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  1. martyn2233

    Training a goshawk

  2. martyn2233

    New dog breeding legislation.

    You must have a dog breeding licence if either: you run a business that breeds and sells dogs. you breed 5 or more litters in a year and sell any of the puppies.
  3. martyn2233

    World Cup 2018

  4. martyn2233

    Long haul holidays

    Vietnam and Cambodia I’d like to go but not for 2 weeks need longer to look around
  5. Tommy is no fool he knew what was going to happen before it happened the media wouldn’t report on the scum so he did with the intention of this been seen by the masses which as happened.we wouldn’t have known Jack shit without him doing what he’s done
  6. martyn2233

    Not enough blacks riding bikes in London .....

    We don’t need more blacks on bikes feck me just think if one get run over you would be called racist as it’s not a white person lol
  7. Why would tommy report on whites and the church when main steam media are doing so but not the Muslim gangs
  8. martyn2233

    Weed ;)

    Are vape’s really worth the money ???
  9. martyn2233

    Pie Moulds

    Little tip don’t put gravy in before cooking inject it in after cooking stops it been soggy at bottom
  10. martyn2233

    Whats in your garden

    The wife done lettuce tomatoes peppers beetroot onions spuds leeks spring onions me apple tree peach tree x2 orange tree x2 lemon tree apricot tree blueberrie all in large pots looks good Gooseberry Bush rhubarb strawberry bed grape vine in greenhouse
  11. martyn2233

    Protection Dogs ?

    Good protection dogs them Chihuahuas I got my daughter one then that got a protection dog lol
  12. martyn2233

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Bellew wins
  13. martyn2233

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Round 3 next
  14. martyn2233

    Boxing At The Weekend...

  15. martyn2233

    Live boxing on tv now