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  1. Had one dig so far to a bitch i was unsure about, went ok jury still out. Too warm, too much livestock, too many briars/undergrowth, ground too hard, grass too long. I'll leave it another month before upping the ante.
  2. Tassa

    Moate show

    Keep us posted Shane. Was one of the better shows.
  3. Tassa

    Out Today

    Nice to see you are still going strong Shovel shy.
  4. Tassa

    Out Today

    The summer hunters would love that
  5. Tassa

    Out Today

    Have dug 3 pairs there this last few sundays ShovelShy. I have been hitting a lot of foxes to ground this year. Some change from last season were they didn't seem to be as plentiful.
  6. Tassa

    Out Today

    Good work SS
  7. Tassa

    Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    will keep my ear to the ground up north here.
  8. Tassa

    Out Today

    Good work SS. Seems to be plenty about so far. Dug two yesterday morning after the storm we had Friday night. Ran one to ground this evening there and dug it. Season starting to take off.
  9. Tassa

    Out Today

    Right lump of a fox SS. You did well, was for heading out last night myself but it was very mild.
  10. Tassa

    Choked On Collar.

    Sorry to hear that Liam. Always something I've dreaded. Was a very well made article too. We all know that craic, it doesn't happen a bad un
  11. Tassa

    Out Today

    That dog in you're profile looks a lot like mine what way is it bred. She is 5/8th Bull Peter
  12. Tassa

    Out Today

    Good work SS.
  13. Tassa

    Kerryblue First X.

    Gassy bas**rds them Kerry Blues.
  14. Tassa

    Out Today

    You are better off that way SS.
  15. Tassa

    Out Today

    Good thread Shovel Shy. Your getting a bit of action.
  16. Tassa

    Wheaten Greyhounds

    There use to be a lad Irish Lurcher on here. He had some smashing wheaten bred lurchers. I had a pup of him that turned out to be a reliable dog.
  17. Tassa


    Cracking type you keep Scarface
  18. Been out twice, 2 digs one to a young red dog and the other to a young black bitch. Yesterday was a muggy warm day, will probably leave it a few weeks to we get going gung ho.
  19. Tassa

    Black And Tan

    Unfortunately Newry got some unwanted attention this week with some absolute Imbecile throwing what looks like a Russell into the canal tied to a brick. USPCA offering 500 quid reward to catch the Culprit. of course as per norm they are claiming the dog had shown signs of work.
  20. Tassa


    Nice animal JCB
  21. Tassa


    That one of those biothane leads? My stupid sod chewed through it in seconds. Leather lead from BlackDogTrading
  22. Tassa


    One of the hopefuls for this coming season. Nice breeding behind her, hopefully makes the grade.