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  1. Definitely different bitch,I don’t know the name of the Bitch I’m thinking of,very similar to above Bitch,they thought a lot of her.maybe mother or grandmother of above Bitch perhaps?
  2. Not same bitch so , the one I seen was at show in adare maybe 25 years ago and she was an old bitch then,very similar to above Bitch
  3. The one I’m thinking of ,if I’m right DD big Ron was her grandson ,you would have dug over him,
  4. Was this Maggie not from 25-30 years ago?
  5. i Had a bitch here for a while was out them dogs I think,also dug over stuff out of them
  6. Was there owner ,tall bald lad with glasses?think I remember chatting,
  7. Another one for next year 7 weeks old,uncle to other pup few post back
  8. That seems to be a common enough trait in certain lines,there’s many a dog never made the journey home for pissing about in empty holes,what they do in the occupied ones must make up for it,wouldn’t be for me tho,
  9. The problem is some lads wrap there bitches up in cotton wool after only a hand full of digs for fear of losing them,how do they know if there any good?as most dogs start of there careers all guns blazing ,
  10. A good bitch will never be brought to a crap dog,whereas plenty of substandard bitches are brought to good dogs,if the bitch is worthy of breeding you can be sure she’ll be going to a dog worth breeding off,giving less of a % of crap in the mix,IMO.
  11. If you know anyone in the food industry,should be able to sort you out,
  12. Had to look twice at that and check an old pic I have here,dog on the right is a double of one I bred
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