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  1. AirArms Fields group pellet on pellet with mine
  2. Cracking shots BOTH of them, well done mate.
  3. Cancun Chris is a rim licker
  4. Thanks for sharing that with all of us !!!!!!!!
  5. hi mate, i make wrought iron gates, made the frame work and found all the mesh in a skip at the powder coaters when i dropped some gates off, its real heavy duty stuff, galvanized then powdered.
  6. Glad to see this topic is still attracting interest and in doing so either putting people off or encouraging them to keep one of these superb birds, i won't say own as we have never felt we owned either stella or ruby .. we sort of get on together !!!. As for the past year it's been for want of a better word "trying" what with one thing and another, at times we thought of placing ruby with someone who could do her justice as we were stuggling to put the hours into her during the flying season, this then reminded me of the question "do i need to fly a bird of prey" well in the short term no..
  7. That's a cracking offer mate, spent many a happy hour around kirkudbright on the roe, folks don't know what their missing, all the best to you..
  8. Hi mate, iv've a book you are more than welcome to borrow... forgive me but why would you need a book if you've had a hawk before!!! we've only been hawking two-three years but what we learnt in that short time i will never forget ti'll the day i die. sorry if im sounding a bit IFF. ps im only in wakefield if your'e really stuck. liam.
  9. So sorry to hear that mate. liam
  10. Cheers lads. One on the left is a Weihrauch HW100 and the other is Airarms s410
  11. love the pictures mate, especially the second one.
  12. thx mate, had a lot going on lately me and dad had to move house pretty sharpish but were pretty much sorted now, not really flown ruby as much as we should but she's fed , watered and bowed out every day,plus we've a roof above our heads, to sum it up in dads words' so we lost the house but we got the ferts, rifles, bows and ruby' life ain't that bad...... new year 'n' all that. yours in sport liam& dad.
  13. hi, dont usually post on the ferrtin section but heres a couple of pics, not a long session but enjoyed it.ended up with 12,, but kept gettin attacked with grey squirrrls, fecker's came from everywhere.
  14. nice one mate, love the eyes .. keep us updated. regards liam.
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