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  1. Cracking little bitch I regret not having 1 from this litter atb cbx
  2. Pure cocker mate she’s in the house as a pet but I got her out with bushers all the time so only a matter of time before she clicks
  3. Narla is Shaping up & coming on lovely
  4. Your welcome mate & seeing the smile on nephew’s face was rewarding enough for me mate & let’s hope Winnie turns out like her parents atb cbx
  5. The Pack Not the greatest pic but by f****d it’s hard to get a pic of um all together
  6. Wild Winnie is Flying on
  7. Honestly Tony he’s pushed my patience to the edge but I’m getting there with him now so hopefully he’ll turn into a good honest mutt atb cbx
  8. Yes got a few of bushing rabbits mate but don’t know how to upload um sorry
  9. Narla first look at a rat today
  10. Unless she makes a high standard then we will consider it mate as I got 1/2 brothers here to her so if she’s any good they be double Brian bred then mate
  11. She’s a cracker mate in all fairness
  12. pup coming on lovely be 4 weeks old on the weekend
  13. The Newest Member Of The Pack
  14. Cracker him white feet
  15. 11mth old colliebullgrey with dash of hound in him
  16. 11 days old today & Fat as Mud
  17. He’s a cracker to be fair & I’ve got 2 sons of his here & would like to continue his breeding in my bushers
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