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  1. theatening peoples lively hood if they dont do something is the right cause mate ?
  2. what men are women ? to scared to have the vaccine you cant be serious just not daft enough to have it anytime someone trys coercing me i tell em f**k off its that simple its there interests they are thinking of people are making decisions threw fear mate
  3. people say men are women nowadays mate nothing would surprise me lol
  4. lol to me to you lol not as quick as half the population roll it up for something killed 120000 from 70 million i know that 40 million wind bags scared to death lol
  5. your al for having a vaccine that doesnt work then another after that wont work and so on lol
  6. side effect a the vaccine it makes you think your a mod lol demand like they demanded you rolled up your sleeve lol
  7. you shh and rusty been masacared every day man lol the weed smokers bible bashers and big cat believers been talking more sense lol
  8. he sounds like hes ready to silence you lol
  9. and how you going to do that you fruit lol
  10. my word you got to be on the wind up lol
  11. saying this while rolling your sleeve up for a vaccine that sage said wont work lol Meanwhile, SAGE said a scenario where a variant evades current vaccines because of a process known as "antigenic drift" is "almost certain".
  12. good thing is we know what the side effect from rum are
  13. sounds like max last year even the staunch lads that have defended the vaccine lockdown masks must be coming round by now surely
  14. Lads on here have been saying the vaccine will create mutant strain for months But lads laugh call em nuts
  15. Doesn’t look like it’s ever been fit either lol
  16. I just watched that last week mate Non are as good as the 3rd one
  17. I haven’t run any but what I run for donkeys mate lol I definitely wouldnt put me coursing bred bitch that was good to a galago
  18. Costa for the sheep anyway it’s a fad man people don’t go because the drinks are great and the bacon butty is microwaved lol
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