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  1. One Jill, two Hobbs Kitts, light polecat coloured, free to good home, South Wales area. PM for more details.
  2. A pic of Grunt, shame you lost him so young and in that way
  3. Do you have to re - waterproof the nomad jackets like paramo? Got paramo good when new but didnt last me long though not tough wearing
  4. Very helpfull, gave me good advise a few times
  5. There may be people with genuine european polecats out there i dont know? but how can they prove it? Think most them have dark ferrets and know they can sell them for £40 so call them european polecats. Why you would want one is another question? What makes them better than a normal ferret? Each to they own i supose but id be carefull your not just paying £40 for a dark ferret. About 8 years ago we had a jill that escaped when in season, we found her a few day later in the stables and she had cuts to the back of her neck, 6 weeks later she gave birth to six kitts, she had not been put to a hob and there are wild polecats in the area so we asumed she had been mated by a wild polecat, all the kitts were on the large side and looked like polecats, they turned out to be un-handable, you couldnt get near them they just attacked your hand or anything you put in front of them, they would hiss at you and we were unable to tame them as much as we tried, a bloke took the whole litter off us (free of charge may i add) he managed to semi-tame one jill but couldnt 100% trust it would attack his hand when cleaning out and couldnt put your hand in carrybox to grab her, she killed and stayed in a burry almost everytime she was put in. This was a half cross wild polecat, what benifits would you get from a pure european polecat?
  6. Looks like her mother, should make a handy bitch
  7. Citreon Berlingo Van, 1.9 diesel, White, 64k miles, 12 months MOT, PM for more details.
  8. Pups looking well mate, hope he comes good for you
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