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  1. Hunter_4ever

    MK1 15ft Ferret Finder Box

    Here's A couple of pics of the box. Sorry about the image quality. Only had my camera phone.
  2. Hunter_4ever

    MK1 15ft Ferret Finder Box

    Co Armagh, N.Ireland
  3. I have a 15ft Deben Ferret Finder box for sale. It has only been used a couple of times and is in mint condition. £50 ono.
  4. Hunter_4ever

    small terriers?

    The first picture is of my Lakey x Russell with one of her 1st foxes last season! The second is of her father. This wee dog was one of the gamest russell terriers that I have ever owned or seen.
  5. Hunter_4ever

    weird dig

    Terriers going to ground on cats can't be helped sometimes but them feral cats that Countryboyo is on about sounds very like the new plague of Squabbits!!!! Squabbits are a cross between Squirrels & Rabbits and there tricky little fu***r's to catch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hunter_4ever

    striker lamp

    Have you still got the lamp mate? I'll take it if you have.
  7. Hunter_4ever

    2 foxes

    Thats a nice strong looking russell you have there. TT You must be very lucky or else there is an awful amount of foxes down your way
  8. Hunter_4ever

    who has the smallest working terrier?

    Here small russell bitch that has just started this season. This is a fox that she bolted out of a small earth.
  9. Hunter_4ever


    Well done lad. That was a handy dig for you. I think the general used to hunt up around that way and he would have been partial to an odd bottle of stout!!!!!! Lol
  10. Hunter_4ever


    Nice pic's lad! Thats a good lump of a fox in the last pic. Smart looking dog!!!
  11. Hunter_4ever

    Small Type Jack Russells

    Here's a JR terrier that I hunted for many years. He was a very keen wee dog and 100% on his fox! Unfortunately his has went to the happy hunting ground just a few weeks ago!
  12. Hunter_4ever

    Out yesterday

    Well done Bailey! Thats a handy looking terrier in the pic there. :thumbs-up:
  13. Hunter_4ever

    Lamping with the old dog.

    . He's Collie Greyhound x Saluki Greyhound. I've had him from a pup.
  14. Hunter_4ever


    Looks like a good strong and healthy pup. Best of luck with it
  15. Hunter_4ever

    Lamping with the old dog.

    Went out lamping the other night with my 10 year old lurcher " Rusty". He may have slowed up a bit as you would expect at his age although he still managed to take 3 rabbits out of 5 or so chases. He was fair dog in his day! I don't regularly hunt him now i suppose you could call him semi-retired!!! Lol. Heres a pic of him : -