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  1. chrisbullx


    Get a pic of him up on here mate atb cbx
  2. chrisbullx

    German Wirehaired Pointer At Stud

    Hopefully I'll b using him by next summer mate so if you haven't found one by then I'll sort you atb cbx
  3. chrisbullx


    Coco off here got a cracker of this x to atb cbx
  4. chrisbullx


    lovely type of bitch that mate atb cbx
  5. chrisbullx


    all depends on what you call hunting as for up & down hedgerows,dykes etc a lurcher will do but down here where I live on open hill they would go missing you want houndx,gwpx or colliex which all have good feet,stamina,nose etc which they need to find or catch a fox plus you won't just walk on a fox down here you need a dog that is willing to cast out for miles on most of the time to find a fox & if you get chance watch Andrew Edwards vids on YouTube or buy his dvds thats what you call day time hunting!!! as for all round lurcher for lamping,ferreting,mooching etc i honestly think there are better types out there than gwpxgrey but if you into Hill hunting they do the job atb cbx
  6. chrisbullx

    Airdale cross lurchers

    if you don't find a airedalex to dog her with why not use a wheatenx mate?? atb cbx
  7. chrisbullx

    Airdale cross lurchers

    Looks a nice type ziggy got any better pics?? atb cbx
  8. chrisbullx

    Bull cross pups

    Nice chunky healthy pups mate a credit to you atb cbx
  9. chrisbullx

    Westmeath Working Terrier Show

    Mine & the lads flights are booked & i agree with co chise 1 of best shows I've been to atb cbx
  10. chrisbullx


    Me & my older bro had a staffxpit years ago when I was a kid & he would bush all day long he absoulty loved to bush & was a great dog to mark & he would jump through fire for my brother he had him well trained his only downfall was if my brother wasn't there he would fight other dogs but sadly he got pinched when he was about 6-7yrs old & never to be seen again but he will never be forgotten as he was a cracking atb cbx
  11. chrisbullx

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Absolute belters mate fair play & thanks for putting pics up mate atb cbx
  12. chrisbullx

    Double Ferret hutch

    Double Ferret hutch View Advert Double Ferret hutch forsale southwales been used but still I cracking order £50 pm for further details atb cbx Advertiser chrisbullx Date 13/03/19 Price £50.00 Category Ferreting Equipment  
  13. chrisbullx

    Double Ferret hutch


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Double Ferret hutch forsale southwales been used but still I cracking order £50 pm for further details atb cbx


  14. chrisbullx

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Ok mate nice 1 atb cbx
  15. chrisbullx

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Have u got individual pics of them mate?? atb cbx