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  1. Cracker mate Really Forward From Day Dot ??
  2. Dan sent me that on weekend ??
  3. Nightmare mate as we had a few good homes lined up ??.The Only Pup though she’s a cracker mate ?
  4. No probs mate I think Dan said u was supposed to have 1 out of his bitch willow & Brian if I’m right mate??
  5. If I do a litter in the future I’ll let you know mate ??
  6. Cracking little bitch I regret not having 1 from this litter atb cbx
  7. Pure cocker mate she’s in the house as a pet but I got her out with bushers all the time so only a matter of time before she clicks ??
  8. Narla is Shaping up & coming on lovely ??
  9. Your welcome mate & seeing the smile on nephew’s face was rewarding enough for me mate & let’s hope Winnie turns out like her parents ? atb cbx
  10. The Pack Not the greatest pic but by f****d it’s hard to get a pic of um all together ????
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