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  1. Nice dog jigsaw what’s in his makeup mate atb cbx
  2. Remember Old postman was a b*****d for it We dug him from under tree once Good honest hound he was atb cbx
  3. At least she got a purpose mate & looks a nice bitch atb cbx
  4. What x the Lurcher mate & good little vid atb cbx
  5. Does he use below ground mate pm if you like atb cbx
  6. Crackers them Cmad always wanted a border from earth stuff but hard to get hold of atb cbx
  7. 2 beaglecocker bitches I’ve had the pleasure to own atb cbx
  8. If you mean go into forestry blocks etc on a line yes mate & ul have endless of fun with them hitting up gear but more biddable than pure beagle I have found with my experience like atb cbx
  9. Beaglecocker my favourite busher & easy train atb cbx
  10. Definitely want to try one of these but the price on um is mental like & I want um from 100% foxing parents to atb cbx
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