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  1. I can go were a want near me but seen the rural wildlife and crime mitsubishi about 8 times already Seen a good bit ploughed in near me didn't no that two crow
  2. Never been around them different sizes thicknesses hard work takes good roofer lol done westmorelands and cornish jobs never Collyweston
  3. 100% black neck better than down pit or on the trawlers kids today like me little nephew lazy b*****ds think everything free lol
  4. I had some shite jobs as a kid what youd do for 20 sheet sorting slate into sizes till you was chuwing on dust lol breaking asbestos roof sheet up and skipping em stacking lead and this well before i was old enough to work lol and they say smoking kills lol
  5. To be fair then bits a rubber on the screws will fail well before mortar i always though birds can't get in but I once was on a job 4 block houses and the old boy I was with put the batten that they screwed to on with wrong nails abot 2 inch short lol the full lot was in the road the next day still screwed to the wood lol and the c**t tried blaming me
  6. Plastic flashing then ridge screwed down with a screw similar to what cladding is fastened with clip in-between ridges quicker easier and cleaner than sand cement I used to hate laying ridges when I was younger that and plain tiles lol
  7. Bit a dry ridge lot better than putting cemented ridge on with your hands no trowel lol
  8. She's a lovely bitch be right for most things I recon
  9. Lol so am i pal lol Wind me neck in lol last time I heard that i was at school lol Get a gun rio hog then you can take pics mate
  10. Knock me door all they want mate pictures of hares deer me dog brought back after they was shot flushing to gun legal mate retrieving legal they be wasting there time
  11. The bull x lads was having me life on this thread
  12. I'm only having a giggle mate Didn't mean to anybody lol
  13. I said she looked racey mate Dogmandont said its a greyhound Some are 90lb 32" which she isn't she looks nice and racey is what I meant mate Nobody said it looked 90lb mate
  14. Real bad black neck lol this week im going land i no there be a big dog fox on fallow close to me land can only be lamped im daylight at min you no were there any fallow I run during day I beg you blacky take me i be able to get some sleep then Then I'd love to see lads that was calling me a dreamer and full a shit to do the same or even better get out for a day bang 500 notes down Christmas coming up easy money is appreciated
  15. Nice mate the pup with scar will of been off the bitch taking the bag off to rough Seen them take toes off and scar pups like that
  16. 15 month pup All shot retrieved last few hour a light Fox left to go you want a pup shadow lol dont tell me thsts not a fallow buck lol
  17. A dog kills 50-60 hares going once a week in dead winter thats eighty or more with oct nov added in 4-5 years of that dogs a real un mate
  18. Theres testing them and there’s running the life out a them lol once a week through dead a winter running 4s 5s is tested it can hack twice a week dead winter it’s happy days that’s for me though I recon every other day right threw I’d would have had a few more jackers lol
  19. I think Thats how much work it takes to sicken a dog shadow they pull lost heart never run properly again them that that jacked on me wasn't sickened it was just not wired right same with ones that pull now and again to there fancy (the collie gene lol)there jackers I recon you try hard enough you could sicken any dog ever bred You run them none stop jog them everyday hammer them they'll sicken Run twice a week 3-5 runs and a walk on days in between enough same with injurys you can be giving them to much jogging and work
  20. I agree shadow but I think some brains not wired right that one jacked on me the sire killed 4 dead winter got on another then another ran till he dropped the dam i had 5 seasons with on everything bar smellys would punch holes in thick cover and they bred a jacker to be fair only one good dog in full litter You get some couldnt kill an hare but would try all day everyday then them that kill them but pull when it isn't even hard going What was dam to one pulled on you shadow
  21. lol only one in litter worth breeding from a cream dog couple good killers a jacker i didn't do a repeat mating lol The 2 done it on me could kill strong hares but pull i couldn't look at them after that lol
  22. When it jacked be behind hare then do an arc and come back
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