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  1. give me a chuckle that i know exactly the jumpers your on about
  2. before my time wilf think stone island more a recent thing lacoste still going strong
  3. never a casual mate no stone island tucked away
  4. no mate couldn’t see none but warnings were up happens now and again this way sands a nightmare i wear old trainers
  5. like you say plenty a clubs doted about compared to elsewhere
  6. you can’t fault the lads that couldn’t but stayed like you say shows there character no different when younger different estates and schools etc fighting part of growing up better then now all scared to get a hiding rather pull a knife
  7. looks a good do i had an hour down beach tonight some fish donuts little walk couldn’t go in the sea because a green blue algae be from all the sewage
  8. north and south football hooligans been who could throw a flying kick and retreat the quickest could many down there fight gnasher ? i seen the charity fight carlton leach had must a been game with something in his hand more then been able to fight with them ? claiming to be a pacifist south hams could make a saint want to strangle him in fairness
  9. it’s died out no one wants it dc bad a few year ago
  10. cocaine and crack is definitely causing the most issues at the minute i know loads that heads a wrecked the 90s heroin was an epidemic ruined community’s and killed loads young bad times i didn’t mind the odd e better than coke all day long young lass knocked about with us all died at 15 im same stiff don’t drink really knocked the bud on the head an haven’t taken any beak or out else since 20 when i knew i had a bain on the way
  11. she loved the train and the speed boat my memorys as a kid at scarbourough was getting dragged up and down the hills and getting sunstroke
  12. no mate all nike haurachi and air force i was a f****r and useless with the horses when younger i wouldn’t dare now was scarbourgh at weekend not in car she wanted to go on a train kids
  13. we have kids and ourlass likes to go to work but me little 6 year old is definitely a street urchin out and about in and out differnet a gardens all day
  14. no self respect when i’ve done this for 6 month it’s allowed me to as i want for the autumn winter and not have to worry is so it agian if need be but there’s working to live and living to work they are completely different
  15. i have 12 days running 2 days home a fortnight 4 a month 12 hour days so i must have more self respect then you then ?
  16. educated people do little work they have the robots doing it for them mate you aren’t earning money until your not working for it
  17. and become a knob head like yourself none a that matters were we are going all that matters is how much time you had free to do as you want and spend it with the family working 12 hours 6 days a week for materialistic things definitely isn’t the way
  18. would they be like that if the pits etc were still open and if there happy living like that why does it bother you
  19. right so the purpose a life is to work hard ?
  20. i speak to plenty of old timers and they all say you lads today don’t stand a chance then proceed to say how easy you got a house bought back then and how quick it was paid off
  21. i’ve never signed on in me life wouldn’t know we’re to start but i don’t give a fack what the next man does or want a pat on the back because i’ve worked hard what does self respect have to do with it?
  22. so who to blame in the 60s for 12k get you a mansion that’s like 200k in todays money that house will be 3m
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