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  1. chrisbullx

    Best dogs and age

    thanks mate looks a nice type atb cbx
  2. chrisbullx

    Best dogs and age

    How was she bred AT?? atb cbx
  3. chrisbullx

    Missing beagles

    Great news mate Atb cbx
  4. chrisbullx

    Missing beagles

    Hope you get other bitch back to ss atb cbx
  5. chrisbullx

    Pointer Cross

    How's the pup shaping up mud?? Any pics atb cbx
  6. chrisbullx

    My Mali X

    Thanks for reply bill & did you breed buck birds dog?? he seems to be a very handy dogs on what I've heard & surprised no1 have bred from him or maybe they have lol atb cbx
  7. chrisbullx

    My Mali X

    Does anyone line breed this x out of interest atb cbx
  8. chrisbullx

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Them 3 are belters Atb cbx
  9. chrisbullx

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Nice mate is it out of brian & Whats the teckels in pic like work wise mate?? atb cbx
  10. chrisbullx

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Youngsters looking good mate & do you plan on breeding your old bitch again mate?? pm if you want mate atb cbx
  11. chrisbullx


    I also mean looking for quarry will they cast out far looking or do they stay close to you??
  12. chrisbullx


    How far do teckels cast out hunting from you lads??
  13. chrisbullx


    Well just had a great offer off Night Walker which I'm gonna take him up on so there's another part of the pack puzzle its good to know there's still genuine lads out there Atb cbx
  14. chrisbullx


    I got beaglexcocker here now that's been gifted to me by foxpack so shes just the start of my pack hoping to get a few more in the ranks & i will be adding a tackle,teagle & breed off bitch the bitch i got so hopefully by next season I'll be up & running tidy again atb cbx
  15. chrisbullx


    How do you lads compare them to a beagle & How would fair on rough hill sides atb cbx