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    Working dogs as pets

    Cockers can make great pets if they get a decent walk twice a day with a bit of training and a few dummies chucked about for them.A lot of cockers ive seen in working homes spend days at a time banged up in kennels and only go out on working days.
  2. downsouth

    Game bred ebt ,any out there?

    In a lets see who can eat its own pups as if ther pringles competition.f***ing mentaly unstable bags of shit.
  3. downsouth


    Stopped them f***ing up when they had to try and remember what lies they'd already told
  4. downsouth

    Tom Parr dvd

    To be fair most of the Lads on that documentary only had themselves to blame.Bragging and talking shit to a complete stranger just to sell pups.
  5. downsouth

    Tom Parr dvd

    It was a fella called Graham Hall.Couple of lads from down this way were on the same documentary.About 93/94ish.f**k knows why anyone would want a dvd of that shit.
  6. downsouth

    Tom Parr dvd

    Not cook report but a similar type undercove program
  7. downsouth


    That pics from Ed Reids canine gladiators book isnt it?
  8. downsouth


    The Liquor aint bad its the pies that are f**king shit in them London pie n mash shops.
  9. downsouth

    Stock breaking patterdales

    Yep also seen them pulled out of terrier boxes covered in puke and shit where they've never been off their yard let alone on a car journey to then crawl around on their bellies with their tail up their arse to then be culled when they wont go first time unfortunately the terrier job does seem to attract its fair share of backward c**ts.
  10. downsouth

    Stock breaking patterdales

    Most of these brain dead headbanger patterdales would probably be sensible dogs if the didnt belong to brain dead f***ing mongs that leave them banged up in a pen for 95% of their life.
  11. downsouth

    Free raw food.

    Haha most Terrier and Lurcher men break out in a sweat if they have to spend more than a tenner on a sack of complete.
  12. downsouth

    Slat mills

    Go kart split rims are what you want if youre making a mill
  13. downsouth

    the fight

    Got up and carried on fighting though.Didn't stand in his corner and quit though did he.
  14. downsouth

    few pics of the dog's

    The elite at walking a dog to an earth and digging a hole.I hope a can learn them magical skills and be a great as them one day
  15. downsouth

    Hip replacement

    My old man had it done in his mid forties after his hip had pretty much disintegrated.It was already all pinned together after he smashed it to bits in a bike accident as a teenager.He walked out of hospital on crutches after 2days and was walking unaided in just over a week.He had his knee done a few years later,about 10years ago now and hss had nothing but pain and problems with it since.
  16. downsouth

    few pics of the dog's

    They're all at it.Sitting up on their pedestals being all moralistic but none of them practice what the preach.
  17. downsouth

    Paying your own tax

    He wont need to be cis registered if he's gardening as cis is is only for the construction industry.I'm cis registered as I do a lot of building and civils work but i also occasionally help a firm that erect corn silos and driers and they dont deduct my tax as its classed as agricultural and not construction industry.
  18. downsouth


    Me and my girl swim at least once a week.Sometimes 3 times a week during the summer as our local pool has a couple of great outdoor pools that are open from easter through till late October.I hadnt swam for years untill 5 years ago when my girl was 2 and I decided she needed to learn.Glad I started as swimming and cycling are the only exercise I get on with these days what with half my joints being f****d through years of groundwork and bricklaying.
  19. downsouth

    The Specials

    Its this stupid bitch.Really scraping the barrel to try and stay right on and relevant.Shame because ive always been a massive Specials fan but its really put me off them.
  20. downsouth

    The Specials

    Terry Hall's a f***ing Knob.I could have seen them in Margate Tuesday night but didnt bother.After seeing them in Amsterdam I dont think I'll bother going to see them again
  21. downsouth

    The Specials

    Seen all the Two Tone bands multiple times over the years.Without doubt the best of them musically is The Beat.Every time ive seen them they've been super tight.
  22. downsouth

    The Specials

    Seen them a few times over the years.saw them on their 30th anniversary tour 10years ago and they were amazing then again a couple of years ago and they were ok but just not the same without Neville Staple.Saw them a couple of months ago in Amsterdam and didnt rate them at all.Only 3 of the origional band left and had that silly Paki bird who was photographed at the EDL Rally on stage with them with her new skinhead haircut and a Fred Perry T shirt.
  23. downsouth

    Jockeys whips

    Like the ones that cover half my village where they're grown in coca soil and forcefed chemicals?
  24. downsouth

    Wormers what actually work

    Lump of bacca down the throat works wonders
  25. downsouth

    Mountain Bike

    Proper bargain and a bit more in your price range