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  1. Im not upset Flasher just stating that here in particular is an anti's dream. Keep the pics coming but as lads say no need to show fresh wounds.
  2. There are 68,385 members on this site Flasher. Out of that number i'd hazard a guess that there are well into a couple of thousand of them antis (maybe more). Any tom dick and harry can have a name and profile set up in a matter of minutes. As you say it is a working terrier section but by name only, you only have to go through the first page of posts to realise that the majority of terriers are not in fact 'working terriers'. No problem posting pictures of terriers without the graphics. Social Media has unquestionably shone a spotlight onto digging and has contributed hugely to the inevitab
  3. Had one dig so far to a bitch i was unsure about, went ok jury still out. Too warm, too much livestock, too many briars/undergrowth, ground too hard, grass too long. I'll leave it another month before upping the ante.
  4. Keep us posted Shane. Was one of the better shows.
  5. Nice to see you are still going strong Shovel shy.
  6. The summer hunters would love that
  7. Have dug 3 pairs there this last few sundays ShovelShy. I have been hitting a lot of foxes to ground this year. Some change from last season were they didn't seem to be as plentiful.
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