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  1. If you're any good at it nobody will know you're out
  2. Southern Gas Network who myself and my mate do a lot of minor civils for have more or less gone on shutdown but we still have plenty of private building work as long as we can keep getting materials
  3. I know a few lads that do security and pp work that have them and even theirs are a f***ing nightmare.Unless you're going to give one plenty of work 7 days a week dont even bother.
  4. ABs have gone to shit in the UK now.I can think of only one person breeding bulldogs over here that id even consider getting one from if I was going to get one.
  5. Didnt think you would have met everybody.I just thought that as he ran the Met police breeding program and is still high up in German Shepherd and police dog department circles you might have known who he is.
  6. Do you know Steve D who ran the Met Police dog department for msny years?
  7. Ive seen people thinking their dogs are doing well on the working field barking and going mad at the decoy.Only to spin round and start barking and staring at my pal 100yds away because hes waved a sleeve or a bite pad in the air
  8. Hidden sleeves and train using defence drive so it actually wants to bite.There is probably more im missing but Ive only had experience handling dogs with much more experienced people decoying who would definitely be able to explain a lot better than me.Plus you obviously need the right dog thats willing to stick at it when under pressure as opposed to being continuously rewarded on the bite.
  9. Its about how they are trained to bite the sleeve.schutzhund dogs are trained exclusively with prey drive techniques so it is little more than a game just like running and jumping to hang on a tyre ot a tug toy.Ive had terriers that would slam into a sleeve that didn't have a protective/defensive bone in their body.A protection dog and a schutzhund/sport dog should be trained using completely differnt techniques.The last thing you want in a protection dog is something that becomes sleeve/equipment focusd.
  10. f**k that.I only go to them for a kiss and cuddle and to feel loved
  11. To be honest I dont think he's got any worries over here with half of the soppy c**ts that masquerade as football hooligans these days.Although there might be a few willing to have a go if they're 10handed against just him.
  12. How would you know?You cant read you mong.I bet you got your daughter to type this for you.
  13. Thats just f***ing idiots though that think it loks clever doing that.
  14. Ive used it but like Skycat said always put bedding on top of it.Also used it in the bottom of travel boxes as its easy to drag out and hose off and stops the dog slipping about.Ive got a pile of it about 4ft high in my pals yard as we had to dig a manage out and the whole area was covered in it under the woodchip.I talked him into bringing it back rather than skipping it as it might come in handy and its not moved in 5years.Id be lethal if I had my own yard.
  15. To be fair I'd say 90% of whats been written about terriers and lurchers over the years has been a load of bo**ocks or at least the truth has been stretched a fair bit.I haven't bought a book on terriers in years after meeting and having days out with a few authers and contributors to well known magazines and realising most of them are full of s**t.
  16. AJ brings more to the party apart from heart.Thats why hes been Avoiding or pricing himself out of a fight with Wilder for so long.Fury completely outboxed Wilder last time and certain people on here still couldnt give him credit so he came backed and stopped him easily and now Wilder is shit and zfury only beat him because he's big.AJ got pummeled by Ruiz who he was meant to beat easy and to be fair I bet nobody on here had even heard of and every excuse was thrown about.He comes back and rather than redeem himself and try to smash him up like the destroyer hes meant to be avoids him for 12 rounds and the same people who can never give fury any credit call it a boxing masterclass and sing his praises.
  17. Doesnt say a lot for you though does it that you spend half your time on here arguing with a village idiot.
  18. Fact is though that a fox will only bolt if it wants to or is forcibly bundled out by a slightly tougher type.So the type you're talking about although handy for some is in reality just a a dog that isnt good enough for digging with.
  19. They wernt good terriers then were they.Some foxes woll just bolt a bit easier than others or bolt when they're ready.Its down to the fox not the dog.Like I said its down to the fox not the dog.so what you mean when you say a bolter is just a dog that wont stay and comes away after a while.
  20. How did you get the 2 good terriers out of the drain to try the white dog?
  21. What is a bolter?because in my experience if a fox is gunna bolt it will bolt and if it aint then it wont..You cant make a fox bolt that doesnt want to.
  22. I knew a young lad who hung himself from one of them hooks that you hold your curtains back with by holding his legs in the air.Handsome young lad who used to have birds falling at his feet and was proper popular with the lads.Decent job,nice family.Nothing you could point your finger at that would make you think he could be depressed about.
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