicals , anyhow I will try to get the exact details for you and send you private.
  2. and some fart through their mouth
  3. I have told you the ingredients before. now let me explain ovager induces a period which most refers to as a heat cycle the period flushes all harmful bacteria and dead cells (infections) from the uterus. Once that has happened the natural order is that the bitch then after the cycle drops fresh eggs. Becoming ready to mate. Now how to use, you take these pills for 14 days it can bring the bitch into season up to 14 days after the course.
  4. So, do you want me to give you the formula? or should I give you the whole recipe?
  5. hi, its ingredients are herbal ground leaves, glucose, tincture. for your kind information.
  6. Yes @Big Ron would you mind if deliver me a pack of Apple Cider ?
  7. It’s got no Gump It’s made from organic natural ingredients that work for both. When a female dog is suffering from a phantom pregnancy, ovager helps induce a period that cures phantom pregnancy. After this, new eggs are produced and it helps female dog conceiving.
  8. Its better to use an alternative of pg600 injection there are a number of pills and other medication-free methods to induce heat. I am mentioning a link if u consider ovager
  9. Here We will have a detailed discussion and get the experience from the dog's experts and dogs trainers and learn do's and don'ts for our daily routine life with dogs. people often seem to be struggling with dog breeding, they often missed their female dog heating cycle then do medication and other stuff that should not be done. So, will make a complete guide for those scenarios. and last but not least we will discuss general terms we hear false, fake, or phantom pregnancies in dogs and their symptoms and treatment with and without medication.
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