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  1. chrisbullx


    My mate got sister to him Fireman you would love her to,cracking litter bred by our mate that was Atb cbx
  2. chrisbullx

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Wheatenx are as same as any breed brought up the right way they won't fight I've had a good few & been around enough to know that if socialised from pups they sound with other dogs & i know that bad owners blame dogs for they own faults atb cbx
  3. chrisbullx

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

  4. chrisbullx

    Double mitzie stuff

    Timont said that dash of collie paid off in the end
  5. chrisbullx

    Double mitzie stuff

    Unless you know timont you wouldn't know
  6. chrisbullx

    Double mitzie stuff

    Like hens teeth this stuff
  7. chrisbullx

    Double mitzie stuff

    Can't be same stuff DC
  8. Anyone know for any this old white stuff Atb cbx
  9. jagds bags of shit just a money spinner stick to black or white dogs
  10. chrisbullx

    Shooting in South Yorkshire

  11. chrisbullx

    Galvanised Kennel Gates

    What's the place called mate?? atb cbx
  12. Best place to buy Galvanised Gate kennel panels in South Wales or closed to atb cbx
  13. chrisbullx

    Westmeath Working Terrier Show

    I'll introduce myself in show next time mate before we all get drunk atb cbx
  14. chrisbullx

    Westmeath Working Terrier Show

    We said alright to each other in pub & u spoke to my mate by bar in grand but when we over next year we'll have a proper chat mate atb cbx