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  1. A few years back I needed to visit one of the 2 growshops in one of the towns local to me (there at least one in every town near me)So I parked about a mile away and walked there cutting through carparks and zig zagging about like a f***ing undercover spy or something.Went in got a couple of bottles of feed and a some other small item.slipped out the door with my bits wrapped up in a carrier bag inside my coat only for there to be lads outside filling transit vans up with gear.I wouldnt like to hazzard a guess as to how many grows must be going on in every town across the country for all these shops to be doing business.I can remember 20 odd years ago having to travel all the way to london by train to buy equipment.
  2. Same down here mate.All thinking they were safe because they had them phones. Fella I know was showing me one and all the contacts he had up and down the country.He was shitting bricks a few weeks back Cant beat a 20quid nokia and chuck it away every couple of weeks.
  3. You still wont beat sodiums.LEDs are alright to run alongside sodiums to keep temperature down in the summer but wont produce as much as sodiums when run on their own.
  4. My pals brother was heping to build houses for them in some shithole out there as part of some goodwill mission when he was in the marines years ago.He said the gave up trying to help them in the end as they kept burning them down necause they were building fires in the middle of the living rooms to cook on even though they tried endless times to teach the thick monkey brain b*****ds how to use the electric cookers.
  5. Might be a different story if you had a big old 11incher hanging there
  6. A few.Admitedly Ive seen a lot of cloddy shit too but Ive never seen a single bull/whippet with decent pace.I bred a litter myself years ago and even a couple that topped up at 22" were nowhere near as fast as either of my bull greyhound bitches that were a shade under and a shade ove 23" that were both very good fox bitches and could do double figures on rabbits on flat arable for fun.
  7. Still fast enough to outrun bull/whippets though when up and going.Come to think of it so are most rabbits
  8. I was working in Gillingham last week so one night when we finished I drove up through the centre and along a certain few roads to see what the 2 lads I had with me thought.They couldnt believe that a town just 20mins up the road from us could be so different to where we live.Smackheads,pissheads and pakis all living in one big toilet.
  9. About as much experience and knowledge as he has with bandogs Im guessing but it doesn't seem to stop him piping up on the subject
  10. Plenty fast enough to outrun the few bull/whippets Ive seen run them including the ones I bred 15years back
  11. If all you want to hunt is small game then why bother with bull blood as a decent whippet will be even sharper and game enough
  12. Taking pleasure from someone's misfortune.Sounds like the words of a jealous person.
  13. The c**t of it is a few weeks ago we were only about 2.5k in for flights and deposit on the villa and were willing to walk away from it if quarantineing was still in place.Then they lifted restrictions so we paid the balance on the villa,hire cars etc and now they've done this.The worst bit is one of my local towns has a 13 times higher covid rate than all the spanish Islands lumped together.
  14. Trouble is my girl and my pals girls are all due back at school 3 days after we're meant to fly back and to be fair I think my girl is getting half sick of me by now and will be glad to get back to school.The c**t is if they dont outright ban all travel to there were set to loose 6grand if we choose not to go
  15. Im booked to go to Mallorca with my pal and our kids in 3weeks booked back in January.The balearic islands are apparently still safe to go to but you now have to quarantine when you get back.Im hoping they either do a complete ban on travel there in the next couple of weeks so we can get our dough back or lift the quarantine for the Islands.
  16. If I remember roght that was WA's dog.
  17. I think they pretty much fizzled out when most people that seen them realised they were pretty shit
  18. They've all moved out to Kent or Essex.
  19. My mate whos got the bandogs that I've put up on this thread has had a couple of imported dobermans.I think I've stuck a pic or two of them on here.They barked up and grabbed the sleeve but weren't all that really.Bit skittish and seemed to lack focus and wernt very solid on the bite.Funnily enough he said when he worked a few dodgy doors he said it was always the dobermans that crowds seemed the most scared of because they'd bounce around gobbing off with their cropped ears and most people have seen dobermans chasing people down to attack them in films.He said he also knows that if the shit hit the fan the dobermans would have been the first to leave him in the shit out of all his dogs.
  20. Trouble is finding a decent one rather than the barrel shaped,Pug muzzled things that you tend to see about.A friend of mine had a South African import bitch a few years ago that was a very impressive guard.A couple of lads I know that had decent ones years ago said they tended to be a bit rank dominant same as what I've seen with a lot of presa's.Fine if you just want a yard dog and you're prepared to assert your dominance over them but not ideal if it has to mix with your missus and kids.Any dog I own has to know without question that its at the bottom of the pecking order where any of my family are concerned.
  21. Thats exactly what Ive been trying to get at.Its not that Ive got anything against Malis or any of the other working bred herders its just that they need constant stimulation and something to do which doesnt really make them suitable for laying around on their own all day guarding a yard.Even a lot of the lads Ive trained with that do security for a living have found them too much.
  22. The couple that Ive witnessed on training days plus one which lives very local to me have been very sharp around other dogs.Not ideal if you're after something to guard your kennels.
  23. Dont even bother with a lure.Just wrap the car in fur
  24. Where have I said shepherds or malis are easy to get off the sleeve?Malis are noisy destructive fuckers if they are not getting the stimulation that they need which 95%of people are not going to give them.I'm quite friendly with fella that ran the Met police dog department and breeding program for over 20years and he said that when they tried Malis they didnt even suit them as they were too hyperactive so how are they going to suit laying around in someones yard for 20 odd hours a day
  25. Why not just say you dont like them rather than jeep making uneducated comments on a type you have no practical knowledge of.One minute you're saying they cant be outed the next you'd knock them out with one punch and they're too slow and couldnt jump a baby gate.
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