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  1. Does he use below ground mate pm if you like atb cbx
  2. Crackers them Cmad always wanted a border from earth stuff but hard to get hold of atb cbx
  3. 2 beaglecocker bitches I’ve had the pleasure to own atb cbx
  4. If you mean go into forestry blocks etc on a line yes mate & ul have endless of fun with them hitting up gear but more biddable than pure beagle I have found with my experience like atb cbx
  5. Beaglecocker my favourite busher & easy train atb cbx
  6. Definitely want to try one of these but the price on um is mental like & I want um from 100% foxing parents to atb cbx
  7. Still good lads about I just been sorted out by a mate of mines mate atb cbx
  8. Thanks for reply’s mate & hopefully I’ll get a bitch to put my mates GWP over mate as he’s a cracker & if I do the breeding in future & there’s enough mate you more than welcome to 1 mate atb cbx
  9. Would you say your 1/2x dog is 1 of the best dog you have had on the hill mate?? Have you ever bred off him mate?? Atb cbx
  10. Hopefully you will get sorted mate
  11. No drama mate would of been nice to see them though mate atb cbx
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