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  1. brainy

    Pen Sections

    Any pics ?
  2. brainy

    One For The Boys Lennie V Bronson

    I know the shorter one Sullivan he's mad as box of frogs nice bloke though plays rugby local The bloke who won the fight is from Tredegar
  3. brainy

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Dam is beagle cocker , sire is beagle russel the dog next to him in the pictures is the sire
  4. brainy

    Keeping This Bitch Pup Back From Litter

    My type of lurcher , would suit the ground we hunt perfect down here in South Wales , that's all we do with our lurchers is day time work hunting the hill , would have one out of this litter if I had the room
  5. brainy

    Of Dogs And Deer By J.darcy

    All darcys books are signed , I've got most of them and they all come signed
  6. Its like most things in life , natural ability will take over if the dog wants to hit cover, it can't be taught in my eyes , I've seen loads of different types of dogs bushing , dogs that will smash any over all the time and some that will only hit cover if there is something in there , just keep taking your dog out were there is plenty of stuff to bush and it will just all come together
  7. brainy

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    New pup coming on a treat , cocker x beagel x russel
  8. brainy

    My Ferret Setup

  9. brainy

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    My new pup , cocker x beagle x russel https://youtu.be/nhZzq8oiVsw
  10. brainy

    Bushing Pups Forsale

    Picking my pup up this week, anyone after a bushing pup get in contact with Kris , won't go far wrong with these pups , out of excellent parents
  11. brainy

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Just been over chrisbullx to have a look at them pups he has from my dog and his beagle cocker bitch , have to say they are all belters , lovely markings and excellent coat on them , pups will be ready in about 2 weeks anyone interested in a bushing pup get in contact with him on here , if the mother and father are anything to go by these pups will be belters , they will have everything you need from a bushing dog and more