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  1. smasher

    I’ve seen it all now

    Wasn’t there a lad used to come on here ,an old friend of booths used to keep this stuff?i think himself and Neil used to go toe to toe on here regularly
  2. smasher


    Nice pup that Rabbit hunter,thick set and laid back,2 qualities I admire in a pup or dog for that matter
  3. You should never ask anyone ,to drop a dog somewhere you would not enter a dog yourself,if I have someone out on an invite and there dog comes away or fails to complete the dig,one of mine will be offered the hole,and I will always say to the guest on arriving at the hole, that if he doesn’t want to drop his dog I’ll be dropping mine,that way he knows he’s not being set up for a fail
  4. The questionaire sent out consisted of about 30 questions and asked for details about memorable digs breeding behind terriers and photos etc. which was then just rewritten and put in a book,he wasn’t best pleased when turned down,and felt you should be privileged to be included,it could have been a whole lot better if he’d actually spent some time with the people and dogs in the field,having said that there some good lads in there,as was said above I heard a few regretted going in,I have questionaire about somewhere,but if I remember correctly there was copyright laws came with it to prevent it being posted reprinted etc
  5. smasher


    He has that bold look about him,
  6. smasher

    Old nuttall stock

    Has anyone on here ever seen Miner work?and if so what kind of a dog was he ?as in work style etc.was he equally as good a worker as he was a producer,I’ve always wondered as you hear lots about his offspring but not much about the dog himself,
  7. smasher

    Old nuttall stock

    As it should be ,bred for work and not coin
  8. smasher

    Old nuttall stock

    Commercially bred /or mass produced Dogs will never be on par with dogs bred for ones own use,the standard will drop,same goes for anything in life really
  9. smasher


    Pablo,young dog entered last season,
  10. smasher


    I think you need a new dog Apache lol
  11. smasher

    Artificial Grass and dogs

    The terriers are penned up most of the day,the other half has a staffie who has free run of the garden,the area I want to put it in has decrotive stone/pepples in at the minute,and every time I clean up after him, I loose a shovel full of pepples too,and because the crap is full of pepples,I can’t put it down the drain,also taught it would bring a nice bit of colour to the garden
  12. smasher

    Artificial Grass and dogs

    I was thinking that might be the case,but it seems to be popular in dog rescue centers and the likes
  13. smasher

    Artificial Grass and dogs

    Was thinking about putting some artificial grass in an area of the garden,has anyone on here used it andis it suitable for dogs,cleaning up after them etc.
  14. smasher


    Nice dog that General
  15. smasher

    line breeding?

    The difference between good dogs and that one special dog are worlds apart,there are plenty of lads producing good dogs,but I have yet to see or meet the man who consistently produces that special dog(the holy grail).They crop up occasionally and when they do cherish them,as they are as rare as hens teeth,