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  1. One Jill, two Hobbs Kitts, light polecat coloured, free to good home, South Wales area. PM for more details.
  2. A pic of Grunt, shame you lost him so young and in that way
  3. Do you have to re - waterproof the nomad jackets like paramo? Got paramo good when new but didnt last me long though not tough wearing
  4. Very helpfull, gave me good advise a few times
  5. There may be people with genuine european polecats out there i dont know? but how can they prove it? Think most them have dark ferrets and know they can sell them for £40 so call them european polecats. Why you would want one is another question? What makes them better than a normal ferret? Each to they own i supose but id be carefull your not just paying £40 for a dark ferret. About 8 years ago we had a jill that escaped when in season, we found her a few day later in the stables and she had cuts to the back of her neck, 6 weeks later she gave birth to six kitts, she had not been put to a
  6. Looks like her mother, should make a handy bitch
  7. Citreon Berlingo Van, 1.9 diesel, White, 64k miles, 12 months MOT, PM for more details.
  8. Pups looking well mate, hope he comes good for you
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