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  1. smasher


    Another one for next year 7 weeks old,uncle to other pup few post back
  2. smasher


    One for next year
  3. smasher

    Breeding Studs/Broods

    That seems to be a common enough trait in certain lines,there’s many a dog never made the journey home for pissing about in empty holes,what they do in the occupied ones must make up for it,wouldn’t be for me tho,
  4. smasher

    Breeding Studs/Broods

    There probably the same lads
  5. smasher

    Breeding Studs/Broods

    The problem is some lads wrap there bitches up in cotton wool after only a hand full of digs for fear of losing them,how do they know if there any good?as most dogs start of there careers all guns blazing ,
  6. smasher

    Breeding Studs/Broods

    A good bitch will never be brought to a crap dog,whereas plenty of substandard bitches are brought to good dogs,if the bitch is worthy of breeding you can be sure she’ll be going to a dog worth breeding off,giving less of a % of crap in the mix,IMO.
  7. smasher

    John o rourke Ireland

    If you know anyone in the food industry,should be able to sort you out,
  8. smasher


    Had to look twice at that and check an old pic I have here,dog on the right is a double of one I bred
  9. smasher


    Nice pup that Rabbit hunter,thick set and laid back,2 qualities I admire in a pup or dog for that matter
  10. You should never ask anyone ,to drop a dog somewhere you would not enter a dog yourself,if I have someone out on an invite and there dog comes away or fails to complete the dig,one of mine will be offered the hole,and I will always say to the guest on arriving at the hole, that if he doesn’t want to drop his dog I’ll be dropping mine,that way he knows he’s not being set up for a fail
  11. The questionaire sent out consisted of about 30 questions and asked for details about memorable digs breeding behind terriers and photos etc. which was then just rewritten and put in a book,he wasn’t best pleased when turned down,and felt you should be privileged to be included,it could have been a whole lot better if he’d actually spent some time with the people and dogs in the field,having said that there some good lads in there,as was said above I heard a few regretted going in,I have questionaire about somewhere,but if I remember correctly there was copyright laws came with it to prevent it being posted reprinted etc
  12. smasher


    He has that bold look about him,
  13. smasher

    Old nuttall stock

    Has anyone on here ever seen Miner work?and if so what kind of a dog was he ?as in work style etc.was he equally as good a worker as he was a producer,I’ve always wondered as you hear lots about his offspring but not much about the dog himself,
  14. smasher

    Old nuttall stock

    As it should be ,bred for work and not coin
  15. smasher

    Old nuttall stock

    Commercially bred /or mass produced Dogs will never be on par with dogs bred for ones own use,the standard will drop,same goes for anything in life really